Cahill’s move a good move.

by Edward Watson

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Gary Cahill’s transfer has finally been announced as official. From where I’m standing at £7m Chelsea have just bought themselves an absolute bargain!

I’m sure Owen Coyle will be less than impressed at how long the deal took to eventually go through. Although, saying that, Cahill did help win another couple of points for Bolton at Everton the other week. Coyle now has a couple of weeks to find a suitable replacement but I can’t see him finding anyone of Cahill’s calibre – not with £7m.

Despite him having arguably a relatively average season so far, for me, Cahill is one of the top defenders in the country. I was surprised in 2008 when Martin O’Neill let him leave Villa for only £5m in order to bring in the mediocre James Collins and thought he was a real loss to was then a top Villa side.

Together with John Terry, I can see him sorting out the Chelsea defence. I don’t think he’ll be a cure all, they could do with another right-back if Bosingwa keeps playing the way he is, but I think he’ll go a long way to sorting it out.

Compare his £7m transfer fee to the reported £21m that they splashed out for David Luiz and you can already begin to see what a steal this transfer is. As flamboyant and exciting as Luiz is he’s been the Achilles heel of what is generally a solid Chelsea defence. I’ve heard people saying he would work better in a defensive midfield role and I think they have a point.

Too often Luiz has broken up the Chelsea back line or gone on a run with the ball, and Cahill will bring some stability back to that defensive line. John Terry won’t have to worry about what his defensive partner is doing because Cahill will be in the right position when he needs to be and won’t go wondering off with the ball.

This is an important point. When John Terry is confident and in position Chelsea will naturally be a stronger side. Similarly to Arsenal, they’ve seen their defence carved open far too many times this season, and having two solid centre backs is only going to improve that situation. It’s something they’ve missed, particularly since Alex and AVB have fallen out.

Chelsea have certainly been lucky that Cahill’s contract was due to run out at the end of the season. Had it had a few more years on the end of it I think his transfer fee would have been considerably higher. As much as I rate Joleon Lescott – and always have done since watching him as a teenager at Wolves – I don’t think he’s any better than Cahill yet he carried an extra £15m on his price tag.

So what will Cahill bring to Chelsea? He’ll bring some strength and stability to the Chelsea back line. There probably are better defenders out there – despite me rating him highly I don’t think he’s the best – but at a £7m transfer fee I think it was an offer that Villas-Boas would have been foolish to refuse.

Furthermore, Cahill is only 26. He’s about to reach the peak of his career. Now he’s got the chance to prove himself at the top and I’m confident that he will flourish in this Chelsea squad.

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  • jay

    considering Wenger paid 6m for a 6.6 lump who can’t head or is constantly out of position and has no pace its an absolute bargain!

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