Bye bye Ronaldo – good riddance

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

At last, the Winker has left the building. The self professed greatest player in the world has finally decided to join Florentino Perez’s Galactico’s part II. The silly season is well and truly here.

Are you glad to see the back of him? Will the Premier League miss his sensational free kicks, goals, dribbles & showboating, or will he be remembered for his diving, sulking and all round petulance.

There’s no denying Ronaldo is, a truly sensational player. Was he a premier League great? 70 goals in 2 seasons speaks for itself. But is he fit to kiss the boots of Man United all time legends, Best, Keane, Giggs, Robson, Cantona, Law and Charlton? Will the United fans being singing his name in seasons to come, I think not.

Alex Ferguson will now have £80m (£68 m profit) to re-build a United squad already bursting with talent. The rest of Europe can only fear a United spending spree with Ribery, Villa & Torres a few of the names being mentioned.

Were United right to sell him for that price? Dam right they were!

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  • Matt Quinn

    What will be interesting is who now becomes the “best player in the world”.

    After all, the English media will only accept someone playing in England as that title.

    It was Henry before he left. Van Nistelrooy was best striker in the world until he left to be top scorer in Spain. So Drogba and Torres had to take his place. Vieira was best midfielder in the world until he went to Italy and won their championship 3 years running.

    So, i guess it will have to be Jimmy Bullard or Wayne Bridge now that Cristiano is leaving.

  • dexylongshot

    It’s got to be Greeno, especially how he sung the National Anthem!

    As for the winker, tata! let him fkin go. I did’nt want to see him in the Premiership anymore, however good he is, not if he’s acting like a prima-donna, what sort of example is he setting our younger generation. Fergie should have snapped up that 80m last summer and had a splurge, maybe he could have secured Kaka then or he could have gone for Messi or Ribery. As it is, he has been a bad seed in the dressing room.

    Word of the day. Riddance

  • Stevie

    Cracking bit of business, you mentioned Alan Sugar should employ Arsene Wenger in a recent blog but what about Fergi? 68 million profit in 3 years! How many businesses make that much!

    They won games without him, and they will continue to dominate without him. Rooney will now become the da man at United.

    I for one won’t miss his arrogance.

    What’s going on at Real? They need defenders, 6-2 at home to Barca, 5-0 on agg vs Liverpool, didn’t they learn anything from last time Perez was in charge?

  • dexylongshot

    Let’s look back too when this Real talk was all emerging a year back, There were plenty of signs of a player who wanted out, a player who had seen the disgusting sulking of Berbatov pay divends with a move to a bigger club and bigger pay cheque a year ago. The problem is, it’s not a better club, The Mancs are now 2nd best team in Europe, Premiership League winners, with argueably the best manager this league has ever seen. Who have Real got in charge at the mo, sorry, they change about so much, it’s hard to keep up with. Oh and on the subject of Champs League, who was the only player not to celebrate with his team-mates last year back and stropped at most opportunities this season. “ME ME ME ME ME!! Look at me everyone, on my own, I’m above all that celebrating, I want the cameras on me while all around me are going fkin Felicilty.
    He sickens me. As for Real, I’ve got a piece in the pipeline for them in a few weeks, they deserve each other.

  • Tef1on

    Glad he’s going! lets see how he copes in Spain where all the players WILL kick him so he falls over.

  • Ash

    Unfortunatley for Real, the Galaticos v.2 is not the same without a player like Zindane.

  • Darren

    The Spanish refs will love him as every time he falls over he’ll get a free kick.

    It’s quite funny though, an arrogance 3some! United think they are biggest club in the world and why would he want to leave, I mean, how dare he, Real, run by the mafia, when we come calling, you DO NOT say no, and the Winker himself, class player but one of the most arrogant men ever to play in the Premier League!

    Is he local? There’s nothing for him here!

  • dexylongshot

    How will he be replaced, who is gonna get that many goals from the wing = no-one.

    One thing which I like more than him doing the frankie Bough’s is Rooney will hopefully play in the center all season like last night. A full season being the main man up front can only enhance or World Cup prospects. Fergie should get some decent wingers in and a 20 goal a season midfielder. Unfortunately, not many about. Surely the jock has a masterplan up his sleeve, he knew deep down Ronny would be of at the end of this campaign.

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Surely a good chunk of the money should go on a holding midfielder, Marcos Senna springs to mind though he is clearly not currently for sale. They’ll snuffle up another youngster on the wing, or groom the boy Valencia, but they won’t compete with Barcelona without someone who can boss a midfield. Carrick came up short in the final, Hargreaves is another long term injury waiting to happen and Anderson will never be good enough. A new Roy Keane is the requirement..

    As for the boy – the UK will miss his skills but his attitude stank from day one. No real loss

  • rob

    as a liverpool fan all im gonna say is adios, couldnt happen to a nicer team or player!!!

  • Tef1on

    Ribery to replace him! Also would be a great reason to cough out for Tevez

  • Daveyboy

    As United fan I couldnt be happier!!!!

    The press might start talking about Uniteds real star player…………..Rooney

  • dexylongshot

    Ribery has dismissed the Manc a few times saying he don’t like the weather. If Barca stepped in, who would you rather go to at the moment, espec if they are giving Et’ to elbow. Ribery & Henri & Messi. Impressive. Maybe Sir Alex will go for Eto’o in the short term & try Rooney at the top of a midfield diamond, he’ll be able to dictate play like Scholesy used too. I know Scholes was a bit of a one off for passing it about but just a thought, I think one of the Talksport mob mentioned it at the weekend. That would be the attacking midfielder option solved. He can tackle as well, something Scholes never did well. Thoughts?

  • dexylongshot

    “You put your transfer in, you put your transfer out, in out in out you fuck your club about, you do the Cristiano and you change your mind, that’s what it’s all about!!! Ohhh Ronaldo is a wanker, oh Ronaldo is a wanker, oh Ronaldo is a wanker, Knees bent, arms stretched, DIVE DIVE DIVE!”

    thanks to The Savage for that one.

  • Darren

    The 24-year-old celebrated his transfer by spending the night with heiress Paris Hilton in Los Angeles.

    says it all really!!

  • dexylongshot

    One night in Paris, dirty winker!

  • James

    Valencia striker David Villa to sign for Real Madrid in a deal worth 40m euros. Do u think Real are hated as much as Chelsea as they seem to have a bottomless pit.

    Can someone please tell them the game of football is not just about attack!

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