Boring, boring, Sunderland, zzzzzzzzzzzz!

by Michael Somerville

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

After failing to score against a tired Fulham side on Sunday, Sunderland have now gone 14 games without a win in the Premier League and are the only team in the division to have not won a league match in 2010. Such damning statistics can only point to one thing: the manager.

I didn’t think anyone could be as bad as resident caretaker Ricky Sbragia, but even the experience and know-how of Steve Bruce is finding it difficult to get the supporters on his side.

Sunderland should be a relatively easy place to ply your trade as a football manager. The Sunderland fans were recorded as the loudest crowd in the 2008-2009 season, and significant money has been invested in players such as Darren Bent, Anton Ferdinand, and Craig Gordon.

England hopeful Bent started the season well (15 league goals) but has tailed off in the goal scoring stakes, only registering once in the last six matches. Fabio Capello has begun his nationwide tour of English grounds, and so far Bent has not caught the eye. England credentials? I think not.

I think that Kenwyene Jones has proved to everybody that he cannot hit a barn door with a banjo- as seven goals in 27 games is not good enough at this level.  It’s a matter of time before Benjani is given a chance up front with The Black Cats staring down the barrel if somebody doesn’t start scoring.  3 goals in the last 7 games speaks volumes for the lack of attacking impetus generated by Bruces’ side of late.

The Black Cats now have three consecutive home matches (Bolton, Man City, Birmingham) to gain some respectability with their peers, starting with the six pointer with Bolton on Tuesday night.

Football is all about confidence and it seems to have completely vanished from Tyne and Wear, along with the buoyancy that came with Sunderland’s last win in the league-a 1-0 win against Arsenal in November. Without coming to too many conclusions, it seems that Sunderland are lacking bite, even though highly rated England under 21 midfielder Lee Cattermole has returned after suspension.

Steve Bruce described Sunday afternoon as “horrible” but in all honesty it’s been a horrible year for Sunderland.

All the ingredients are there for a successful side, but Bruce needs to think more attackingly if he is to win some games…  and keep his job.

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  • chef…….

    as far as safc goes and my age..
    im in the class they call………lifers………(quite a sentence aswell lol )
    i was akid in the 60s when i first saw us go down..
    and it broke my heart..
    the fulwell end sang we,ll be back..
    but an old fella next to me sed….
    …dont fuckin count on it…
    and those words stayed with me
    well we did come back
    but have returned just as easily
    and weve became the elevator team of the N.E
    I THOUGHT for once this year may be diffo…..
    thats what i get for thinking…..

    it has to start at the top
    but youll never hear me slaggin quinny..
    but it seems the manager seemed intent on trimmin the fat and keepin the yank happy….
    this made us abit too lean once injuries and suspensions kicked in
    and now the whole plot is devoid of knowledge

    i sense real danger and have given up listening to brucies empty ramblings and excuses

    the blame frame starts with you lad
    shape up quickly
    or ship the fuck out……………….

  • Mike

    That has got to be one of the best comments of 2010

  • Dexylongshot

    shape up quickly
    or ship the fuck out………

    Good work Chef, I thought Sunderland would be in the top 10 this year but the recent form is shocking!!

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