Calling all girl footballers

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

We are giving away a pair of Adidas adiPURE TRX FG

Our friends at Soccerpro have kindly giving us a superb pair of Adidas boots (size 7) to giveaway. The winning lady will trial the boots, write a review then keep the boots for ever.

The Adidas adiPURE soccer shoe uses the finest materials and handcrafts them into a truly magnificent boot that matches natural elegance with superior performance. Handcrafted details include a pull tab on the heel that links this boot to its predecessors in the 70’s. Skillfully crafted, the adiPURE TRX remains true to the timless principles of the soccer cleat purist by featuring fine kangaroo leather, intricate detailing and a glove-like fit.

A metal rivet on the side of the boot contains the name “adiPURE” and simple, classic vamp stitching, as well as the tongue, are inspired from the past while providing modern performance.

You do more than just play the game; you live its traditions. With a TRAXION outsole for play on firm ground, the adiPURE TRX features natural materials for a timeless look.

So how do you win these boots? Simple, just leave a comment to this article telling us why you should you win. Please leave your correct e-mail address and you will be contacted an e-mail. The boots will be posted to you as soon as we choose a winner.

Good luck girls!!

Great boots

For great deals on all sports brands please visit the Soccerpro website

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  • Lisa

    I would love these boost as it would go with my sparkling blue eyes!! Ha ha, seriously, I have just started playing and I’ve discovered I’m pretty decent. I’m using my brothers hand me downs which are ‘orrible old muddy blacks things. They are 2 sizes to big and smell of men.

    Please please please let me have these

    šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  • Saz21

    I once knocked out a referee after my old boots came off after I kicked the ball. For this reason I should win the boots.

  • Anna

    How sexy are they? It’s all about the boots!!! These would score lots of goals!!

    This is meant to be! I am obsessed with football boots (normal girls buy shoes or handbags – I buy footie boots!!) – they are my favourite make and colour AND my size!!! Def meant to be!!

  • Kirsty

    the boots are made for running,
    and that’s just what they’re do,
    one of these days those boots are gonna run all over you!


  • clare healy

    becouse i simply love them

  • ben goodyer

    i would love to win these boots as i play for crick colts football team and i would love to score loads of goals and these boots will help me do it.

  • Jack Turner

    I am training to be a sports coach and these would help me no end to teach the kids how to shoot!

  • Hollie Dimambro

    I am a Goal Keeper for billericay fc n i av never had a decent pair of boots! people keep telling me im a fantastic keeper so these wud just finish off the style!! and plus it wil go with our new blue n white addias footy kit we are gettin! they are also very sexy!!

  • danielle

    I would like to win because I have just had a football trial and got a place on my local team and well my current boots have seen better days. I want some of that ‘bend it like beckham’ magic!

  • Amy Turner

    wouldn’t it be nice to mash up de other team dafence in me new boots!!!!!

  • Danny Brothers

    I should win the boots because I have no money and I could sell them on ebay to one of you guys…

  • nat

    would love some new boots mine hurt lol, but size 7 sheesh any size 4s? 3.5? lol lady have small feet!

  • Sian Woodward

    Cos i have just started Secondary School, and joined the girls footie team
    and im wearing my brothers boots at the moment, and his feet stink so much i keep missing the ball! winning my own boots wud not only mean i smell better but means i cud kick his butt at footie too!

  • http://yahoo chelsea shopland

    i would love to have those football boots they are beautiful and i cant afford any like them soooooo please give them to me please please :):):):)

  • Emma

    Petite boot
    –not petite bourgeoisie:
    as in booties,
    small soft things
    for small soft feet.

    The petite boot is made
    to prepare the young for the world:
    for a lifetime of cover-up,
    hiding, protection:

    soon there will be alarm bells,
    gated walls, barbed wire
    around the perimeter of our homes
    to keep out the shoeless ones.

  • Dawn

    these boots are bootiful, really bootiful!!

    I would love to shake my bootie on the football pitch.

    Please please let me win!!xxx

  • Kay

    there was a young woman
    who had loads of rubbish shoes
    she had so many
    she didn’t know what to do

    she found a great site
    to win her dream shoe
    she scored loads of goals
    thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • alice lightning

    I should win,beacause my daughter needs a pair for school ,and these are ideal,as we,re only on disability money thankyou size 6

  • Hayley Andrews

    I need new football boots,
    I’m only at level grass roots,
    from the crowd there are hollers and hoots,
    as they spy my old, worn out boots,
    but in my dream they will salute,
    as I shoot,
    and score, with my new boots!


    Please pick me to win these boots, I would love to give these to my nephew, he plays for a youth team, & he would love to be the proud owner of these boots….& I would be the best auntie in the world! And they match his favourite football teams colours. Please šŸ™‚


    My son is a qualified football coach for Irchester Romans club that teaches the game to all age groups,on saturday and Tuesday. I would like to donate these lovely boots to the club so that they can perhaps raffle them to raise some money for this our local team.

  • Darren

    Well done to Hayley Andrews who’s brillaintly original poem is the winning entry.

    I need new football boots,
    Iā€™m only at level grass roots,
    from the crowd there are hollers and hoots,
    as they spy my old, worn out boots,
    but in my dream they will salute,
    as I shoot,
    and score, with my new boots!

    The boots are in the post Hayley, well done

  • Hayley Andrews

    Thanks to Dexy and the guys at UKFf for my great new boots.

    Here’s what I thought of them.

    First impressions of the boots were look nice, but the main colour of white would not of been my first choice, ( perhaps it’s a woman thing, but white is impossibe to keep looking spotless for long!) On the plus side the boots were soft and extremely comfortable. I find boot shopping difficult, as I suffer with a bunion, it is hard to find comfortable boots as they are normally so rigid. As my feet were not hurting, I was match fit all match long thanks to these super soft boots. They also gripped the ground superbly. As for durability well have to wait and see, as only played one match in them.

    Appearance (Best looking boots on the park) 9/10
    Comfort (Very soft leather) 9/10
    Performance (Gripped the ground superbly) 9/10

    Overall 9/10

    Thanks again šŸ™‚

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