Chris Foy and Wayne Rooney – United in being a disgrace to football

by Paul Connolly

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Let’s face it, yesterday’s Manchester derby was awful. Yes, there were goals and a spirited second-half fightback from City after an understandably poor first-half display.

But the game was ruined as a fair contest by Chris Foy and Wayne Rooney in the eleventh minute. Anyone who knows the rules of football intimately will understand that Foy’s decision to send off City captain Vincent Kompany for his tackle on Nani was plainly wrong. There may have been an element of recklessness about Kompany’s challenge, though that itself is debatable.

But even if it was reckless it would only have warranted a yellow card. There was no extreme force used or intent to injure, one of which must be present for a two-footed challenge to warrant a red card.

And check out the replay. Foy does not react to the challenge until Rooney waves his arms around. It’s only when Rooney complains that Foy blows his whistle. I doubt very much Foy would even have blown for a foul were it not for Rooney’s intervention. And then Rooney raises two fingers in a blatant, disgraceful attempt to sway Foy’s mind. Foy, feeble to the last, crumbles and produces the red card.

Foy has form, as we know.

This season we’ve already had two ridiculous red cards in the QPR against Chelsea game, and an extraordinary display of ineptitude during the game between Stoke and Tottenham, as well as yesterday’s series of poor decisions at the Etihad Stadium. Foy, it seems, likes to be the centre of attention. Indeed he’s probably changed more games this season than Wayne Rooney and David Silva put together.

Rooney, too, must take his share of flak. It’s hardly controversial to call him a nasty piece of work. We’ve all seen enough of him to realise that. What makes his kind of cheating (because that is what this is) so reprehensible is that it’s infectious. When young Danny Welbeck was correctly adjudged to have been fouled by Alexander Kolarov in the penalty area, what was his first reaction? To celebrate an almost certain goal? No. He waved an imaginary card in the air, trying to get Kolarov sent off, despite the fact Micah Richards was between him and the goal. Rooney’s morally ruined as a person – now he seems intent on infecting his young teammates with the same despicable disease.

The FA should take action against Foy, Rooney and Welbeck. Foy should not referee another top-flight game this season and both Rooney and Welbeck should be retrospectively cautioned for ungentlemanly conduct. It’s not much of a punishment for Rooney – after all, he is but a shell of a man, morally. But perhaps Welbeck can still be saved.

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  • Xyth

    What a joke of an article. You must either be a bitter or a dipper!

    Do you think somones leg needs to be broken for a challenge to warrant a red card?

  • Andrew

    Terrible article. I suppose you didn’t see the Man City players crowding around Foy for an apparent handball by Phil Jones after it rebounded of his leg. Typical blinkered fan trying to write a witty article but failing miserable. Get over it, United were winning at the time of the red card anyway. Kompany left the ground with two feet and it’s his own fault for putting himself into a situation where a red card could well be brandished. Pathetic!

  • petch

    Spot on pal…a absolute odious person…oh and Rooneys the dipper

  • Chris

    I don’t Rooney had any influence on Foys’ decision! And a two-footer studs first is a red by rule! Accept it and move on!

  • Jooji

    Great article, sums it up perfectly.

  • David

    Try learning the rules, Xyth. The only bitter person around here is you, you deluded rag.

  • http://google Terrence Zimbabwe

    i think you are one of those NOISY NEIGHBOURS.sorry for the defeat.Win Rooney 2,welbeck 1-man city 2

  • Tim

    Great article.

    The question here is, did Kompany the tackle to win the ball or to kick/injure Nani’s feet/legs?
    Clearly as he won the ball and seen in the video, the tackle was not to injure Nani rather to win the ball.
    Even nani didn’t complain about the foul

  • Jack

    you are a joke, yeah cos no player has ever appealed for a foul ever and it wasnt even that fierce.

    you also no nothing as 2 feet off the floor, uncontrolled, studs showing is a red card. if nani wasnt such a bit girl and had stood his ground he would of had a broken leg.

  • Dan

    sore loser. deal with it. u get some, u lose some. Eg: Richards hand ball against Arsenal. Case rested

  • Paul Connolly

    Forgot to mention Giggs’s two-footed tackle from behind on Aguero. And HE made contact.

  • David

    Some of you deluded, lying rags really make me laugh. I see Wooney and Wio are busy tweeting in their desperation to ensure the appeal fails. Let’s hope the FA overturn this disgraceful decision and the rags are left in tears. Will just LOVE it when they watch us take the Premier League trophy to place in the Etihad Stadium in May.

    By the way, Wio and Wooney, you carry on with your classless little rants. You are just making sure the City players stay focused on the job in hand – WINNING the League.

  • Pedro

    It was a shame the game was ruined by that decision. I really like this Manchester City team and Mancini. He made good decisions with the changes at half time in the circumstances and outplayed United in the 2nd half with a man less. The level of debate about the decision indicates how dubious it was. You could end up with a few sending offs each game if no common sense is applied.

    This Manchester City team with more experience will be very close to Barcelona and Madrid’s level in 2 years.

    Pedro – Barcelona, Spain

  • Ash

    United fans trying their hardest to convince themselves that their “hero” isn’t a cheating scumbag himself…pfft. Notice how when Rooney earned himself a red card he thinks he should have the right to appeal against it even though it was far worse than the complete farce of a decision during this match. But all of a sudden it’s completely unjustified for the team to even try?…stop being hypocrites. If that was one of your “spectacular” defenders getting a red card for absolutely nothing then you would be claiming all sorts of prejudice. City have far more class than your vile club can ever hope to achieve, proven completely from the match. Your support is horrendous and laughable. 11 v 11 city would have won that match, but surprisingly i think city walked away from that match stronger than united did.

  • Godwin Gamy

    Good write-up. Shows how incompetent the referee is and that 2 fingered role model for kids? Role model my ass.

  • PeterMaxwell

    Ronney raised two fingers did not mean it was a 2 foot fouled.
    It meaned MY would give C Foy for 20K pounds.

  • kevo

    It is plainly obvious that opinions are divided on this but what is actually needed is common sense and fairness. Common sens was required by the referee as well as consistency – both were sadly lacking – if Kompany was due a red then why did Giggs not get sent off for a far worse tackle on Aguero- why also was Evra not red carded for his blatant elbow into the face of richards which felled him?
    As far as rooney is concerned he has no idea of fairness in either his professional life or his personal life – SHAME ON BOTH OF THEM =- THEY SHOULD HANG THEIR HEADS IN UTTER SHAME.

  • Matt

    Andrew, I suggest you look at the replay of the handball again. It blatantly hit his arm.

  • rastus

    Great article, they are disgraceful as individuals and that is their real history. But it has worked for them for season after season so you cant knock it really.

  • Maxxi

    Spot on …. great article, Manchester City should demand a foreign refs t stand a chance of wining the title.

  • NMC

    Xyth what a cock – do you know anything about football – you rag.

  • mike collins

    it is to late for rooney he is scum, he s got away with murder for to long, but utd have been doing this for years. rafa was right. but as for foy he needs to be sacked and have his bank balance looked at, i think a brown envolope had been put in his handbag before the game

  • Johni

    For united fans,,
    Look at the following videos how Rooney did the tackles but didn’t get the referee, “Foy” said nothing even no yellow card or free kick for the fouls that rooney made.



  • browny33

    What makes me laugh about this is that ‘United’ fans hide behind the letter of the law, when it does not state anything that supports their argument.
    But then suggest that you can’t apply the same ‘letter of the law’ to Jones’s handball.
    Come on ladies, you cant have it always!

  • fran

    Chris January 9, 2012 at 2:25 pm
    you really need to look up the laws of the game before you say any more

  • Jamie

    what a bullshit article. Disgustingly biased, and an unfair reflection of the actual events in the game. You can never leave the ground two footed aiming studs up into another player and call it not a foul, regardless of whether the other player manages to jump out of the way to prevent a certain leg break. You are a shame to football, and your respective club (I assume man city no doubt.)

  • connor if this isn’t even a booking, how on earth is Kompany’s a red?

  • C33

    Completely biast point of view. Firstly, nothing wrong with the Clichy red card against chelsea, and you failed to mention that toure should have been sent off on two occasions in that game. You mention about rooneys reaction, why should it need a reaction for that to be a red card? the ref should have been on it straight away and sent him off regardless of any reaction, it was a 2 footed tackle. You also talk about players waving the card? did you fail to see your own manager wave the card against liverpool? or are you that delusional that you think the world is against city?

  • David Tuson

    Xyph – suppose the tackle from behind by Giggs on Aguero was perfectly legal then? From behind, two feet off the ground and wrapped round Aguero’s ankle – typical one-eyed red

  • Maxxi

    I thought Man United new signing Chris Foy performance and 3 goals on his debut………. impressive stuff.
    As for Rooney; What a nasty piece of work

  • Phuzion

    The challenge itself was never a red. If it was, then Giggs deserved to go for trying to injure Aguero, form behind in a scissor motion with no contact of the ball. I know if the shoe were on the other foot, rags would be in uproar!

  • Logic

    To everybody blue trying to defend Kompany, and everybody red agreeing with the referee, consider this – when the challenge happened, how many of you jumped up thinking “THAT IS A RED CARD CHALLENGE?!” BEFORE the whistle was blown? Answer = nobody. Not a red card. City will win the appeal, or there is something seriously wrong with football.

  • mancunial

    proud of you city, what a comeback,showed united how to play with ten men, ok kompany got a red, didnt expect anything else even before the game, but for rooney and this so called wannabe england captain ferdinand they should be ashamed crying like bitches to get the appeal quashed, the fear i saw on that pitch on sunday in the second half by the medias darlings will live forever. well done city

  • Conor

    I don’t think that the whole “demanding a red card issue” against Wayne Rooney is fair. If you look at the Barcelona team’s behaviour when a player commits a foul on one of their players, the entire team is chasing the referee to demand a card! It is an issue in football that needs to be dealt with by referees. They need to have a backbone and be given the right to deal with their own interpretations of how the game should be played and not in accordance with how an assessor is scrutinising his or her performance as a referee. I feel sorry for the Man City fans who paid a lot of money to go to the game and basically had the contest ended in the 11th minute by a referee who had no backbone and who obviously has little experience in playing football himself.

  • Frank

    Hi Xyth, good Mancunian name there mate. If I gave you a map would you even know where Manchester is? I’m assuming you could find England on the map first fo course.

  • dexylongshot

    Personally, i didn’t think it was a red, it was wreckless but i don’t think it was with the malice that warrants a red. Me & fellow blogpodders James Baker and Charlie Coffey discuss it in this weeks podcast. You can also subscribe in itunes, just look for My Left Foot podcast. If anyone fancy a guest spot on the show, get in touch, we do it central London usually on a monday, you even get free beer and prawns!–The-Manchester-Derby.aspx

  • lucke

    rooney and foy have faults as well as red cards. train harder not to be disgraced. fair game without penalties are required! be calm in sport!

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