Bored of the Tevez saga? Me too

by admin

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Yesterday it was announced as breaking news that Carlos Tevez wanted to leave Manchester City. Wow. Really? I didn’t see that one coming.

Tevez has made it clear over recent months that his future doesn’t lie at Eastlands. Whatever his motivations, he wants out.

He can blame the weather, being away from his family, not liking the new Manchester City kit or whatever – quite frankly, I’m bored to death of it and so are many others who would rather start focusing on Euro 2012 betting for next summer.

It is slightly hypocritical to be writing about something that I am bored of – I’ll give you that. I just wanted to make a few points on a saga that is by no means over yet and therefore by no means any distance away from the latest sport headlines.

Would I be surprised if ‘Tevez opens door to City stay’ was the headline tomorrow? Not really. It’s been like a soap opera for a while now, so why stop just as things are getting (I use this term loosely) interesting?

The thing is, if Tevez is simply after a return to Argentina to be with his family, why not return to Argentina to be with his family? He could play there and probably earn a bit less money but…hang on.

I’ve stumbled across something – could a Premier League footballer in this day and age not be prepared to take a drop in wages? Is he holding out for a big money move to Italy or Spain?

The thing is, Tevez has been successful at City and would be a massive part of arguably the fastest progressing club in Europe. Why not stay put and be part of something exciting?

Of course the family reasons are being mentioned, but is it really the case that living in England isn’t an option? Are Milan are Madrid really better places to live? OK don’t answer that, but you get my drift.

It would be better if Tevez came out and said he simply wants a new challenge. Stop with the location issue. Even those looking ahead to the Euro 2012 odds will tell you that City fans deserve better than that.

One refreshing part to this story has been the club’s reaction to Tevez’s demands. Quite simply, there hasn’t been one. They have just made it clear that they don’t want to sell, they don’t need to sell and as far as they are concerned Tevez is a City player until 2014.

Things could get ugly (excuse the pun) if this remains the case and there is no doubt that we haven’t heard the last of this story yet. Unfortunately.

Rant over.


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  • Clevblue

    Well said Mr South. Couldn’t agree more

  • CiTyBlUe

    If youre so bored of it then why are you producing amateur articles about it, your Spurs fans are as bad as United fans.

    Pathetic, youre so bored of your own clubs that you have nothing better to do than talk about other clubs and their players.

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