Can United beat Barca?

by Kenny Lomas

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

The Champions League final is nearly upon us once more, with what looks to be a mouth-watering clash between the resilience of United, and the sheer beauty of Barcelona.

On paper this is quite possibly the perfect neutral’s final, but Barcelona are probably the last team United fans would want to face.

But as that old saying goes, “If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.”

Now let’s get this straight, there is no debate whatsoever when it comes to identifying the better team.  Barca are generally regarded as the best team on the planet, by many the best team of all time.

Every compliment in the English language, hell in all modern languages, has been said about this truly magnificent team (even I’m at it).

But the fact remains that as good as this team is, they are not unbeatable. Just ask Jose Mourinho.

It’s fair to say that it is highly unlikely that any team on the planet would be able to outplay Barca at their own game.

That’d be like saying Audley Harrison could outbox Muhammad Ali.

So how else can you beat them? There isn’t one key ingredient needed to beat Barcelona, as Mourinho said recently, there is no ‘magic potion.’

In order to beat Barca you need an incredibly hard-working team performance. It sounds like a no-brainer, but keeping total concentration for 90 minutes isn’t easy – especially when you’re chasing shadows for so much of the game – but that’s exactly what United will have to endure.

Unless Barca completely sweep United aside, then the Reds are sure to have periods of dominance. It is in these periods that United must take their chances when they come.

In a game of this magnitude you can only expect two or three chances, and if those chances aren’t taken in a clinical fashion, then United can kiss European Cup number four goodbye.

One thing United are most definitely going to need is a whole lot of luck and decisions going their way.  United fans won’t be holding their breath that many decisions will go their way, but you never know with luck.

As I’m writing this article it’s quite clear to me, and probably to you, that I am clutching at straws. Barcelona will more than likely deny Manchester United their second Champions League trophy in four years, continuing to write their own legacy as the greatest team ever to play the beautiful game.

I just hope that when that legacy is finished, Manchester United will be remembered as the team that stole the Champion’s League trophy that was rightfully theirs.

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  • Jay

    We’ve played them 3x since ’08. A win, a draw & a loss.

    It is very doable.

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