Bye bye Ronaldo?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Will Real make it a hatrick?

As Sky Sports News tries desperately to distract viewers from the fact that they have no rights to coverage for Euro 2008, their main topics of discussion have been turning to the transfer window. What do you mean there’s a European Championship taking place?

And, as with last summer, Sir Alex Ferguson is once again involved in one of the key talking points in this summers’ activities. Cast your mind back twelve months and all the talk was about the “Carlos Tevez Saga,” something that non sports fans could mistake for a summer blockbuster at their local multiplex.

This year’s leading role, however, is taken by one Cristiano Ronaldo, a man with the Hollywood looks to go with the scintillating skills. This epic sequel to “Carlos Tevez” moves away from the controversy of the previous smash hit but stays true to the original as Sir Alex of Ferguson continues his famous summer moaning.

Ronaldo, let’s face it, is a phenomenon. The country was ready to rip him apart following the World Cup in Germany as his winking antics threatened to see him kicked out, literally, from the United training ground by Wayne Rooney. But after they kissed and made up, Ronaldo took the league by storm and hit 28 goals to silence his disgruntled critics.

This season he went an incredible 17 goals better off, sheer delight for anyone who added him in their Fantasy Football teams. So all things were rosy at Ye Old Trafford until those Pesky Spaniards came knocking again. Real Madrid can pretty much buy anyone and after persuading David Beckham and Ruud “My Lovely Horse” Van Nistlerooy away from United are confident of making it a hat-trick and snatching Ronaldo, at this time the world’s most sought after player.


Enter Fergie…just as he was packing his things for another summer of relaxation, safe in the knowledge that he’d tied up the league and Champions League double, Madrid disrupted his peace with the Ronaldo offer. How dare they? Round One to Madrid.

Of course Fergie reacted angrily as Madrid spilled stories to the press, questioning their morals and comparing their goings on as “nonsense” compared to other European giants, slipping in a good word for Real’s rivals Barcelona for good measure. Round Two to Fergie.

Fergie claims that he sold Horsey and Becks because he “wanted to” but surely the last thing he wanted was for his leading scorer and most influential midfielder to leave. Ronaldo has hinted that he would listen to Madrid and would be interested if United accept what would have to be a gigantic offer.

The conclusion to this latest blockbuster in the “Saga” series is, as yet, unknown but one thing you can count on is that the sequel to “Tevez” will be more explosive than ever as Fergie once again goes into battle with the Spanish inquisition.

For a daily dose of the saga and to be distracted from Ronaldo’s holiday in Switzerland and Austria, tune in to Sky Sports News, daily…

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  • Darren

    he’s gone, I won’t miss the twat, gives Arsenal more of a chance now! Thats providing we don’t sell all our players.

    You can’t blame Ronaldo really, when the worlds finest club comes knocking you can’t turn it down, despite Fergi’s little rant and boot throwing…

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Really, he is making such a twat of himself. Never forget the winking at the World Cup, but now his comments about loving playing white, his manipulation of the media over this etc. He is playing games with Man U and loving it.

    Surely football is more important than the ego of some overpaid child. If United had anything about them they would tell him to show some respect to the club and their fans or f**k off. The club may not win everything again without him but at least they’d have some integrity….

  • Martin Tibbetts

    I meant ‘in white’!

  • Danny Brothers

    That’s the problem that Fergie has now I guess…keep a great player that doesn’t 100% want to be there or let him go for a massive fee and get the chance to get someone in who actually wants to play for him and the club. I’d like to hear what United fans themselves have to say about it and if they would prefer a non-commited Ronaldo or a loyal player who’s not as good?!

  • Thomas

    It’s the way it is if you’re the best player in the world (and he is by far). He calls all the shots or he makes a twat of himself, depends on your point of view. He’s looking to get the best deal he can for himself just like every other greedy bast^^^ at the top of the game. He’s no different from the rest.

    What would you have him do? Turn down a huge offer from Madrid without ‘playing’ with Utd. for the possibility of an improved offer?

    And Utd? Integrity? What the hell is integrity got to do with it? They win either way. He’s off and there’s 60mill of the Glazers’ debt paid off or he stays and scores 30 more next year. And as for Fergie moaning about tapping up. Oh please!

    Frankly as a news story, it’s rather dull. I hope he stays because the increasingly tedious EPL needs much more quality like him.

    Wigan v. Stoke anyone?

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