Chelsea’s lightweight midfield will be shown up soon

by Michael Somerville

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Chelsea FC have completely mismanaged their midfield and will pay the price when up against a strong team who keep the ball well.

Letting go of Michael Essien and Portuguese midfielder Raul Meireles isn’t looking like a bad move so far this season, but once the likes of Juan Mata and Torres get injured or too tired then Di Matteo’s transfer policy will look ridiculous.

This isn’t a sour grapes post about Chelsea, they have been very exciting to watch this season and have been compared to Barcelona on Match of the Day this season by Alan Shearer.

But surely, the likes of John Obi Mikel and the evergreen Frank Lampard surely cannot keep playing in such a demanding position for such a long and arduous season. Mikel is already under pressure for his place after a series of high pressure mistakes in the Champions League. Oriol Romeu is an adequate back up, granted, but is seen in Stamford Bridge circles as a negative remainder of the times when Lampard was dropped in favour of Romeu under Andre Villas-Boas’ ill fated tenure.

Chelsea have one of the most exciting attacking midfield’s in Europe, but if they can’t back it up with a decent holding midfielder then we can expect Chelsea to really struggle in the business end of the season.

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  • Jefe

    Aaaaand you forget that Chelsea is probably the best team at getting back and defending when need be. So much so, in fact, that we’re Champion’s League winners and top of both the GF/A tables.

    No worries here, amigo. Sour grapes, indeed.

  • Torres

    Sour grapes will be the least of your problems, when you finally realize that what you wrote above is whimsical to any non-Chelsea supporter, and otherwise makes no sense at all.

  • KIM

    Truly this is sour grapes, before Chelsea let go of Raul and Essien we had 6 Central Midfielders, does it make sense to keep such a number of CM while you’re only going to select two of those per game. I think the article could be well worth if you were lauding RDM’s rotation policy that has seen the rest of the squad stay fresh except Torres of course and this argument can be valid for the ST position where we have only Torres and Sturridge as compared to other rivals.

  • geoff1948

    Yes they mismanaged it so bad their only four points clear at the top. What a pointless article at least waite until the are playing bad before you have a go.

  • Anchor

    They really mismanaged it. No wonder they are just 4 points clear at the top of the table instead 21. Funny article.

  • micky boon

    you say that but their midfield bossed Arsenal at the Emirates.

    I don’t think any team is strong this season. Chelsea are favorites for me

  • Blue Blood

    Why can’t people appreciate good decisions and progress for once?.I just hope you come back at the of the season and re-frain your article.

  • mayor

    The only problem in the chelsea team is lampard and torres. marin moses and paizon are there to back up the midfeild. Lampard should be replaced by oriol. Mikel is the best defensive midfeilder in the team for now, we need essien back.

  • Henry

    the only problem with chelsea now is our up front we have no problem with the defence coz they are the same lads who won us the UCL midfield is set, we just need a great, hungry striker then u see if we struggle

  • Rob

    I can see where you’re coming from but disagree. Meireles was good for his positioning but wasteful in posession. We haven’t seen the best of Essien for the past two years. Mikel is also wasteful but good at breaking attacks down, although I don’t think he’s good enough. Lampard is playing less & less but will be a good impact player for the rest of the season. He deserves to play just for what he has done in the past, including last season.

    Not signing a striker in the summer confuses me but I’d say that is the only way you can say RDM’s transfer policy was flawed. It’s certainly not ridiculous.

  • http://chelseafc more blessing

    RDM is the write man for this job,the way he handle the team show’s he know’s the team.and he is trying to unite the team,by making sure every body was envolve.batter and stronger team to watch next season.

  • deacs

    really poor article, at least back up your argument with a few paragraphs or points. yes there is a lack of defensive midfield cover but i dont think that is a real worry for the club. Ramieres, Lampard, Romeu and Mikel and even Bertrand can all play in that holding 2. if worse came to worse and we did get a lot of injuries, i am sure luiz could also step up to that position. defensively we are sound, as proven last season in the champs league. Meireles we would miss as he featured a little in last years campaign. essien featured very litte. i think we have the depth

  • Raymond

    fine rdm didi not sign a striker but besides falcao who is currently overpriced you would go for who in terms of age falcao cavanni lewandoski huntelaar fall into the same group as torres so would you opt us to have 1 or 2 of torres in our squad because we have no guarantee there were going to flourish and yet we would have spent another 50 mill on yeah not so good quality
    essien is never going back to his best ever meireles well we had to free up our squad and age was not on his side so different combinations for the deep midfield are 1)mikel and ramires2)romeu and ramires as for striker we have danny + victor moses can play as a false 9 and after january if torres is misfiring we can recall lukaku or kevin de bruyne who can also play the false 9 and we are covered i think moses can replace any of the front 3 + bertrand can play on the left wing

  • shane

    Mata, Mikel, Lamps, Romeu, Hazard, Ramires, Marin, Bertrand….these are off the top of my head….I think we’ll be fine, thanks for your concern!

  • Akut Istifanus

    For now they team is playing well the only need to add a striker

  • joseph

    Di Mateo already shown how incompetent can be at the supercup.
    I though he will never try again with Lampard as contention midfielder, but shame again and again, chelsea plays better w ramires, romeu or mikel in that position.
    Di Mateo will be remembered for moron.

  • http://Yahoo Mikeal

    Anti chelsea articles must be eradicated by jampa by hangn

  • Nigel Ojji

    We have what is takes to stand any mid field at the moment. We have players… Essien n Raul are surplus. Just be calm and watch how the game flows cos RDM is still trying to improve d play pattern. We are also pleased with it.

  • SteveP

    Poorly written, weakly argued & demonstrating little research…looks like you’re ready made for today’s media! What the hell were those awards anyway, presumably nothing to do with writing or football…colouring in perhaps?

  • ficko

    it’s true dat chelsea midfields are youngsters but, can anyone does what oscar did in 7 games? Hazard scored 2 goals and has 6 assists. I know it’s 2 earlly but kagawa, cazorla, nasri and silva are not in a good form 2 battle hazard, mata and oscar’s combination! Chelsea is hazardious dis season!



  • Mike Somerville

    Chelsea did well against Spurs but Spurs were missing their best players in Dembele and Bale. A better team will beat them

  • Michael

    and there we go.!Shahktar pummeled Chelsea because they have midfielders who can pass the ball around. Rang rigs around Mikel etc

  • Mike Somerville

    I don’t like to say I told you so, but you have to admit that CFC have flopped big time since I wrote this!

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