Chelsea should hedge their bets and drop Torres

by Ryan Duggins

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Since the original first encounter between Chelsea and Manchester United was postponed due to ‘supposed’ fear over weather conditions, a lot has changed in the Premier League. None of which as important as Chelsea’s fall-out from a title race that they initially looked to steam roll.

The clash at Stamford Bridge will signal one of the least important games (in terms of the title race) in recent history between the two clubs, as United look to stretch their lead to 7 points at the top of the Championship. But such is Chelsea’s demise this year, expectations of a second coming are being spread very thin across the Chelsea terraces, like the last scrapings of cream cheese over a Ryvita cracker. And in recent games, displays have been just as mouth-watering.

With the recent return of Yuri Zhirkov comes, arguably, the route of where the poor form started, as last season’s brilliant Florent Malouda was anchored from the wing, to the centre of midfield, which was a step backwards in both literal and metaphorical senses. Positional nous has not been one of Ancelotti’s strong points this year, which can be neatly encapsulated by the current forcing of Fernando Torres into the line-up.

Torres is not what Chelsea needed. David Luiz was a necessity for the blues, as the slack form of Jose Bosingwa and the incompetence of Ivanovic at Centre-Back were both factors in a defensive purchase, which is fine. But in Torres, Chelsea panicked in a fear that they were being left behind. A fear that will be set in concrete if the move doesn’t pay off.

The only striker who seems to be able to trap a ball at the moment is Nicolas Anelka, but he not only lacks the discipline to form the centre-point of an attack (shown neatly through Avram Grant’s reign) but he is not a big game player, and he never has been. But because he needs to play, who joins him? Who do you take a risk with? Torres, who needs everyone to play well, or Drogba, who needs no one.

Away from the attack, Chelsea also lack the diversity of the individuals that Manchester United have in midfield, as they have several players who are completely capable of performing a whole range of roles to cater to the specific games they are involved in, and they are all pretty much in-form. Chelsea have one, but Ramires is not a man to change a game, but one to ruin it for the opposition.

So, to┬ásummarise, to continue to upset Didier Drogba, a force constantly set on a program to destroy, isn’t wise at all. Resorting to a Drogba/Anelka partnership, and ensuring that Lampard will always have space to roam by placing Ramires and Essien in deep positions will be Chelsea’s only way to cause a threat. If David Luiz plays, then Drogba needs to, as the constant diagonal balls will be wasted on the inclusion of a Spaniard who is seemingly incapable to know where his feet are. This should be interesting, if not spectacular.

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  • Mystical Mike

    problem being is they have 3 out of form strikers, Drogba, Torres and kalou who is constantly out of form.

    This will be the only time I’ll be cheering them on!

  • dexylongshot

    I think they should give Luiz a free role, he is the signing of the season in my book and got more goals than Torres, plus he’s a ringer for side-show bob.

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