Champions League preview part 2

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Chelsea vs Barcelona

What happened to the Holy Trinity & the Bullfighters at the Nou-Camp? I tell you what happened, they were out muscled by an excellent team performance by the Kings Road Bulls & Guus’s tactical nous preventing them scoring for the first time this season.

It was terrible to watch, especially as I had a few goal scorer bets. I was hopping for a nice 4-4; the 0-0 didn’t even come into it. Thank fudge I had the draw, it helped ease the blow. Talking of blows, no Marquez or Puyol & a big gap at the back for Pep, ouch! That has turned the tide a bit. I have had Barcelona my favorites for the Cup all season, especially how they have been taking teams apart in the league (did anyone see the 6 put past Real on Saturday?) but this tie is not the walkover many predicted, not now, not with the new injuries.

Yaya was supreme in midfield breaking up the limited Chelsea attacks and keeping Lamps and co out of the game but may be placed at the back now to keep a mince pie on Drogba. Pie talk leading nicely onto Frank. Lamps will be looking for form full stop after the shambles of Wednesday. He rarely has an off game and was excellent against the Hammers, (I was there, cheers Frank!) so I was very disappointed with his game and subsequent subbige. It was Yaya Toures fault; he just stopped Frank getting on the ball. Expect a different Lamps this week the possibility of restricted Yaya in defence allowing Chelsea to attack more from the center where he will be shadowed by either Keita or the young Busquets. Both are good players with Busquets breaking into the national team of late but Lampard should be able to dictate, he can’t be any worse than the first leg, the same goes for Ballack (if he learns to stop rolling around like bambi on ice). Get the ball out to Malouda and get him behind Alves who spent most of the 1st game on the edge of Chelsea‚Äôs area (he loves a walkabout!). Lamps and Ballack can then support him or at least try and get a few set pieces. It has been rumored that Abidal could be moved into the center with Pique, either way, Chelsea need to get behind the full-backs.

The Trinity will obviously still be a threat but Messi was shackled most of the game by Bosingwa, he ain’t exactly Mooro is he? Bosingwa will make way for Ashley Cole, which will keep little legs out of the picture unless Pep has other ideas for the world’s best player. Cech, Alex and Terry played out of their skin and proved that the Catalans are not invincible. Yes, some of the inter-play was breathtaking but when it comes to the crunch, Eto’o, Henry, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi didn’t cut the Colman’s, it’s gonna be hotter on Wednesday though. Henry’s knee took a knock in the Madrid walkover on Saturday and he looks doubtful although young wonderkid Bojan is no slouch and will test The Blues defence.

For me, it all hinges on The Drog and if he can pull apart the makeshift Barcelona defence. He should have done better with the one on one with Valdes, which could have made the first tie a lot more appetizing. With the home crowd and surely better service this week, he could be the difference in giving Pep and Co the El Bow.

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  • dexylongshot

    1-1 by the way!
    Early reports are saying Boswinger may start ahead of Cole. I’ve just thought that Guus may employ Cole as the right winger to give more protection against Alves rampages. You heard it here 1st kids.

  • Darren

    I hate Ronaldo, Messi is GOD! Say no more.

  • jimbob91

    Cole iz Klass, he will play and mashup Messi!!
    Drogba hatrick!*!*!!!
    3-1 , c’mon da Blues!*!*!*!

  • Matt Quinn

    I think it will be more of the same tonight. Barca will have 70% possession again… its just a question whether Chelsea will score from a few corners (which i think they will).

    However, i fancy Barca to get a couple. Chelsea will have to attack a bit more and wont be able to triple mark Messi again. I think tonight could be a thriller.

    Ps. I dont understand why people are going overboard about United. If Gibbs hadnt slipped it could have been a completely different game. Luck turned the tie beyond Arsenal, not United’s quality. They strutted their stuff after the first goal but that was against a confidence sapped Arsenal team and crowd.

  • Tef1on

    Chelsea to get stuffed.

    My Reason is simple, last leg Chavski put 10 people behind the ball. At Stamford Bridge they will open up and try to play which will let Barca have the space to create. Chavski’s only chance is to put 10 players behind the ball and hope for set pieces.

  • Darren

    I predict a hoof fest, long balls up to Drogba, flicks ons and corners. Either that or they will put 10 behind the ball and play for pens

  • dexylongshot

    Alves is on yellow, he’ll be wary of putting his boot in, if only Joe boy was fit.

  • rob pullinger

    hate to say it but im going 2-1 to chelsea

  • Mike



    Chelski have no class!!!!!!!!

    Drogba is a diving cheating Arsehole, what goes around comes around!!!!!!!

  • Darren

    it was the best end to a game and the most happiest I’ve felt since Michael Thomas won us the league in 89!!

    It’s true what Micky says, Chelsea have no class, Drogba is horrible, just horrible. They deserve everything they didn’t get!

    Shame up!!!!

  • Tef1on

    I think everyone should send an email to sky about Drogbas language at the end! I recon get a free months subscription at least.

    Must admit i hit the roof when Iniesta scored! Have IT! Great result! Chavski deserve nothing less than a crap ref, The ref was awful again but hahahaha cant stop laughing! Think they deserve nothing more after all their cheating recently.

  • Matt Quinn

    Loved it… not sure why Chelsea were moaning at the ref.
    Barca had a man sent off for an Anelka trip.
    Cole cynically brought Messi on edge of box and ref waved play on.
    Eto handball was not a penalty.
    Ballack should have been sent off for man-handling the ref.

    So overall the ref wasnt great… but he was poor for both sides. Fact is Chelsea sat back all game and played a dangerous game. They got their reward for sitting back and sitting back.

  • dexylongshot

    dexylongshot Says:
    May 6th, 2009 at 11:02 am
    1-1 by the way!

    What a climax!, for the first time i can ever recall, i actually wanted the foreign team to beat the English one (forgive me Fab). True it was Chelsea who I despise and Barca who I admire but i never thought i would cheer at the end, i nearly fell of the settee (i’ve always cheered for Chelsea in other ties). Yes, the ref was pony but for both teams. Drogba should be made an example of, i’ve never seen that on TV, 10 match ban please Platini. The man handling of the Norwegian Ref was terrible too, he completely lost it at the end. I do feel sorry for Guus though, he took the Sky interview well and managed to somehow control his anger. Imagine if it was Fergie or Wenger……….or Drog!!!

    Anyhow, what a final to look forward too!

  • Darren

    it all fairness, Barca were woeful, totally over rated, didn’t impress me in the 1st leg, and certainly didn’t impress me last night. To many passes, passing for passing’s sake, maybe they missed Henry’s pace. I just couldn’t see them scoring. As for Messi, where was he? He has to turn up for the final, this is moment to shine and wipe that stupid smug face from Ronaldo.

    I can’t see barca beating United.

    Alves was absolute rubbish, best full back in the world? No chance, how many crosses went out of play?

    As for Chelsea, STOP MOANING, you had your chances to score more than 1 and you didn’t, get over it.

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Ref made two blatant mistakes in my book – the sending off when there was no contact and the Pique handball which was a stick on penalty. As far as I know the ball hitting your back is not handball, Drogba went down too easily after a slight shirt pull, and if a penalty was given every time a shirt was pulled we’d have cricket scores, and the Malouda one was not a foul. So one ricket each, evens out. Chelsea seem to think that if they have lots of appeals one should be given – it doesn’t work that way.

    And a quick word for Jamie Redknapp – twat. Its hilarious that the likes of him and that wanker Gray blame the fact the ref comes from a ‘lesser’ country, when they earn their huge pay checks week in week out unneccessarily slagging off English refs. Maybe we should only have Italian refs in the Premier League too chaps, whaddya reckon…..

    Big ban for Drogba,and for Ballack please – note these are the two players I highlighted in the first leg as cynical abusers of the ‘ball out of touch for injury’ unwritten rule – what goes around…..

  • Darren

    couldn’t agree more Tibbs!

    Redknapp looked gutted, I thought he was gonna cry!

  • Patrick

    I was actually out of my seat and jumping around. I had pretty much lost hope and was resigned to the horrible prospect of Chelsea in the final again. But fair play to Iniesta. Probably the best player over the 2 legs and he goes and does that at the end. Brilliant.

    As for Chelsea, the ref had a shocker with the Pique handball. The other ones were debatable (I’d say none of them were tied on pens, he didn’t give them so get on with it and stop complaining) and Abidal shouldn’t have been sent off so Chelsea don’t have that much to whine about. And great to see Drogba and Ballack show their true class. We all knew they were classless cnuts but they went way too far last night.

    Now if only Barca can beat United…

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