Celebrate Good Times, Come on

by James Baker

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Scoring a goal, some would have us believe, is better than sex. It is an old saying that has done the rounds over the years. The elation, the surge in adrenalin, the massive high felt by the goal scorer is all comparable I suppose. Hopefully, your mates only come and jump on you after scoring a goal and you probably would not light up a fag after putting one in the onion. But you can see the link. Recently, though, celebrations seen in the Premier League have not been quite as clear cut as they once used to be.

We’ve had some great celebrations over the years. Lee Sharpe and his microphone, Tony Yeboah/Peter Beagrie (the forbearers of the much copied somersaults), the Henry/Dicanio shirt over the head, the Giggs shirt off and swinging over his head, the silly dances and all of those other memorable celebrations. But times seem to be a changing. We’ve recently had Carlos Tevez and Richard Dunne refusing to celebrate a goal. We’ve also had Emmanuel Adebayor’s over zealous celebration. When is it ok to celebrate a goal?

Tevez inevitably scored against the Hammers last week. I have never seen a player apologise for scoring a goal. His hand raised in front of the visiting support as if to say sorry. He looked as if he meant it as well. We then had Dunne scoring a lovely header against his old club on Monday night. He just turned away and returned to his half of the pitch. The Manchester City fans applauded despite going behind. What the hell is happening?

Adebayor on the other hand displayed a complete lack of respect to his former employers by running the length of the pitch and goading the fans that used to cheer him.

Some guys are loved by their former clubs, some are loathed. I have witnessed at first hand the rath some fans have for former players and the esteem that some are held in as I am a West Ham supporter. For every Tevez, Ferdinand, Carrick, Cole there is a Lampard, Defoe, Ince. I have seen Ferdinand refuse to celebrate when scoring against the Hammers and I have seen Lampard love scoring to silence the abuse of the baying Hammers fans. If we are being honest, if we had to put up with constant abuse, then the feeling of scoring and then ramming the taunts down the opposition’s throats must be a brilliant high. Did Adebayor take it too far? Yes, I think he did. Was he that poorly treated by Arsenal fans? I’m not sure he was. Lampard is a hate figure down at West Ham and there are many reasons for it. I didn’t like his constant jibes against the Hammers but that seems to have stopped. What I hate is seeing that guy become part of Chelsea folklore. He should be a legend at West Ham as his Dad was. Lampard has goaded the Hammers fans over the years but you cannot really blame him. However, he has never replicated Adebayor’s celebration and he probably has more justification that anyone else.

I think it is time to bring back the traditional celebration. Tevez and Dunne, you truly are top men and you will always be revered by your former clubs for your actions. Adebayor, I wouldn’t bother turning up to the return game at the Emirates this season. Let’s hope Big Kenwyne Jones scores a few more. He knows how to celebrate!! Is putting one away better than sex? Your thoughts, please Gents.

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  • dexylongshot

    I hate it when all those mugs like Adebeyour do those stupid dances like he used to with Henri. The best celebration I like to remember is Josimars in the 86 world cup after his wicked longshot…….and Di Canio’s when he slipped one past Barthez knocking out the Manc in 2001. Glorious stuff! I might look up his first against Roma when he made his Lazio debut too, he ran staright over to the Roma fans and milked it.

  • dan sof

    goal celebrations from players at new clubs against their old clubs are inversely proportionate to the comparable club standings. so tevez must have felt sorry for the west ham minnows, and adebeyor wishes he was still at the arsenal.

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