Chelsea Pensioner

by James Baker

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Chelsea are onto a winner?

So, Chelsea have ended the speculation and appointed “Big” Phil Scolari as the man to guide the Chelsea juggernaut in to next season and beyond. Can the Gene Hackman look-a-like, give Chelsea the success they crave?

Big Gene

World Cup winner with the boys from Brazil in 02, the final of Euro 2004 with Portugal and the semi-finals of the last World Cup makes for impressive reading. He certainly has the character and self-belief to establish him self in the Chelsea set-up that some would say Avram Grant lacked. He is excellent tactically and a good motivator. Just ask Sven and England.

How can anyone argue with his formidable track record? As I said before, he has bags of character and will certainly fight his corner. He has a real feistiness about him, one that, you could say mirrors one of Roman’s other managerial appointments, a certain Mr Mourinho. It seemed that Mourinho went after Abramovich had had enough of the “special one”. How long will it take Roman to be rid of Popeye Doyle?

Scolari has not managed a club side since 2001 when manager of Cruzeiro in Brazil and has never managed in Europe. Will this count against him? Isn’t management of top football teams the same in all countries? To the doubters, he can point to the most successful period of football in Portugal’s history over the past 6 years playing against the best Europe has to offer. I’m sure he has a pretty good knowledge of players across the continent, not to mention the world. Ok, he never won the big prize but came closer than any other manager of Portugal and may still triumph at Euro 2008.

Big Phil

It seems that the press intrusion that stopped Scolari from taking the England job is no longer an issue. How long will Scolari be able to handle the national press before losing his rag again? It seems a £22 million deal can help with issues like this.

Then there is his age. He is just a few months short of his 60th birthday. It appears that Abramovich is not really building for the long-term future of his club. Ferguson and Wenger are not just years in to their tenures at their clubs, they are in to their third and second decades respectively. It is no surprise that Manchester United and Arsenal have been consistently at the top of English football since these managers took the helm. How long is Scolari going to be at Chelsea? 2, maybe 3 seasons? It seems that Chelsea are taking the Real Madrid view of management and are just employing mangers short-term.

I cannot question Scolari’s ability and his suitability for the job. He is one of the best qualified for the job. I suppose I am questioning the intentions of Chelsea. Is Abramovich going to leave Scolari to get on with his job like he did with Mourinho at first or will he start trying to sign players for him? I believe Scolari will walk at the merest hint of interference.

Will he make Chelsea a little more beloved? I’m not sure he will bring more entertaining football to the Bridge. Functional, tactically astute teams should be the order of the day. I’m afraid the swashbuckling football of the late 60’s and early 70’s that made Chelsea popular is not likely to be returning just yet.

Just for the record, Big Phil’s record as Portugal manager:

Played 41
Won 25
Drawn 11
Lost 5

A win percentage record of 60.98%.

I think Chelsea could be on to a winner. How long will it take for Roman to sour the milk again, though?

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  • Darren

    This was the news that the Arsenal, United & Liverpool fans were dreading. The Chavs have finally replaced the ‘special one’ with a real ‘special one’. A man with more charisma then the whole of the current squad put together!

    Look at his record, it’s second to none. A 61 win rate is truly phenomenal.

    Big players will want to play for him, and that includes the likes of Kaka, Deco, Villa, Drogba & co.

    I do remember when he turned down the England post, he complained he had no privacy, at one stage there were 20 photographers outside his house, well Mr Scolari, get used to it because your every move will be analyzed from on!!

  • BigpHil2Nd

    I think Chelsea have made a bold statement and one that had to be made. Lets face it, despite finishing runners up in every thing last season we became a laughing stock, but no more. (ha ha)

    Appointing Scolari will keep the likes of Carvalho, Drogba & Lampard happy. Chelsea can no go ahead and buy quality this Summer, players such as Villa, Barry & Deco etc wouldn’t of come if Avram or anyone was in charge. (ha ha)

    I’m glad we’ve got a manager of his quality, hopely we can now sign Ronaldo, Fabregas, Torres, Barry and Villa. (ha ha)

  • Darren

    erh, as if Fabregas would go to club with absolutely no soul what so ever, and why would Gareth Barry and Ronaldo want to go there too? Your comments prove my point that Chelsea’s answer to everything is to spend spend spend, in fact, when was the last time Chelsea played a player from their academy?

    Just because you have a manger with pedigree it doesn’t give you the right to think that every player on the planet will want to play for u.

    Typical Chelsea in thinking that throwing money away will buy you success, may I remind you that you spent more on one player then Arsenal did all season and you also won nothing, at least we won respect for playing beautiful football!

    You may have the money, but you have and never will have soul!!!

    Ha ha!!

  • BigpHil2Nd

    I thought it was pretty obvious you were a sorry Gooner, just because all your players are leaving, don’t cry. (ha ha)

    In fact, we might as well raid your silly little thin squad and put those players in our reserves. (ha ha)

    And for the record we do have soul and history.

    • Ted Drake became manager in 1952, it was he removed the club’s Chelsea pensioner crest
    • European Footballer of the Year Ruud Gullit was our player-manager
    • Gianfranco Zola played for us, say no more
    • We have won the FA Cup 4 times and League 3 times. (ha ha)

  • Si27

    so lets get this straight, your history is based around the fact that Ted Drake removed Chelsea pensioners from your team badge? And a few quality players played for you??

    That comment has my made day, hilarious, absolutely hilarious!! I’ll think I’ll be in this blog loads more if comedians like you are in here! Priceless!!

    History is 5 European cups
    18 championships
    7 FA Cups

    Not to mention being managed by some of the greatest managers of all time my friend, now that is history!!

  • jummythesaint

    Drog and fat Fatlard will be off to Inter with mourino and Big Phil will be gone within 2 years after Romans starts interfering. He might go for Ronaldo though. My cousin knocks about with a few of the manchester youth team and says he’s done all he can at man u and wants to win the lot with another club.

  • hammer4life76

    The most historic day of all.
    Wembley, June 66.
    The 3 kings and 1 Jules Rimet trophy.
    No sign of Chelsea or Arsenal on the pitch. nuff said!!

  • Darren

    why would a player of Ronaldo’s class want to play for a club with a smaller ground, and need I say no class?

    Real Madrid and possibly only Liverpool would be the right club for him.

  • Darren

    thats all West Ham bang on about, they didn’t win the World Cup, England did. Get over it and move on.

  • Si27

    The most historic day of all was in fact 15 March 1892, Liverpool Football Club were born. Enough said my friends

  • Darren

    what about May 1989? Arsenal needed to beat an unbeatable Liverpool side by 2 clear goals at Anfield to win the league. 1-0 up, 7 minutes into stoppage time, Thomas, it’s up for grabs now…………..Oh yes, best finish to any season ever!!

    I’m saying no more as the last time I got cocky with a Scouser he kicked my head in. I had to then watch Arsenal lose to the Spuds in an FA Cup semi final with Gazza scoring one of the all time great goals.

    Sad day all round

  • BigpHil2Nd

    did anyone see Big Phil’s press conference? Class, not only is a tactical genius, he’s also a comedy genius!

    When questioned about his lack of English he replied ‘There’s only one language, the language of football’ (ha ha)

  • Aslan

    in keegans tone**** id loov it if Chelsea don’t win anything this season …all u Chelsea looneys seem to think that the new team phil buys will gel in quickly which isn’t the case you are known to buy quality players who underperform due to their high expectations…sheva n bally to name but a couple ….. Get ur head out ur backsides and know that united will do the treble this season with or without primadonna ronaldo… Hope portugal don’t win euros cozza that unloyal mofo!!!!!!!!

  • BigpHil2Nd

    jealously will get you no where mate. Chelsea are back, be afraid, be very afraid!!

  • Darren

    I’m with Aslan, I would loov it if the Chavs win bugger all (AGAIN). Everything about that club stinks.

    Remember, money doesn’t buy success, just look at the Spuds, and Newcastle!

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