Chelsea v Manchester – Round II

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Sky Blue Thinking

Like the promise of a meteor shower on a clear night or (less so in recent times) the results filtering through of a General Election, transfer deadline day is one of those things you promise yourself is worth staying up for, but often falls short of the wild speculation. In past seasons the summer window hasn’t ‘slammed shut’, as many commentators put it, but rather creaked to a close with no major shocks other than the odd DaMarcus Beasley joining Charlton on loan.

Last night we witnessed one the greatest shocks in Premier League history. If you don’t know what’s happened by now, please open a new browser window and kindly head to your preferred sports news feed. Quickly now, before I throw this McFly album at you.

Everything that will need to be said about the seismic activity will happen in due course; the papers couldn’t write their articles in time before they went to print, but they have a whole day in hand now to reflect on the extraordinary events of last night, with all eyes turned to the blue half of Manchester.

I’m going to fast forward now and look ahead for Chelsea. Let’s get one thing straight – Roman Abramovich will not be a happy man this morning. He was outmanouvered by a Johnny-come-lately investor with a much fatter wallet than his (and that’s saying something). Premiership owners are fast turning in to a collection of the haves and the have-yachts. What’s worse is that the point of holding out for a good deal for Robinho is to make good his word to turn Chelsea in to a money-making business in years to come. The Arab boys at City don’t care about making money; this is just a hobby to spend their squillions on. If it takes a release clause bid to prise Robinho away, they’ll just get on with it and not faff about with negotiations.

So what’s poor Roman to do now? Well, if I had to guess, he’ll get very eager to get back in to the driving seat the same way he did in hiring Avram Grant without a thought in the world for the result. The fact is he must be terrified at the idea of being gazumped for a prime target such as Robinho – but could he end up seeing the likes of Kaka slip away from his clutches as well? It’s a monster of a coup to get Robinho, and you can almost imagine City making it a double whammy for the Stamford Bridge faithful. Roman will, I imagine, move very quickly and bid the release clause fee for Kaka in order to guarantee his services. As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, sign ‘em.

Stamford Bridge knew that their main threat would be coming from Manchester this season as it has in years passed. It may not be their year this year, but City could well be the new force to be reckoned with soon enough.

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  • Stevie

    it’s not good for the game, Blatter & Platini will soon step in to stop the Premier League becoming even bigger and richer then it already is, I hope they do actually!

    Man City’s youth team won the youth cup last season, what chance have the kids got of breaking through, and how arrogant of Man City to think that all these big names they are banging on about buying would actually want to play for them. When was the last time you saw Chelsea play a youth team player in the Premier League?

    As I’ve commented before, Chelsea v City = The death of the Premier League.

    As all this is happening it does make you proud to be an Arsenal fan, they might be tight but at least they have dignity!

  • Darren

    A transfer football revolution is needed and quickly before the game gets out of hand!

    Cap the wages, players have to see out at least half of their contract or play for the reserves, foreign owners with no football background should not be allowed to buy clubs…

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