Champions League preview part uno

by Dexy Longshot

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

There 16 teams left in the Champs League going into tonight’s games although you could probably make that 15 seeing as Bayern Munich have a 5 goal head start over Sporting Lisbon. Here’s a quick run-down of the games and a few predictions (although my last one was well of the mark with the Boro last week. Feel free to leave your predictions; I am not taking the flak on my own!


Bayern Munich (5, yes 5) v Sporting Lisbon (zilch)

Let’s start with that Bayern game (safety 1st kids). Ribery inspired Bayern are gonna walk into the last 8 with a lead like that. The drubbing was actually a joint Champs League record for largest away win. It will probably be a lot closer this time with Bayern resting a couple of the big hitters like Frank and Luca Toni who both have hurty shins and Achilles respectively. I’m going for an easy win to Ze efficient German outfit and will have sly chuckle to myself when I see Bastian (Rocky Dennis) line up, poor kid!

Dexy’s power prediction 2-1


Juventus (0) v Chelsea (1)

Guus has taken the helm down in West London and has reverted the Chelsea machine back to the dark old days of Jose’s reign, not pretty to look at but always coming on top, a bit like big Ron Jeremy, although he wasn’t as good at keeping clean sheets. Drog is back firing on all cylinders with another one against Coventry at the weekend. La Vecchia Signoras will pose more resistance and Del Pierro who scores more than Ron has still got skills in the box but I can’t see them getting the better of the Blues. They will be missing Camoranesi & Marchionni giving Claudio a selection nightmare.

Dexy’s power prediction 0-1


Panathinaikos (1) v Villareal (1)

I fancy Villareal to steal a win in Greece. They have too much X-Factor with Spanish maestro Marcos (Andy Abrahams) Senna pulling moves in the midfield. Euros hotshot Nihat is a massive threat up front and Pires has still got the bandy legs out wide. The Greeks usually get cold feet at this stage, failing to win a knockout game for 13 years. I doubt that will change tonight especially without inspirational captain Giannis Goumas. A penalty in the 1st leg by Manc reject Giuseppe Rossi was underserved and a Greek tragedy awaits.

Dexy’s power prediction 1-2


Liverpool (1) v Real Madrid (0)

What are the odds it’s gonna be another night of high drama on Merseyside? Pretty high methinks because I think Real will really go for the away goals. The La Liga title holders were worse than a Tarby one-liner at the Bernabeu when Yoss the boss got his nose onto the ball to send the Reds into this game an away goal to the good. He’ll be missing for this one but the G-man should start and he is always worth a punt for a goal on nights like these. Rafa will again try his best to outwit his fellow Spaniards as he does so well but it will tight. I reckon Real could sneak one early doors setting up a potential classic. I’ll just go for the Scousers (Well, you’ve gotta go with “hope, in ya heaarrrtt) ain’tcha!

Dexy’s power prediction 2-1


More tomorrow chaps.

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  • James

    Bayern are my tip to win the whole thing. Mark my words.

    Loving that Ron Jeremy metaphor! Brilliant!

    Bayern 2 Sporting 0

    The Greeks 1 Valencia 1

    Liverpool 0 Real 1 (Real win on Pens)

    Juventus 0 Chavs 0

  • Darren

    I think this is the night when Liverpool’s season finally collapses. In the same way Arsenals did last season.
    No Torres, no Keane, I don’t think Ngog is the man to take the competition by storm.

    No doubt they will play for a 0-0 which will play into Real’s hands. Jan Huntelaar has just started to find his form and this will be a perfect way for him to announce himself on the world stage.

    Pool 1 Real 2

  • Dan Church

    Bayern 1 Sporting 1
    Nothing in it, Bayern take lead, late Sporting leveller

    Panathanikos 0 Valencia 1
    El Grecos european record speaks for itself.

    Liverpool 1 Madrid 1 (as much as id love to see the kop faithful see their mugs go out at home)
    Madrid to take first half lead, Scouse to nick goal in dying seconds, probably by Stevie “1 man team” Gerrard, cue ‘tachioed fans to announce they are the greatest team on the planet and “no guv, ive not seen yer hub cap”.

    Juventus 1 Chelsea 2
    Chelsea go one up, Juve level late, Chelsea nick 2nd on the break as Juve push for winner.

  • rob pullinger

    Liverpool 2 Real Madrid 1, scouse score first then real level, then a surprised winner, gonna be another fab night for the reds at anfield on european night…..same old thing….(shame they cant do it in the league!!!)

    Bayern 3 Sporting 0, germans to hot to handle, gonna be a training saession for them as caned them in first leg…

    Panathanikos 0 Valencia 2, first spanish team to go through….will they be the only one’s,ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Juventus 1 Chelsea 2, londoners to good on the night..

    Over all good night for the english teams, they are the one’s to fear and one of the english four will be the eventual winner!!!

    Let see what the arsenal and mancs do tomorrow…( not that i like either????? keep your comments to yourselfs please….).

  • Darren

    I’m with Dan, Liverpool will probably bore everyone to death with a 5-5-0 line up. Playing for a 0-0. They will get through, the fans will claim they are the best side in Europe, funnily enough, they will go and win it, once again being the worst side to win the Champions League.

  • Matt Quinn

    I reckon that Real might thump Liverpool 3-0 tonight. If Robben is on form then i dont think Liverpool will be able to handle him. For me, when fit, Robben is in the top 5 players in the world. He showed glimpses of it in the first leg and i have a feeling he could win the match single-handedly tonight.

  • Darren

    Selling Robben was Chelsea’s biggest mistake, when fit he is as good as Ronaldo and Messi. It’s time he showed us how good a player he is, and what an opportunity!

  • rob pullinger

    well lokks like ive started something here, all on the scousers back already and the game hasnt even started, thanks…..especiallly you churchy…..

    yes you lot might be right, the game being a bore, but rafa is a master of 2 leg games, look at the last five years of champions league, he does the job,quiarter finals, semi, 2 finals…what more do you want????
    might not be pretty but end of the day is the business end……that said as a red fan i would look for better passing, technique, players,etc,etc……. cant have it all that mo….

    as for madrid, they were suppossed to wipe the floor ith us according to there director, look what happened, and the last time we played madrid was in the final and guess what…we beat them…..

    tonight will be another super couldron at anfield, liverpool will surprise a few,even me, they will go at madrid get a goal and hit on the counter as madrid need to score, and that my friends aint gonna happen!!!!!!


  • dexylongshot

    “and the last time we played madrid was in the final and guess what…we beat them…..”

    I thought you beat them last week?

  • Dan Church

    have to disagree with you there Darren, Liverpool wont win it……they were supremely lucky in previous years… shown againd AC Milan in the 2nd final, they cant do it on their own……

    and Bert, i just hate scousers, i dont actually mind the team as a whole, just cant stand their fans….most blinkered people in the universe, there worse than americans when it comes to acknowledging anything outside their own country.

  • rob pullinger

    before last week dexy!!!!

  • Dan Church

    they will go at madrid get a goal and hit on the counter as madrid need to score, and that my friends aint gonna happen!!!!!!


    Madrid arnt going to score ??? where did that mystical goal come from then Rob ????

  • rob pullinger

    churchy can agree with that…….well mostly, id get rid of half the team thou,and the yank boses… but thats another debate…..(same as me with mancs)…..

    lets enjoy the footy and see who does what?????
    i shall have my feet up, few beers, and no kids hasseling me……fab!!!!!
    come on you reds….

  • rob pullinger

    madrid wont get the other goal they need……church, thats what i meant……having a bad day, sorry……gots lots to sort out….

  • Darren

    1981 European Cup Final 1-0 was the last time they met in the final.

    I don’t think the Yanks have anything to do with it to be honest. They have given the team the funds. Rafa has spent way to much money on rubbish, has only actually brought 3 decent players in his time there. Torres, Mascherano, & Alonso.

    He has let himself and the team down with his totally pointless outbursts. Why bother trying to take Fergi on when you were potentially 8 points clear of them and in the best position to win the league for 20 years. Now he’s at it again claiming he has not been given the credit he deserves for his side’s performances in the Champions League in recent years. Erh yes you have mate, get over it. Its stinks of desperation to me. If they do go out tonight I don’t he will be there next season. A certain Special one will be driving there from Milan to take charge in record time.

  • James

    The Liverpool squad is simply not good enough to compete on any front, and I include the Carling Cup.

    None of these players are enough good to play for Liverpool
    El Zhar

    Compare that with United’s fringe players and there lies the answer
    Da Silva

  • rob pullinger

    agree james except for skrtel, guys mustard……

    darren please dont get me started on liverpool regrarding funds, yanks, players bought and sold, rafa….could right a documentary…..

    pains me more cos im a red…..

    agree with most of what you said…..

  • Darren

    Skytel aint no right back that’s for sure. Downing absolutely ruined the poor boy!

    That’s another reason why Rafa has lost the plot, his constant team baffling selections, what’s his record for not changing the team? Is it once?

    Didn’t he sign Agge? He’s a good player, same goes for Babel, he needs games as he’s a confidence player. The rest are as Dexy would say, Pony!

  • stevie

    gotta say but Liverpool were sensational. They made Real look extremely poor indeed. how do they do it? every year they look like world beaters but look so poor in the league

  • Darren

    Best performance a Biritish club since Ars beat Milan 5-1

  • dexylongshot

    What a great night of footy, hammerings galore. Bayern romped home with ease, Chelsea squeezed through. Villareal won 2-1 and the Scousers were outstanding, Stevie even got one more than i predicted althouigh Real didn’t even turn up! all in all, not a bad preview. Ave a butchers at tonights games in part dos.

  • James Webb

    I dont think anybody should write off Liverpool in Europe. Over the past few years they have been like 2 totally different sides in the domestic and euro competition. I wouldn’t bet against them winning it for the 6th time. Same goes for Bayern. Not the most glamerous of names but so efficient very similar to Klinsmanns mid 90’s German team.

  • Darren

    I agree James, after that display no one will want them next round.

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