Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve. The players Arsenal never signed.

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Monday, October 22nd, 2012

‘What if’ is a commonly used term in the world of football and we can all dream of players joining our clubs but in Arsenal’s case, the players who would’ve made a difference to us have been in the grasp of our hands but inexplicably let go.

Transfer gossip has never been more prevalent in our society. With twitter booming, so many users of the network claim to have valid information about player’s comings and goings from every club. The majority is trash but some is very much true and more often than not Arsenal have been close to signing someone, only for that player to join a rival. This scenario has been very common in recent times with the likes of Juan Mata just moments from joining Arsenal but then Arsenal pulling the plug because of cost. This, in my opinion was a big error. Mata was an imperative part of Chelsea’s FA Cup and European triumph whilst we ended up with another year of toil. This was a terrible decision from the manager who also failed to replace Fabregas that same summer.

Even this season, Jan Vertonghan seemed close to joining Arsenal only for Spurs to snatch him by paying a little bit extra. The failure to sign such players can be labeled as being too frugal in the market. However, saying that, it is not as if Wenger hasn’t ever spent a sizable amount in the market. In recent times, he splashed out a reported 10 million on Gervinho, 12 million on Giroud and wasted 6.5 million on Squillaci. This spending is compounded by the fact that spurs signed Clint Dempsey for half the amount as we purchased Giroud.

Looking back, Yaya Toure was on trial at Arsenal when Wenger claimed he was ‘missing something’ further adding to my frustration at our transfer policy, which has left us in a mess. Other players have expressed an interest in joining Arsenal in the past but their interest was never fulfilled. Eden Hazard for instance and David Villa many years back. I know it would have cost a lot but Arsenal can boast profits in excess of 50 million so why not spend it? Furthermore the appalling wage structure at the club means we have fringe players picking up 50-60k a week for sitting on the bench. This leaves us unable to reward the better players for fine form and means we can’t shift the rubbish. A pay related to performance has worked not just in football but also for companies in all sectors.

The fact is that many players have been available at reasonable prices: Jelavic, Ba, Dempsey to name a few. This wouldn’t have broken the bank but would’ve given Arsenal so much more this year. Instead, after a few injuries our squad now looks very thin with little impact on the bench. Once more, a failure to sign a genuine defensive midfielder has left us with Arteta having to fill in. I understand he’s done well so far but we’ve lost his drive going forward and in the big games he will be overrun by talented midfielders (such as the Chelsea game). The flawed transfer policy will be Arsenal’s undoing.

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  • Mystical Mike

    Didn’t Wenger turn down Ronaldo and Ibramivich too?

    Did we actually pay 6.5 the squid? What a Joke. Worst defender in Arsenal histories, even worse than Gus Ceaser!

    We’ve wasted so money on crap when we could spent the money on more establish premier league players

  • Mystical Mike

    I predicted all this in a pervious blog, yet all the Wengers bum lickers slated me!

  • Charlie Peat

    Yeah thats the reported sum for squillaci, worst than cygan I think! I remember we put in an insuting bid for jagielka, something like 4million? Why didn’t we put the squid money towards that 4 million and he would’ve been ours.

  • Keith O’Connell

    I understand your general frustration, our transfer policy definitely leaves something to be desired, I must agree.

    However, just a few amendments. Psycho Squilla cost about a third of the inflated, media reported price. It should also be remembered that we as a club never actually report our transfer fees.

    Yaya did not want to sign for us. Barca had already turned his head.

    Also we did not pull out of the Mata deal. Chelsea offered more than we could afford, so we were essentially gazumped.

    Apart from that, I agree with the ire!

  • Charlie Peat

    I see I see. Im glad i’ve been reassured we didn’t sign squillaci for 6 million! I still think we have paid over the odds for some players.

    I feel we should have offered more for Mata. How much did Chelsea sign him for?

  • Matt Quinn

    At Villa, Martin O’Neill turned down Falcao in favour of Marlon Harewood. He also sold Gary Cahill for peanuts to part fund the purchase of Zat Knight.

    Going further back Villa had agreed terms with Juninho and Robbie Keane (when he was good) only to pull out haggling over 500k. Roberto Carlos had also agreed to join us years ago but it was decided that Alan Wright was a better bet.

  • kennedy

    arsene wenger is sirioly locking arteta behind, pls free him

  • Mystical Mike

    Chelsea payed 23m for Mata. We paid 4m for Park & 12 for Gervinho, That’s 16m. Another 10 from the Nasri sale and we could of signed him

  • Charlie Peat

    We could have paid for Mata in my opinion. The money was there as it has been for some time.

  • Alan

    Fact is that wenger has lost the winning mentality, and quite some years ago. This is not just about money. Likes of vieira, petit , gilberto , did not cost a lot. He has neglected the spine of our team, from keeper to centre back and a strong central midfielder. These are what wins you titles. Cech, hart, terry, keane , Adams, vieira, seaman. And the quality at the edges, ronaldo, overmars, mata, cazorla. Wenger craps on about spirit, but we are miles apart, in spirit terms, from being a winning side. Only so long that we can keep scraping into 4th, and when that doesn’t happen, we will definitely lose our best players, our manager, CL revenues and probably wenger. Maybe not a bad thing. Bringing a new dynasty.. New owners, new manager, new CEO, a whole new approach.

  • Philip

    Spot on Alan. He lost it the day he sold viera!

    Time for change. He’s been great but enough is enough

  • Charlie Peat

    Completely agree with you Alan. What’s sad about the situation I feel is that a lot of fans are content with finishing 3rd or 4th every year. Its not just the manager to blame, the whole board in my opinion needs to go. A fresh start may take time, but I feel its necessary to make a step forward

  • Michael

    Chill out Arsenal fans! Arsenal will get top 4 this season. Honestly, two bad games and you’re on your own teams back again. Expect to see a winning run soon

  • Charlie Peat

    I can’t agree I’m afraid. Paying the money that we (including myself) are paying and nothing has improved. Its the same old same old. I don’t think people have only just started getting on AFC’s back after two defeats.

  • Mystical Mike

    it’s been like this since Dein left the club. Top of the financial league is not what it’s about I’m afraid.

    How long before Carzola leaves? Wilshire? The Ox?

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