Boring boring transfers soaring

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

It’s that time of year again when the final whistle has been blown on the Premiership and the back pages of the newspapers are filled with speculation about the summer transfer window.

Up to last year every player who could kick a ball was linked with Man Utd or Chelsea, or if they were Spanish, Liverpool. But this summer the transfer window is focused on Real Madrid, Chelsea and every player moving to Manchester City.

Since being taken over by trillionaires, Man City has gone on a massive shopping spree that would put Chelsea’s splurge when Roman Abramovich arrived at the club to shame. They have thrown offers left, right and centre with their bottomless bank account trying to entice players to play at the City of Manchester Stadium in a bid to get the team who finished tenth this season to gain a place in the Champions League at the end of next season.

The press have focused on the signing of Gareth Barry after offers came flooding in for the midfielder. Big clubs like Liverpool and Spurs put in a bid for Barry but they were blown out of the water by Man City’s extortionate bid of £12 million as money is no object for their new owner. Since the signing the move is still featured heavily in the press with fans and experts’ claiming the move is wrong for his career and people have been questioning why he has signed a £100,000 a week contract… I wonder why!

Man City’s buys do not stop there as they set to be the biggest spenders in the Premier League this summer. The rumour mill has been speculating that they want to buy Xabi Alonso as his future at Liverpool looks uncertain and Carlos Tevez will move there from neighbours Man Utd.

Man City has even played a part in the biggest transfer story this season as they upped the stakes in the move of Kaka to Real Madrid. After weeks of his future being debated, the AC Milan striker signed to the Spanish club despite rumours that City offered him £100 million move and Chelsea offered him more than £70 million. This morning it was confirmed that Kaka signed to Real for around £56m, which would be a new world record.

But what about all the other clubs who are struggling from the recession and have plunged into massive debts? Will clubs which don’t have the financial backbone like City and Chelsea have struggle this season as they are short of summer buys? Or will low key signings be the next big thing and will surprise us next year?

Or should we be glad that the hype around Man City is distracted the sports reporters from writing the same thing every summer speculating the future of Ronaldo, whether Michael Owen will return to his old club Liverpool and which club Anelka will be joining this season.

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  • James

    it’s become extremely boring, there only seems to be 3 teams competing for players. DULL DULL DULL!!

    We need a transfer cap, a limited on how much teams can spend, the game is losing more soul as every season passses.

  • Tef1on

    Not really interested in football now the season has ended. Was looking forward to the Grand Prix more than England vs Kazak/Andorra. Also the Twenty/20 World cup…

    Currently all I can see is Man City putting a bid in for everyone, Michael Owen making a fuss about wanting to be popular again and Wigan selling all their players because they plan to field 11 goal keepers next season.

    By the way… Wigan to go down 17/8 from Skybet, Worth a bet!!!

  • Tanuj Lakhina

    I agree there should be a cap on transfer spending both overall as well as on a single player.It gets bizarre when a club spends huge amounts of money for the likes of Kaka or Ronaldo,even if they deserve the huge price tag. As it is there is a huge divide between the top four and the rest of the lot and it will only get insanely bigger with such world class purchases.

    Also I think its a good thing that Manchester United,Arsenal and Liverpool are not getting into the mess of it all. Manchester United have a decent squad and don’t go around creating speculation.Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have a record of not splurging the cash(another story that its not working out that well for them) so they will lay still and keep their scouts working. Liverpool just released astoundingly huge debts along with their interest in building a new stadium and also for the owners to pay off their debts when they purchased the club.

    I think there are only rumours that keep spreading day in day out wthout any concrete proof to it.Or any credible source who would come out and say it in the open.Kinda annoying.

  • Darren

    defo, it’s getting top the point where no one is interested any more. It used to exciting but now it’s all Chelsea, City and Real.

    I read a great article in the News of The World of all places on Sunday. I forget the author but he said Arsenal are respected for their youth policy and the way they play the game, Liverpool are respected because of their fans & Man United becos of their loyalty. As fro Chelsea, they are just a Rolex on Ambraovichs wrist, they are trying to buy the Champions League and it’s highly embarrassing. The Man City saga is even worse…

    Something needs to be done very soon. The FA need to step in, although they got a 2 million debt on Soho Square hanging over their heads, yet more incompetence by those idiots!

  • Neil

    What is with the anti-Man City agenda on this site. You blogged about how they would get relegated in February. How controversial.

    Not true? – well I look forward to the article about City having the best record in the premier league for academy players making the first team.

    Transfer saga’s are largely made up – any idiot can work out that half the stories in the papers are absolute drivel – they sell papers during the close season because people dare to dream.

    Football will always be about 11 vs 11 – when the first game kicks off who has spent what and what the players are earning means nothing.

    Enjoy the triviality of it all or just ignore it…either way you should stop crying about it.

  • Darren

    boo hoo, I’m crying my eyes out, Man City will win the league.

    anti-Man City agenda on this site? Erh, I think you’ll find it’s the whole Premier League mate. I take it you’re a City fan, how do u feel about your team selling it’s Soul just like the Chavs did?

    It’s true they do or should I say, did develop home grown talent, just how many home grown players will be playing in the first team in 3 years?

    All the article was saying is the transfer system is boring, as the papers only mention 3 teams at the mo.

  • Tef1on

    City… What a joke! All that money, all those crap signings for over the top fees… the manager couldn’t manage a bunch of kids, the owners don’t know what a football looks like, AND STILL… they do not even make a european place with all that talent! Hell, Fulham… FULHAM!!!! beat city to a euro place. thats why they are hated… They are a joke!

  • rob

    man city will never be a big club????

  • Martin Tibbetts

    I don’t think Man City are hated! Clearly they are by fans of the Big 4, one for obvious local reasons and the others because they may provide a genuine threat to their nice little residency in the Champions league. If they buy the league like Chelsea did, and then establish themselves as a top 4 club through money alone then they will become as hated a Chelsea I am sure but right now the majority of football followers are hoping they can breathe some life into the Premier League again.

    It was me by the way who suggested they may get relegated in February. They pulled it together but still need to find some away form next season or they’ll be challenging no-one….

  • dexylongshot

    “City having the best record in the premier league for academy players making the first team.”

    That won’t be happening now, You’ve got to feel sorry for youngsters like Micheal Johnson who will be coming back from injury probably thinking “I’m fkd if i stay here”. I wonder if England U21s Richards, Onuoha or Hart will be starting in the first team in August?

    City have a fantastic nucleus of young talent with Ireland outstanding last year but I think it will all be broken up in the next seasons with Man City doing a Galactico. Eto and Tevez are on the shopping list. Where does that leave Sturridge? he started plenty of games last season but is now going to Chelsea. I can’t see him getting a game there either, not with Roman flexing his wallet for Villa. Investment in a club is good but too much does take away the soul.

    I did an article yesterday about it comparing West Ham and Man Cities new found wealth.

  • Darren

    big clubs like Liverpool and Spurs?

  • Neil

    Where does it leave Sturridge? Well he refused a contract extension when City were broke…and he his refusing one now. The same paper myths the intial post criticised have him leaving because City refuse to pay a play with 20 first team starts and 3 league goals to his name upwards of 60k/week. The guy needs to look at SWP and work it out for himself. If he wants to improve as a player he’d be better at someone like Villa or West Ham…if he just wants to sit on a bench and recieve a big contract ask yourself why he is leaving the “richest club in the world”? (…because he isn’t being offered the money his ego thinks he is worth)

    Johnson? It is well documented that he has been injured…and in all likelihood the injury is what has given Stephen Ireland the room to mature into such an excellent player. Johnson meanwhile is reported to have been extremely unprofessional (often in the early hours) during his rehabilitation and many “city insiders” think he only has himself to blame if his career never recovers.

    Galacticos? They’ll be Craig Bellamy, Shay Given, Gareth Barry? All goo dplayers but Galacticos?

    It is clear City need the equivilant quality of players like Rooney, Ferdinand, Arvashin, Drogba, Essien, Torres, Terry, Lampard, Alonso etc if they are to match their ambition on the pitch…why is it unreasonable for them to purchase that quality against a back drop of a financial dominant quadopoly that will continue indefinitely unless someone else breaks it up?

    With regards to the original blog – it is boring because there is little going on. Clubs without financial resources don’t want to pay players over the close season for doing nothing. The only clubs likely to buck that trend are those who can. The media meanwhile know very little so they make up as many stories as possible in the hope that when one drops they can call it an exclusive

  • dexylongshot

    “Broken up in the next seasons with Man City doing a Galactico”
    Not now, over the next few seasons, it’s gonna happen. I reckon they’ll win the league by 2013 if the money is piled in, as long as the Arabs let the managers pick the cream.

    Johnson on the sauce? What a waste, he was mustard the season before last.

    Talking of Sturridge going to Chelsea to warm the bench, I really hope Glen Johnson doesn’t go back there, once bitten.

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