Competitive Premier League costing English clubs in Europe?

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Thursday, December 6th, 2012

So, The Premier League champions crash out of the group stage of the Champions League with the lowest points of any English team. The current European champions, from the Premier League, become the first holders to say so long, farewell, at the same stage.

How long can Arsenal and Manchester United fly  the flag in Europe? Who is confident  that teams that can be beaten by Swansea and Norwich and concede three to Reading, can hold out against Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid or even Malaga?

True, football is an art not a science. If A beats B and B beats C…………….C is allowed to beat A. That is why we love the game. It has not however been a vintage season so far for British clubs. Apart of course from Glasgow Celtic. The spirit of Jock Stein and the Lions of Lisbon have helped them make it through with the best of them. Therein, may hold the answer to what has gone wrong with Premier League teams this year. Glasgow Rangers or those that brought them down, may have a lot to answer for.

Is there anyone who thinks that the hoops will not win the Scottish Premier League? Maybe not by 20 points, but when they need to, they will win enough games. Although their football results haven’t been good enough in the SPL recently, they are still the big favourites to lift the trophy.

The lack of consistent competition in the league has meant Celtic have been able to concentrate their minds on the bigger European fish. So they go through and  the multi million pounds invested in west London and Manchester, will concentrate on the Premier League or Europa League.

Maybe the English ‘fab four’ are caught between two stools. The Premier League is competitive. Any team can, on their day beat any team. So the big boys are worried about the trip to Carrow Road, or the Liberty Stadium, because they could lose, and then they might not make the holy grail of Champions League next year. Does this mean they are leaving some of the aura and firepower scattered around England and Wales, leaving them toothless in Germany or Italy?

We cannot have it all ways. We may love the fact that the Premier League is competitive, but that just might mean our European adventures might not be quite so exciting.

By Michael Rooney

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