Campbell cashes in

by James Daly

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

We live in a weird footballing world. Where some teams struggle to stay afloat and yet others have so much cash they are positively overflowing with notes. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Fans of Notts County could be forgiven for not caring because something is definitely happening at their club. First Sven Goran Ericksson joined the ranks and now Sol Campbell has come on board.

Critics (which is basically everyone) are rolling out the usual clichés about money running football and they aren’t unfounded, but should we give Campbell, Ericksson et all the benefit of the doubt?

“I am delighted to sign with Notts County and I am genuinely excited by what the club is trying to achieve,” Campbell told a less-than-impressed news conference.

“I feel I still have a lot to offer as a footballer and hope to repay the confidence that Notts County has shown in me.”

No doubt the 34-year-old ex-England defender is very excited about what is happening. And it’s not unfair for a player who has had something of a lack of a challenge in his career for a few years to want to take on something different.

But a lower-league challenge is one thing. A lower-league challenge with shed loads of money is quite another.

And it is hard for many fans to take when their own club has suffered financial woes (which at the time of writing is most Football League clubs). Time and again it’s been agreed clubs need to live within their means to stop financially imploding, so to see a team so blatantly shelling out (alongside another higher profile club) is disheartening. It’s like someone on Championship Manager cheating and giving themselves millions of extra pounds. We’ve all done it and yet when we win the league it’s never quite satisfying enough.

Something tells me Notts County fans will be experiencing that soon.

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  • Darren

    hilarious, 34 year Campbell quotes ‘The League Two club is going places, I want to help them get into the Premier League’. So even with back to back promotions he’ll be approaching his 39th birthday, dream Sol, you might as well of signed for Man City!

  • Matt Quinn

    If he signed for a Premiership club/Ajax he would not have been guaranteed a starting place each week. Plus, no premiership team is going to offer him a 4/5 year contract… it would have been a one year maximum. I dont see the problem. He is going to play football week in week out at an exciting club. Plus, he will be manager or coach there within a few years probably- another reason why Notts County are enticing. By that stage they could be in the Championship.

    Good on ya, Sol. Playing for Notts County is better than picking up a pay-check playing for Villa reserves.

  • dexylongshot

    Teddy Sheringham signed for West Ham when he was past it but knew he would be getting regular footie when they dropped down into the Championship. He got them back up and even had a swansong in the FA cup. Good on Sol, I think i would rather be a regular and senoir figure with a future in coaching being dangled rather than a bench-warmer.

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