Champs League 2009 – 2010 Preview

by Dexy Longshot

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The Empire Strikes Back

It’s that time again, Champs League footy, pass the Colmans. Let’s not mince about, this is what we want, the planet’s finest going toe to toe on the park and wallet to wallet in the boardroom. What can we expect this season? another Spanish mullering over our boys? (I did predict Barca to sweep all before them this time last year) or will the empire strike back?

The Mancs have done well in recent campaigns but I think they will struggle with goals from midfield this time around; the same goes for Arsenal in the middle of the park. Liverpool will only make the last rounds if Torres stays fit, same old same old there. Fergie face’s under-rated Wolfsburg in their group & I think the German outsiders might sneak into the next round. Other outsiders to keep a beady on are Olympiakos and forgotten England prodigy Matt Derbyshire who face the Gooners in Group H. Then there’s Rangers who will be up against Stuttgart and the Fabiano inspired Seville. Make the most of your Spanish away day jocks, you won’t be back next May, unless of course The Proclaimers are on a European Tour with Deacon Blue.

I fully expect the same old faces in the latter stages, our 4 obviously who should have no trouble early doors. Barcelona, last years champs will be looking to retain Old Big ears for a 2nd consecutive campaign (which would be a first). Jose stands in the way with his Inter side looking to improve on last season, especially after the swappsies they have had with Eto and Ibignosavic. This match-up is one of the highlights of the group stages along with a Anchelotti-less transitional AC Milan taking on you know who…, yeah you do, plenty up front but a liable to let a few balls in round the back, no not Jordan but Los Blancos, The Galacticos Mach 2 Real Madrid!!!. Will all the billionaires gel in time though, and become a formidable football machine? Not on the evidence so far, 3-2 last week to Deportivo although they did record a clean sheet against at Espanyol. I might chuck a few pesetas on every Madrid 2-header having an aggregate of over 8 goals. It’s got to come in a couple of times at least, I can’t see me making any nelsons backing them for the trophy.

Here’s how I forsee the group stage panning out.

A – Juve, Bayern
B – Mancs/Wolfsburg (the longshot)
C – AC Milan/Real
D – Chelsea/ Athletico
E – Liverpool/Lyon
F – Barca/Inter
G – Seville/Stuttgart
H – Arsenal / Olympiakos

Anyway, my tip for glory in The Bernabeu on Saturday May 22nd (Yep Saturday)
A Chelsea v Barca final (if they can avoid each other in the knockouts) & a bit of revenge for The Blues, I hate to say it but they were very unlucky last time out and the season before. Anchelotti knows his onions when it comes to this one and considering they was within one piece of Iniesta leg swinging and a bit of a puddle trouble for Terry in Russia, this is gonna be their year.

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  • Darren

    66-1 for all English teams make the semi’s again, worth a punt!

  • dexylongshot

    I’ll be piling on that!
    Juve’s 1st 11 looks tasty, i might see what price they are for semi, wheyyaaahhh!.
    I’ll be having a few punts later.

  • jimmythegent


  • mike

    I see Wolfsburg as dark horses, Martins and Dzeko up front look good.

  • Stevie

    I can’t any of the English teams making the semi this time round, maybe Chelsea. Everyone else has spent and strengthened their teams where we’ve done the complete opposite.

    Inter Milan for me

  • dexylongshot

    Told you Wolfsburg were worth a few sheckles. 3-1, although highlight of the night was the Ronaldo free kick, that keeper was doing an impression of Ronnie Corbett in-between the sticks.

  • Darren

    that was quite possibly the worst I have ever seen Arsenal play, yet we won. If we can play that bad and win surely it’s a good sign. We have played a million times better (United away) and came away with nothing!

  • Ash

    I really really hope I dont ever see Chelsea in another CL final!!

  • John

    i think rangers had a good result and could go through if they win 2 home games and take something off sevilla. However, they may regret not picking up all three points this week (they hit the woodwork twice). broadly agree with the predictions but reckon that only 2 english teams will make the semis’s. don’t think any of the english teams played all that well this week really.
    My dark horses are wolfsburg, I reckon wolfsburg could go far semi’s at a push (depending on the draws they get) and i think grafite is a decent shout for top scorer. Rangers if they get through the group stages will only go further with a very favourable draw…

    Unbelieveable, that kuyt is now the 3rd highest scorer in the european cup for liverpool. Although he does seem to do well in europe!

  • Darren

    All those legends and Kuyt is 3rd? That’s insane, where did u get that stat from?

    I think Arsenal take a lot from last night, it doesn’t matter how you win, as long as you do win.

    Only Chelsea pose a realistic threat for me. United have no cutting edge, same as Liverpool.

    Inter all day long.

  • John

    yes a win is a win etc but when it comes to the business end, higher levels of performance are needed. Inter are much improved with snejder and eto’o.

  • Darren

    our blogger of the year wrote this about Kuyt last season

    I don’t mind him, I think because he was brought in to score goals and he’s been converted to a winger hasn’t exactly helped his reputation, I’d take him over Eboue all day long. Did u see his crosses last night? 50k a week and can’t even find a team mate!

  • dexylongshot

    I’ll be missing the Liverpool clash for the 3rd season on the trot at Upton Park due to holiday commitements!, the holiday being in Dublin on a lash-up!!!
    So Brannigans better watch out, I’ll be heading down there to take in the game with the official Dublin Hammers supporters club, if they let me in, they better!!!

    I fancy a draw, we always have a good go at the scousers at home and if ZZola takes a chance on Dexy’s Diamond Diamante, we may give them a hiding a send Kuyt back home to his beauty parlour.


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