Brendan Rodgers- what are you thinking?

by Michael Somerville

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Just what on earth was Brendan Rodgers thinking when he backed out of the deal for Fulham’s Clint Dempsey?
A stubborn refusal to meet Fulham’s admittedly lofty asking price for the 29 year-old American has clearly backfired.

Liverpool, still a proud club, but in sharp decline, have seen their strike force limited to just two players in the past 48 hours.
Borini and Suarez have something to offer for sure, but Rodgers will have to play one up front if Liverpool are to get anywhere near the Champions League positions this season.

If the loan move for Daniel Sturridge falls through then Rodgers may face the shamefulness of recalling unwanted striker Andy Carroll from his loan spell at West Ham.

I expected better from a club rooted in proud tradition and success. They have conducted their transfer business incredibly badly in this transfer window. The sale of Charlie Adam so soon after Lucas’ injury against Manchester City also highlights the lack of depth in the midfield areas.
So badly, that I fear that Brendan Rodgers’ Anfield career could be over by Christmas.

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  • J

    Why are you blaming Rodgers?

    He clearly wanted the player/s

    Liverpool were the 5th highest spenders this window – and they are in the top 3 spenders since FSG have taken over.

    Some fans will do well to remember that.

  • Big Bepe Malone

    I’m sorry, it appears that you’re under the impression that Brendan Rogers holds all finances for the club. Like he had FSG’s Credit Card. We’ve spent our transfer budget for the season. If we’d sold Andy Carroll then we’d have bought him, simple! But we didn’t.
    At the same time, if he wouldn’t overpay wages for Siguurdsen, then why would he overpay for a 29 year old midfielder on the way out?!?!?
    Unlike most other Prem clubs we’re abiding by FIFA’s fair play rules and therefore spending what we earn. If these other clubs (Chavski and Man Shitty) don;t get pulled up for this over spending then we deserve the right to take FIFA to the courts!!!
    This is is a pointless knee-jerk reaction blog. Get real fella!

  • collie

    Rodgers made his own bed and now he has to lie in it. He is losing the fans and may already have lost the owners. My advice to him is to see if he cab pick up Michael Owen. Robbie Fowler?

  • andy

    Premier League loans are for a year and cannot be recalled.


    totally agree what is going on at our club , weve just had the wool puled over our eyes this window , making supporters believe new sighnings were coming in specially after relasing adam and carroll , you dont need to be a rocket scientist to see in the first few weeks so far we have lacked depth specially up front , now what have we got no one , im disgusted in my club , if any thing all they have done is show the clubs above us weakness ,and its going to be a huge slap in the face come xmas when were struggling in the league , maybe then them retards of owners will spend money , when are we finally going to get owners that are willing to do whatever it takes to make us a success again if not sell us to some one that will . bloody morons

  • http://Newsnowlfc Alan

    BLAME. FSG. Not BRENDAN he was told to cut wage bill before FSG would cough up any more money and they said DEMPSEY is to OLD. For RESALE

  • Kerian

    Cheer up guys, this will be a wonderful season for us. Liverpool are still a team to reckon with. We are blessed to have Assaidi, Sahin and the new kid from Bayer Leverkusen. They could both prove to be revelations! Who knows?

    After all, Barcelona do not need four strikers to beat the world and play amazingly, do they? Even Spain played with a false number 9 and a host of midfielders during the Euro 2012. And they emerged champions!

    Brendan Rogers is a clever tactician and in him we trust. YNWA

  • arthur

    Well those that fail to plan plan to fail Carroll out on loan and expecting to bring a player in who they claim has been tapped up.
    Of course if another came along liverpool will miss out not FSGs fault blame Dalglish and Rodgers they have messed up big time.
    I as a pool fan am gutted at how badly this club has been run mistake after mistake worst run club in England last 5 years.

  • Martin Badger

    Yes, quite possibly out by Xmas. Just as signing Carroll was effectively the end of Dalglish, so not signing Dempsey will be the end of Rodgers. Unbelievably stupid and shortsighted. By Christmas I expect LFC to have suffered at least eight defeats and to be well down the table. No future whatsoever for this club. Why in God’s name do they keep going with American owners? When will they ever learn?
    Everton, on the other hand, should do pretty well.

  • Kevin

    I disagree with a number of comments in your post.

    Firstly you said tha Rodgers backed out of the deal. LFC at board level tell Rodgers what funds are available. Rodgers presumably bid what was available (most likely the £4m from Adam) and this was not deemed enough. Questions have to be asked now about the intentions of the clubs owners.

    If we had brought in two strikers, I would have been pleased with the business done. I do agree that we are now extremely short up front and this a serious failure by the club.

    You seem to have forgotten about the purchases of Allen and Assaidi, along with the loan signing of Sahin. There was no room for Adam and Spearing so they had to go. Allen, although not a defensive mid handled the role admirably against Man City and Hearts in mid week.

    We’re ok in midfield and defence, it’s up front where we’re short, letting Carroll go and not giving the funds for a replacement is a disaster.

  • Mike

    Can we really blame BR? I think Ian Ayre should be replaced, and FSG should sell up. Alwaleed Al Saud will be much welcomed.

    The bitter truth is, FSG are beginning to realise they are out of their depth. Footbal requires deep pockets, and before anyone starts saying Kenny’s spending was offset by sales, it was still foolish: carroll, downing, henderson, adam for £83m! That was foolish (legend or not). All i can say is, FSG are showing they aren’t good enough for LFC bcos when it’s all been said and done, it was their decision to hire comolli and dalglish, not LFC itself. So, the club should not be made to suffer for their naivette. All in all, FSG had better sell up to a wealthy arab.

    As a parting shot, david moores and rick parry will never be forgiven bcos their greed is the reason why LFC is in this mess. Only if they had sold to DIC, but they did not, all for a couple of extra pounds! Greedy people!!!

  • matt sharp

    Unthinkable that we only have two strikers, what on earth has happened. Looks like john Henry’s honeymoon is over!!

  • Philip

    Hilarious! And I though it was just Arsenal who these issues.

    At least you keep hold of most of yr stars . We just sell them count the profit

  • Chico

    We can use stevie G as a striker sometimes he is a clever player and can score just like fabregas and Iniesta in the euro

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