Can England qualify without Rooney?

by Kenny Lomas

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I’m not even going to begin a debate as to whether Rooney deserves the harsh sentence Uefa has dished out on the temperamental scouser.

Any-one that has read my posts should be aware that I am a Man United fan, something that is undoubtedly looked down upon on this site.

Regardless of who I support, I can remain objective enough to say that Rooney made an inexcusable, rash and stupid mistake. Whether the sentence is deemed excessive or not, ultimately it is his fault.

What I am more concerned about is how England are going to perform in next years Euros without him.

Yes, he has been something of an enigma for England over the last few years. He was poor in in the 2006 World Cup, but he had just made a supposedly miraculous recovery from a broken metatarsal, so his poor form could be excused.

His stamp on Ricardo Carvalho’s scrotum on the other hand was inexcusable, and it was the main reason England were dumped out by Portugal. That’s right, it had nothing to do with Ronaldo’s notorious wink.

I think that was the start of Rooney’s downfall with the English public, and last year’s dismal performance at the World Cup certainly didn’t help matters, nor did his sarcastic comments to the camera after that humiliating defeat to Germany.

When he declared that he wanted to leave United due to the club lacking ambition, he was effectively sticking two fingers up at the only people that were seemingly on his side. Many of those fans still haven’t forgiven him.

Whatever you might think about Rooney’s temperament or actual quality as a human being, you simply cannot deny the quality he possess as a footballer.

I got into many debates last year with people, many of them United fans, who argued that Rooney was past it. You don’t just lose that talent overnight. I put it down to frustration and a lack of focus due to the breakdown of his marriage following the revelations of his affair.

This season he looks completely rejuvenated. He looks like a player that has 100% focus and he really looks like he’s enjoying playing football again. He never looks that way for England and that’s because they rarely play the kind of fluid football he’s used to with United. It’s hard to play like that when you’re surrounded by Donkey’s.

It’s not an excuse to lose your rag though, and at 25 Rooney should know better, but if he’s not learnt by now he probably never well. I don’t believe his temperament and the fact that he will miss the whole of qualifying is a reason enough to leave him at home next year.

The fact of the matter is Rooney is an exceptional talent, the likes of which only come around every generation or so. Argentina has Messi, Portugal has Ronaldo and England has Rooney.

Now is the season when he should be starting to reach his prime. If he continues the season like he started it then this is going to be an exceptional season for Rooney, and him being side-lined until the knockout stages of the Euros could be a blessing in disguise.

If England can qualify, which is far from a given, Rooney will be unleashed in the knockout stages hungry and fresh, ready to destroy any opponent that comes in his way, in a footballing sense of course.





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  • paul

    they already have qualified.

    You can they win the Euro’s without him?

    Not a chance with him, not a chance without

  • jj

    I can’t see anyone but Spain winning the Euro’s.

    England will b same as usual, out passed, out classed, out of their depth

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