Bring on the Techno!

by Mickey Marbles

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

I hate that I do!

When I were a lad, the only person best placed to see if the ball was over the goaline was the local mongrel. That were a long time ago but now the powers that be have finally got their act together with some changes. FIFA have laid down a new rule for the new all singing all dancing EUROPA cup. There will now be an extra 2 refs, 1 behind each goal to keep a beedy eye on goal-line incidents. It’s a step forward I suppose but I don’t see why they just employ a “Hawk Eye” device like they do at the Tennis & Rugga Bugga.

I hate that I do!

Say Everton equalized last Saturday and won on pens (They probably did, no one would have seen it if you were watching on ITV with that terrible shadow ruining the picture, go Setanta! they even had Saint & Greavsie presiding in the run-up, proper old-school pundits). Any road, imagine the Toffees sneaked it on pens, Maloudas disallowed (Hursty 66 doppelganger) goal would have been shown time and again and crucially, we may have seen Drog have another hissy fit. Bring on the camera technology I say, there’ more accurate than an old whippet and we’ll be able to shut Fritz up about Sir Geoffs 2nd in 66, it were a mile over the line!

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