Blackburn Rovers – Time for Finger Lickin’ Football?

by Robbie Blakeley

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

As poultry dealers Balaj and Venkatesh Rao became the owners of Premier League club Blackburn Rovers, the time could be nigh for manager Sam Allardyce to finally get his hands on some much sought after transfer money. But the burly Bolton born boss will quickly have to come to terms with the harsh reality that with inflated purses come inflated expectations.

Allardyce is no stranger to this situation; just a matter of weeks after Freddy Shepherd installed him as Newcastle boss, he sold the club to Cockney wide boy turned Geordie beer swiller Mike Ashley, who dismissed Big Sam after just eight months at the St. James’ helm.

Expectations are not nearly as high at Ewood Park as they are in the deluded soap opera otherwise known as ‘The Trials and Tribulations of Newcastle United Football Club’, but an interview new chairperson Anurahda Desai gave to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, must have had Allardyce choking on his cornflakes. Sam has had his fill of owners who think they can manage as well as own a football club.

“I am going to speak to the manager soon and tell him that the fans’ opinion is very important. Playing well is not just about winning. The way we play is vital”, she stated, hinting that Allardyce’s favourite concerto, ‘An Ode to Route One Football’, may be a thing of the past.

And it is not only Blackburn’s playing style the new board seem intent on changing. Rumours in the North-West are abound that,  to bring in extra cash for the Premiership paupers, the Rao family are considering selling the naming rights to the club’s historic ground.

It sounds like a cold and faceless move, but people quickly find there is no room for history or sentiment in top flights anymore. Such is the gap between the Premier League and the Championship, that with relegation it is increasingly more challenging to gain acceptance once again into England’s elite 20.

Desai continued her vision for the club: “We are looking to spread the name of Blackburn Rovers wherever we can. India is our major target.”

As the third most populous nation on the planet, and with football playing more and more of an active role in social life, this could be an excellent signal for Rovers and their fans; attract a major Indian sponsor who isn’t afraid to inject a bundle of cash, and let Allardyce go about strengthening the team in the areas he sees fit (memo to the big fella – for Christ sake buy a half decent striker).

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  • james

    let sam take care of the football, you take care of the business side of things.

    results should always be the first priority.

    its no consolation to be a gallant loser and end up in the championship

  • Mystical Mike

    you guys need a striker, just listening to Talk Sport, Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge maybe going out on loan to Swansea, he’d be perfect you Blackburn

  • Roversok

    Bolton born boss Sam is from the Midlands not Bolton
    The Rao family are considering selling the naming rights to the club’s historic ground. Wrong they are considering offering the right to put a name before the Ewood Park like the Premier league have done Barclays Premier League
    Sant cruz, Bentley, Boyde & every other player who’s agent is out to make money is being linked with Rovers My choice would be bring Bellamy back
    Remember Blackburn Rovers have won the Premiership
    Has your team?

  • Robbie Blakeley

    Yes my team has won the Premiership – it’s Blackburn.
    If you look carefully and actually read the article, it says selling the naming rights is a rumour. Why comment on something you haven’t bothered to read properly?

  • Roversok

    Read enough to see you thought Big Sam was born in Bolton.
    Now pick your toys up and put them back in your pram

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