City v Spurs – 200m flops or serial bottlers? Who will win?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

It’s been billed as the biggest game outside of the title race for years.

Free spending Manchester City and serial bottlers Spurs will fight for their right to party for The Champions League draw.

Both sides have impressed this season with massive wins over the top three, and at times were a match for any side in Europe.

Everyone outside of Eastland’s and The Emirates will be hoping for a Spurs win. Cities early season form was excellent, there was even talk of them mounting a serious title challenge, but a run of 7 successive draws saw their challenge slip away along with Mark Hughes’ pay slip.

City have hardly made any new friends with their constant childish digs at their superior rivals, including a rather embarrassing poster campaign welcoming Carlos Tevez home. Problem with City is everyone hates a flash b*****d, especially a rich one. Anything but Champions League football will be considered a massive failure, and quite possibly Roberto Mancini’s job.

Spurs on the other hand have gone about their business in a more dignified manner. After finally beating Arsenal after 18 attempts, wins against Chelsea and thrashing City 3-0 at the Lane, Harry Redknapp must surely feel his side deserves 4th spot.

However, this is Spurs we are talking about, having choked in the FA Cup semi-final last month along with the infamous dodgy lasagne, which ended Tottenham’s hopes of finishing 4th in the 2006 campaign.

Victory for either side will be seen as a massive step in the direction, but with Cities money, defeat will not be the end of the world as they will spend big to ensure qualification next season, Spurs on the hand can not afford to bottle it this time around.

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  • James Webb

    Every fellow Spurs fan ive spoken to feels the same. We have been quietly hanging onto this 4th spot expecting something to come crashing down. We are so often disappointed either in a performance or some out the ordinary refereeing decision that most cannot believe we’ve got this far. Its fair to say almost all Spurs fans are totally pessimistic about our club, years of almost and maybe, its like what an England fan goes through at every major championship. Promise so much but ultimately massively unachieve.

    This season has been a strange one for a Spurs fan. Wins against our biggest rivals. A solid defence and even a 9-1 victory. But we still cannot get carried away even though its nice to gloat we have to take one game at a time to prepare ourselves for the expected bump back down to earth. I pray that it wont come and that we get a result tonight but I just cant help thinking somebody is gonna spike our pre-match meal, have a goal disallowed or somebody getting sent off.


  • Darren

    the idea result would be Spurs thrash City tonight, then they get drawn against Valencia in the qualifiers and get knocked out.

    Seriously though, well done to Harry Redknapp for turning the Spuds around. If we dont dont sign at least 3 players next season we might fall out of the top four

  • ParkLane67

    Darren – I love your sense of irony. Let’s start with the win (or draw) tonight, we’ll worry about Valencia later (please!!!)

  • James Webb

    I think you could be right Darren. Spurs or Man City will both invest the CL money on players and could be the push for third or better next season. Arsene needs to scrap his policies and buy a few players with bollocks !

  • Pablo

    Even if City don’t get fourth, they’ll just throw another ridiculous amount of money around in the summer and get it next year…

  • James Webb

    Spending money doesnt guarantee success, sure it helps, look at Real Madrid with the likes of Kaka, Ronaldo etc as a prime example.

    How many seasons and managers will it take to turn them into a world class team before the people in charge get bored and drop them in it. I would much prefer to build gradually keeping our annual wage bill under 50% of our turnover.

  • Pablo

    I agree that it’s not a guarentee but this will be the third year in a row that they’ll be able to buy top quality players. It’ll happen for them eventually and I wouldn’t be surprised if they won the league in the next 5 years, provided the spending continues of course.
    Simply look at Chelsea. When they finished second 03-04, people claimed that it was proof that you couldn’t buy the league etc. Since then they’ve won the league twice, FA Cup twice, League Cup twice and got to the Champions League final purely through offering the best players the best contracts. They’ve had 6 managers since that 2nd place finish, 6 of the best managers (maybe not Avram Grant but he still got them to CL final) in the world who they got through offering the best money.
    City will get there eventually…

  • James Webb

    I agree they probably will eventually be successful but i’m sceptical that they will match Chelsea’s highs. Ambramovich has finally learnt that throwing money about isnt always the answer and the worlds best players don’t necessarily make the best team. I think it will take Man City quite a few more bad transfers before they realise this. Some of their purchases have been awful especially the more expensive ones.

  • Pablo

    Fair comment James, City do have a lot to learn. I realised after I’d made that comment that a massive difference between the two is that Chelsea seemed to be a bit classier whereas City seem to just sign players for the sake of signing them. Specifically, I’m talking about John Terry and Richard Dunne. I believe Dunne is a far better defender than Toure & Lescott and I know City fans who agree. Maybe that was bad management on Mark Hughes part though? Why spend £40mil on defenders who aren’t as good as what you’ve got?
    Despite this, I still think City will win the league in the next five years… It will only take a good manager to come in really and maybe Mancini is that manager? Next season will be a real test for them if they get Champions League…

  • Dexy

    City have no class what so ever, as the author points out all that pathetic childish winding up United back fired big time. Lets not forget the whole Addy scoring against arsenal and the even more pathetic wearing those team Bridge t-shirts. God I hate them with a passion.

    Good luck Spurs. Harry has spent well, they have the best squad outside of the top 3 for by a mile.

    As for spending bags of money, I do recall Lazio only winning one title and one Italian cup back in the 90’s. Look at them now, 6th bottom. Throwing loads of money on average players doesn’t guarantee success

  • Patrick

    Spurs deserved that and no mistake. Where’s Alan? Surely he’ll have a thing or two to say about this?

  • Alan

    Not much to say really Pat as the difference between this blog & yours is that these are opinions, where yours were, well total untruths. Maybe the Champs League not being reached viewed as a ‘massive failure’ or that Mancini may lose his job are a bit over the top but nothing that the media haven’t been saying. Not anyone in MCFC’s boardroom at anytime which is where it counts, otherwise it’s just peoples opinions and they are entitled to them.
    The writer tells us that Utd are City’s ‘superior rivals’, what he fails to mention is that they’re also every other team in England’s superiors as well.

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