Arsenal – 2 Wins From Greatness?

by Luke McGee

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

This is a big week for the red side of North London. Sitting on top of the league and finally winning games is all well and good, but Arsenal are far from a side convincing to watch.

The Emirates, which by the way was louder than usual, was full of seemingly stunned fans after the Fulham game. Stunned, that the side we had just seen serve up a complete pile of toilet were at the top of the deck.

And it is remarkable that a team whose defence only needs a nudge to completely collapse have more points than any other side in the English Premier league.

However, the league leaders have a chance to put a few things right in the next few days. Hosting Champions League whipping boys Partizan Belgrade is a do or die game in terms of staying in the premier European tournament, but would also be a handy little confidence boost as the third consecutive home win, and my word could Arsenal do with some confidence.

Confidence this season seems to be more of an issue for Arsenal than ever before. If we’re being honest, for Arsenal to not have qualified yet for the knockout stage is poor.

Even if they come out tomorrow night and spank Partizan all over Islington, it will only be covering up the fact that Arsenal have not been good enough so far this year in any competition (including the League Cup).

Yes, I know that no team has been good enough this season, but Arsenal should be running away with the league. With Chelsea on the slide, United playing woeful bilge and no other side stepping up to the mark, this is the chance Arsenal have been waiting for. If they blow it this year, what damage will that do to this squad’s confidence?

These next two games are a real opportunity for Arsenal to build up some very important momentum going into Christmas and the new year.

Putting Champions League qualification to bed once and for all will be a great way to prepare for a huge game at Old Trafford on Monday night. Win that game also, and it’s genuine top. Not top barr a game in hand for the team below, not top for a few hours, just top, top, top.

For Chelsea it’s looking like it might be the beginning of the end. United might be unbeaten, but look thoroughly beatable, and Manchester City are an unpredictable joke with a cack manager.

Arsenal are one of two teams fighting for the top spot that really look as though they have more to give this season. The other is Spurs. Confidence is key, and as it stands Spurs seem to have more of it. If the Gunners want to sort this situation out, the next 6 days are ones that could shape their fate.

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  • Darren

    Spurs are way to inconsistent, they are not challengers in my book. They can beat anyone, but they can also lose to anyone!

    So Arsenal played poorly on sat but they won, thats the sign of Champions.

    The old Chelsea would have found a way to beat Everton on Saturday but they didn’t.

    If we can go to Old Trafford and win, it will give us real belief that this is finally our year. Lose, and people will say it’s the same old Arsenal! By the way, we desperately need the Verminator back

  • dexylongshot

    Imagine if they had decent keeper, 2 decent center halves and Van Persie for more than 4 games without a knock, they would streets ahead, I do think things are looking good at The Emirates.

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