Can Arsenal Last The Winter?

by Sean Farrell

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

It’s funny really. Two months ago Chelsea looked unstoppable. In recent weeks they’ve been crumbling like a Hob Nob. The swagger and confidence is gone, along with Malouda’s early season blistering form, and of course Drogba’s goals. Yesterday they again stumbled, only managing a goal from the spot and ultimately a 1-1 draw with an Everton team that’s resilient but in no way the best toffee side the Prem has seen in recent years. And having said that, at times in the second half, Everton looked the more dangerous side, and the equaliser was deserved.

So who’s going to nip in and take the crown from the Kings Road with Chelsea’s back turned, presumably because they are picking another ball out of their own net? Well, the Gunners seem to have their tails up. A couple of sweet goals by Samir Nasri helped Arsene’s men to a 2-1 victory over Fulham. But the West Londoners weren’t without their chances and that soft little Arsenal under belly was clear to see at times in the Emirates. Quite simply when Arsenal are on song their attacking players can be unstoppable and a joy to watch, but Fulham could have easily nicked a point or maybe even with a little more luck all three.

Rumours abounded that Man Utd’s game was cancelled due to Sir Alex being wined and dined in Lapland in an attempt by Father Christmas to coax the glowing Scot into replacing the ageing Rudolph, but the “official” reason was the winter weather.

So it was up to the sky blues to fly the flag for Manchester. And of course they grabbed the three points with a 1-0 win over Bolton. But I can’t help thinking that City are just a gang of spoilt mercenaries, and I don’t for one second believe they have the team spirit and ultimately the hunger to win the Premier League this season. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, but I very much doubt it. Captain Carlos showed his petulance when substituted in the 90th minute. That’s no way for a captain to behave and suggests he has little respect for his manager. Do you think Roy would have done that in public to Sir, or even the brazen Terry to Mourinho, or Adam’s or Henry to Wenger? Not on your Nelly son, or indeed donkey as the case may be, sorry Tony. No respect, no team spirit, no chance.

Wenger says it’s by far the most open title race he can remember. But do Arsenal have the staying power and the determination needed. We all know on their day they have the class but perhaps there are too many question marks. Is the keeper good enough? Is the defence too fragile? Will Arsenal still be on top come the spring or will they fizzle out like a wet rocket on bomb fire night? Let us watch with interest.

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  • jokily

    Vermallen coming back to shore up the defence. The keeper’s been better. Arsenal’s no worse a punt than the alternatives!

  • Darren

    got shout there Jokily, when is Vermallen coming back though? We need him big time!

    I agree, after next Monday we would have played all the big sides except the Spuds away from home. It’s up for grabs now!!!!

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