Can the Youngsters rescue English football? Probably not.

by Michael Somerville

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

After scanning the under 21 squad list for the upcoming fixtures against Portugal and Lithuania, I realised that we have a fantastic group of young players. Look at them: Wiltshire! Smalling! Albrighton! Rodwell! Carroll!

All these youngsters have shone in the Premier League for their respective clubs, so why can’t they make the step up to senior level and replace the displace Lampard, Gerrard and Beckham- relics of an already forgotton age?

Maybe they could- their fresh faced enthusiasm could give fans something to look forward to yet again. However, I am really struggling to see how English football can fundamentally change and at least challenge the Spain’s and Germany’s of this world in the next 10 years.

I am more than happy to give these youthful maestros a chance, but the possible call- up of Mikel Arteta is not much of an invitation for English footballers to play for their country. You play well for your team and then a Spaniard with ‘dual-nationality’ comes and takes your place. True, he’s probably a better player than most of the English midfielders pushing for a first team place, but calling up Arteta would be an admission of defeat and another kick in the face for our beleaguered squad.

It will take time, but we need a top to toe change in the way we coach players in England. Only then will we see an improvement in the way we play football.

It sounds simple- but look where the current set up has got us?

Pretty much nowhere.

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  • stevie

    totally agree, why should Arteta play for England when Wilshire can do a job for us.

    Ozil was thrown in at the deep end and it made him, the lad is only 21!

    I seriously think Sven McClaren has lost the plot, we need to get rid ASAP, his out dated methods are not helping the English game, maybe that was his plan being an Italian.

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