Carling Cup Final Preview

by Dexy Longshot

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Surely Harry won’t outwit Fergie again? 


So it’s Carling Cup time again and the back wheel skids have miracously got to Wembley for the 2nd year on the trot. They did the job last year seeing of Chelsea but has Harry got it in the bag to see of Big Alex and his rampaging Reds, fighting for trophies left, right and centre? Sorry Fergie, I hate to put a dampener on your quest for more silver than Long John but I feel there may be an upset on the cards. 


We all know how pony the Spurs were before Harry left the sinking Portsmouth ship for White Hart Lanes riches and did his usual magic (Which was all learnt at The Academy by the by!) He did the business in the FA Cup last year with Pompey so I think it could be a lot closer than many pundits think. 


Tottenham always seem to slip up against the teams around them but when it comes to the big games, they always come up trumps. Against the ex Big Four this season The Totts have an impressive record, there’ve turned over the scousers twice, drawn with Arsene’s old Foes twice, and have got a point out of the Mancs and Chelsea. I personally will be laying some wedge on Redknapp, especially considering Fergie might want to rest some of his big players. It has been said that Harry will do likewise but I think that’s a load of old tripe. He’ll want his big boys out there doing the do and I reckon Ledley will come in for his one game a month appearance. Something Harry won’t be happy about is the current state of mind of Russian beanpole striker Pavluchenko. Roman said recently in a menacing Ruski accent reminiscent of Boris the Blade:


“It would be wrong not to dream about this. I have realised the English Premier League is exactly why you should start playing football in the first place. And Manchester United is the leader of it. Once your first dream comes true you must start dreaming of another target” 


What a prize pilchard and right before the Final, nice timing Pav. I bet that went down gloriously on the training field today on the eve of your single chance of success before a relegation battle, bet Harry loves you. I wonder who your hero is, that darling of the WHL stands Dimi Berbatov by chance? Another prima-donna with a sublime touch (or should that be subslime) but not much else in my book. I saw him the other week at Upton Park and I really do despise his work ethic. It’s all about “me” with Berba, when he goes down, it takes him a minute to get up so everyone can look at him (maybe he keeps slipping on the slime from his barnet), never ever crossing his mind to get up and tackle back, (and don’t get me started that headband). Give me Tevez any day in your Manc starting line-up, a snarling pitball of a player with a far superior headband. Saying that, I’ve heard the Sir Alex isn’t even putting Berba in the squad for tomorrow, he should tell him to have a bath and get his mop sorted out down the haircutters, he can hold hands with Ronny, them two have so much in common. 


For the mancs, I’d start with Tevez & Giggsy but give a few youngsters a chance later on, Rooney will probably get half hour at the end but I’d give Wellbeck a run-out too. 


Spurs are missing cup-tied Keane & Manc loanee Campbell but will still aim to attack the current under-strength defence of the Devils, something Fergie might a be a bit worried about.


So, I’m going for 1-1 and extra time to the boys from White Hart Lane, purely for betting reasons only, I haven’t lost the plot completely…yet.


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  • Stevie

    Pavluchenko isn’t good enough to get into Man U’s 2nd team, what a complete twat.

    I really hope United do win otherwise the Spuds will be banging on it for another 20 years.

    Keane is a real miss and I don’t think they have the fire power to beat United, although Derby managed to score 4 goals against them so who knows.

    I’ll go for a 0-0, 1-0 extra time United win.

  • Sam

    Wow thats some real venom ur expressing for Berba.Then again all the best players envoke that form of envious hatred. The players that are class without looking like they are putting in the hard graft – Berbatov, Cantona, Ruud, Cristiano of course – then again thats probably why the thought of some past and present players leaves me with a bit of a nasty taste – Bergkamp, Van Persie, Ibrahimovic, and even Drogba (well, last season at least).

    People with that kind of class will always leave us mere mortals (Pavluchenko included) feeling like they’d rather take them down a notch than realise their ability.

    As far as the game goes tonite – if Evans isnt risked with that dodgy ankle Fergie will be forced into having to field our best partnership of Rio and Vida and therefore thats another clean sheet. Scholes/Giggs and the fledgling Gibson will weave their magic in midfield and Tevez/Danny ‘Henrey-esqu curling finishing’ Welbeck will do the damage if Gomez doesnt chuck it in his own net first.

    2-0 will do nicely. It will give more of our youthful outfit their first taste of silverware and make them hungry for more! Book your tickets for Wembly in the FA cup united fans.

  • Darren

    Man United radio (Talk Sport) reporter Stan ‘MacDonalds on lap’ Collymore was singing United praises the after the 0-0 draw in Milan, along with the rest of the TS team, I swear that all sat round seeing who could lick United’s ars the most. Although Collymore did say that he still isn’t sure about Berbatov, can he cut it at the top top level? Where as Tevez, who has won me over big time will come looking for the ball, Berba doesn’t get involved, if the ball doesn’t come to him, he’s not interested, which is why he spent most of the game looking totally uninterested.

    It’s the Spud’s biggest game for 20 years, it will be tight but I’m just tipping United to win 4-0.

  • Cam
  • Darren

    nice one Cam, just saw it. Way to go! Girls are well nice. You de man!

  • Darren

    That David Bentley is a bloody good player!

  • tef1on

    Sarcasm Darren?

    Had to jump with joy when the Ex Gooner turned Spud missed!

  • Darren

    16m for a player that can’t even get into a bottom 6 side, 16m for a player who left Blackburn for Champions League football, 16m for a player who played for one half of North London as a kid only to say his heart has always been with the Spuds, 16m for a player who thought he was to good for the under 21’s…

    What are the odds he’ll be at Fulham next season banging on about how he has always been a Fulham fan? You have to laugh!

    Question is though, when will we score a goal? Thats just as funny, good job Villa on the verge of having their long awaited bad run.

  • Darren

    How good was Paul Scholes yesterday? A master class in passing, I thought he was sensational….

  • Park’s Numero Uno

    hooray for united!!

    spurs are going down

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