Borussia Dortmund: A refreshing sight for football

by Michael Healey

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Now, call me single minded but there is more than one reason for me enjoying current German Champions Borussia Dortmund. Not only do I enjoy coverage of youngsters that have been given licence to express themselves by impressive and passionate coach, Jurgen Klopp but it also gives me hope. Hope and inspiration.

My reasons for feeling such hope from a foreign side are quite straight forward. A huge club, not only on the domestic front but on the European stage, have faced the woes of financial wreckage along with uncertainty in their future and have risen like a Phoenix from the flames. After being on the brink of bankruptcy in 2005 the club have risen to the heady heights of Bundesliga success last season, ahead of big hitters and heavy spenders Bayern Munich, relying on a team of youthful prospects.

Lead by Jurgen Klopp, a 44 year old manager who previously led un-fancied Mainz to the UEFA Cup, took over in 2008 and qualified the side into the Europa League in his second season in charge. It was in his third season in charge in which it all came together for the Ruhr side who, inspired by sensational midfielder Nuri Sahin and a host of youngsters, the club reached the summit ahead of Mainz and Bayern Munich before the winter break and never looked like relinquishing the lead as they homed in on their 7th league championship.

Now you may be starting to ask yourself why it would give me such hope. The reason for this is that Dortmund are a huge club in Germany and a respected club in Europe, winning the 1997 Champions League final against Juventus, but also a club which has been on the brink of ruin, risen again an relied on youth players to return to the summit of winning their domestic championship. It gives me hope after seeing Liverpool being dragged to their knees and facing potential administration, that a club can be saved and can also hit the heady heights again with a sound business plan, a impressive youth structure, a helpful board and a savvy coach.

All of these boxes have been ticked for the ‘new’ Liverpool. Maybe they can take the Dortmund route to the Championship against all odds.

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