Competition winners – Battersea Ironsides GSA

by Dexy Longshot

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Meet the official team of UKFF

Well done to Battersea Ironsides GSA who won our brilliant comp to win a UKFF sponsored kit for the season, what a result!

The Irons play in the Southern Counties Division 1 league. Half the team were formed with players from UKFF, all of which are under 25 with semi pro ambitions. The players are given support from FA qualified coaches, free training and expenses.

We’ll be tracking the teams performances throughout the season with weekly blogs and updates.

Remember Fash FC? Well this is Dexy FC, so watch this space!

The Irons

The winning reply

IF you can keep your kit when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.
IF you can trust yourself to place the advert on UK football finder before the seasons due.
IF you can wait and not be tired of waiting then suddenly deal with 200 replies
Or being slated and dont give way to slating
And yet thank God for just a great website.

IF you can dream but not make Milans great colours your focus
Or still thiink quite properly about tomorrows game.
IF you can meet with such true realities
And of course remember that “footballs’ a funny old game”.
If you can bear to hear the cold truth spoken
That man we really do need a quality new kit
Because the team you dreamed of may soon be fading
If you cant fund this essential bit.

IF YOU can pray for some small mercy
and look up still hoping at the distant sun
then YOU will get a call from Football Finders
saying “get the drinks in Battersea….. your team kits been won”

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