Blackburn & QPR Tipped To Join Wolves In The Championship Next Season

by Richard Smith

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Bolton Wanderers 2-1 victory over Aston Villa at Villa Park this week has handed Owen Coyle’s side a Premier League lifeline whilst also ensuring that the Villa boss, Alex McLeish,will have a few sleepless nights over the next couple of weeks as his team become inexorably dragged into the relegation fight.

Wolves became the first of three teams relegated last weekend which leaves two more places in the table for the other teams to fight to avoid and currently, it is Blackburn in 19th with 31 points from 35 games and Bolton in 18th on 33 points from 34 games who occupy them. Just above them and currently “safe” on 34 points from 35 games is Wigan in 17th place and QPR in 16th on the same number of points. Villa are two points better off on 36 points also from 35 games.

As it stands, Bolton possibly have the slightest advantage over the others by having a game in hand, which is at home to out of sorts Tottenham Hotspur next Wednesday.
The other teams all have three games to play, Blackburn look to have the toughest schedule with trips to Spurs and Chelsea together with a crunch game at home to Wigan and it is this run which would explain why Steve Kean’s side is the 1/6 favourite of the five to be playing in the Championship next season.
Wigan’s destiny is in their own hands still and two wins from their final three matches should see them safe but they will have their work cut out to beat in form Newcastle at the DW Stadium this weekend but the game at Blackburn and final game at home to Wolves will surely dictate the fate of Roberto Martinez’s men and they are 3/1 to go down, which suggests the experts think they’ll survive.
Favourites to join Blackburn are QPR who play Chelsea this weekend in the West London Derby before facing Stoke in their final home game of the season. You’d have to think Mark Hughes’ side would need to get the points on the board before the final game of the season which is away to Manchester City! The R’s are 11/8 to make a quick return to the Championship after only winning promotion 12 months ago.

Bolton are 6/4 to go down and it has to be thought that with the game in hand together with a home game against West Brom, they will accrue the required points to stay up and even trips to Sunderland and Stoke provide opportunities to gain a result, which leaves just Villa as the team who could end up in the bottom three and they play West Brom away, Tottenham at home and Norwich away in their final three matches. All tough but ones which should see them pick up at least two points which would be enough but it may not be enough to see Alex McLeish resume Pre Season training come July and the search for the new Aston villa boss could be the first bit of Summer business for the club’s American Owners, just 12 months after poaching the Scot from local rivals Birmingham.

Relegation prediction: Wolves, Blackburn and Queens Park Rangers

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  • mark

    QPR will stay up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vic

    qpr will stay up and make top ten at least next year.

  • Dave Kerr

    Not a clue have you. QPR have beaten Liverpool Arsenal Tottenham and Swansea in their last five games. You certainly are a muppet and hopefully come back and say how wrong you were come the end of the season. Awful writing as well.

  • Richard Smith

    It is a prediction Dave, if I am wrong I am wrong! If QPR can go to Chelsea and Man City and get the points, they deserve to stay up. I just can’t see it happening, my opinion, which doesn’t mean I a hate the team.

    The article was more a look at the remaining fixtures, concluded with MY prediction.

    Who do you think will be the other two going down with Wolves?

  • Pete

    I’m a QPR fan and apart from Stoke, which is by no means in the bag, i cant see us getting anything from the other two games, but then no one expected us to get anything from Spurs, Arsenal Liverpool etc…so you never know. Bolton for all the pundits talk of them escaping have mounting injuries and games in hand are by no means a guarantee of points, if they were such a good team they wouldn’t be down the bottom, and don’t write off Blackburn just yet. if nothing else it’ll be interesting….i think Wigan will survive, and i hope we do to.

  • AlienJazzParty

    Richard most Rangers fans think we will need 4 points to stay up,
    we might have to go to city needing a draw are back 4 have been very good recent matches even away, we will know more after this weekend you never know with QPR it’s that kind of a club we could beat Chelsea and loose to Stoke

  • Richard Smith

    It would be almost poetic justice if Hughes could stop City winning the title!!

  • Lukey G

    I’d rather have the points on the board than the game in hand. By all accounts Bolton were lucky to take the 3 points against Villa. I for one did think we could get something from the Spurs game, and as long as we take our home form to the bridge I think we can take points from Chelsea.

  • Mick

    QPR down definitely, atleast one team always goes down from tjhe ones that have been promoted the laws of average are against you mugs!
    It’s gonna happen mark my words hahaha!

    Don’t back down to that tool Richard I and many others agree with your prediction.

  • Graham

    I think its all up in the air teams fighting for survival always spring a surprise or two going into the final fixtures.
    my bottom 3 are:


    Villa are in freefall and cant buy a point, alex mcleish would be headhunted in Birmingham if he took villa down as well.

  • QPR down Bolton up

    Just because a team has delusional idiotic supporters it doesn’t mean they are gonna stay up!

    QPR & Blackburn are going down, WIgan and Bolton staying up suck it in coz it’s gonna happen! QPR don’t deserve to be in the Prem as much as Bolton or Wigan. Bolton have had to cope with losing their 2 best players from last season, players the team were going to be built around this season.

    Anyway it doesn’t matter what matters is QPR are going down, going down, going down pmsl.

  • Finley

    QPR and bolton will definatly will stay up Blackburn and villa will go down

  • Tom Hark

    Rangers have been written off since christmas, and how much time have they actually spent in the bottom three in that time? Practically none. Because the teams around them never have completely got it together and nor will they before the day of reckoning. During this period Rs have won three of their ‘unwinnable’ games of the run-in.
    “Qpr don’t deserve to to be in the Prem as much as Bolton or Wigan. ” What does that even mean? What are the criteria? Just a stupid thing to say.
    Just because a team has delusional idiotic detractors it doesn’t mean they are gonna be relegated!
    It’s gonna be Bolton and the sooner they realise their Prem race is run and that medical science saves heart attack victims and not praying to made-up supernatural powers the better for all of us! Pray all you like League 1 beckons a year from now…

  • Mystical Mike

    Chelsea are going down, my mate works at Sky, you wait until you hear what they’ve been up too!

  • rememberscarborough

    I’m a Bolton fan and I really don’t have a clue who’s going to stay up so how the bookies can give odds in beyond me. The only thing I would agree on is that it’s better to have points in the bag and QPR may find themselves back in the relegation zone before kicking another ball. Maybe the pie-eaters and Rangers do deserve to stay up after recent results but football, like life, isn’t always fair is it….

  • Bolton fan eh? My arse!

    What a sheep you are and you call yourself a Bolton fan well let me tell you Bolton doesn’t need fans like you!

    Have you noticed that all the QPR fans are actually being fans and being optimistic whilst you are saying well maybe 2 other team deserve to stay up. Why do they? Bolton have won more games than both teams and that’s without CYL and Holden our 2 best players!

    And also are you thick? Bookies give odds so they can make money you tool!

    Thanks for the article Richard I think you are bang on in your predictions!

  • Tom Hark

    You lot really are daft, innit?
    There’s no way Rs are gonna be in the bottom 3 by Chelsea kick off.
    For this to happen Bolton need to win at SoL, possible.
    Blackburn beat Spurs at WHL 8-0, even Spurs haven’t got that bad yet! And Wigan get a result from Ashley’s all stars at Ashley’s SDA (ASDA) – not gonna happen.
    You talk about optimism (or in this case, vicarious pessimism for my team) but you trotters are now talking out of your lard clogged jacksies!
    Go back to your mills* and prepare for Peterborough…

  • Tom Hark

    I’ve already realised a couple of factual errors in my previous post – forgive me, it’s early – so don’t bother.
    The gist remains the same – only a set of improbable results will “see themselves back in the relegation zone before kicking another ball”.

  • borgybwfc

    I’m a Bolton fan and am confident of our survival, more so after the Villa result.. QPR have a good team with some very high earning players so if QPR were to be relegated I’m guessing the likes of Cisse, Zamora, Onouah, SWP and Barton would either want to leave or youll be stuck with high wages in the Championship. Their combined wages are probably more than our entire team. I think Wolves, Blackburn and QPR but you never know with Villa brought into the pack along with Wigan who are still far from safe its gonna be an interesting finale.

  • Pete

    Mick April 26, 2012 at 3:15 pm……..obviously a Chelski Fan…..

  • AlienJazzParty

    QPR need a point against Chelsea & a win against Stoke to stay up we need 4 points! we will not stay up with 3. I feel Bolton will stay up i rate Owen Coyle as a manager i feel they have games in which they can win + 2 home games. Not sure about Wigan if they loose against Newcastle the match away to Blackburn would be very difficult. Blackburn play Sunday will have the advantage of knowing the results on Saturday
    Still some twists but i do feel Bolton will survive they have the easy run in.

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