Curbs kicked to the Curb

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

A knee-jerk reaction to the Premierships 1st casualty.

After their best start in 9 years, my beloved West Ham have again made another balls-up by losing yet another manager.

West Ham released this Statement an hour a ago:

“West Ham United can confirm that Alan Curbishley has tendered his resignation as manager and that it has been accepted.
“We can confirm that we have accepted Alan Curbishley’s resignation as we feel it is in the best interests of both parties. We wish Alan all the success in the future. A shortlist of candidates is being drawn up and an announcement will be made in due course about the new West Ham United manager.”

I don’t blame him at all, it is clear The Iceland contingent are holding back the nelsons and the sale of Anton and Linda in the last week with no real time to find adequate replacements would have been enough for me. The Ljungberg situation was a joke, the Swede being paid off just to get him of the wages bill. I admit, I wasn’t Alan’s biggest fan in his tactics and mid-table mediocrity tag but he did wonders keeping the Irons up when he took over from Pardew. He hasn’t had the best of luck with injuries either but it appears he’s on a hiding to nothing with fans still complaining despite 5th place in the table. I’ve been going to Upton Park for over 25 years and Curbishley is the only manager that has never been sung about in one of West Hams most traditional dittys.

“Johny Lyall’s Claret & Blue Army”
“Lou Marcari’s Claret & Blue Army”
“Billy Bonds’ Claret & Blue Army”
“Harry Redknapp’s Claret & Blue Army”
“Glen Roader’s Claret & Blue Army” (yes it did happen)
“Trevor Brooking’s Claret & Blue Army” (Only for 10 games)
“Alan Pardew’s Claret & Blue Army”

These days it is:
“We are West Hams Claret & Blue Army”

I also hear from fellow hammer Babysham Briggsy that the talk on the town as to why West Ham didn’t play much in the transfer window is that Sheffield United are going to get paid out over the Tevez affair !! to the tune of 25 to 50 mill!! Don’t quote me on that, rumours is rumours.

Fellow UKFF writer, Jimmy Baker has heard likewise. He reckons that the Hammers lawyers are confident of a positive result but John Mcabe at Sheffield United must think he has a shout of a result otherwise he wouldn’t be going ahead with his desperate actions. Bakes has heard the Icelanders are holding some back in reserve in case the worst happens.

The Chairman at the Hammers, BG, as he is known stated that he wanted £10-£15 million off the wage bill this summer, something it looks as if they may have achieved. It appears that Gianluca Nani, recruited in the summer from Palermo has been the man behind the transfers this summer at the Hammers. I don’t think Curbs had much say in the deals. The sale of Anton “Jar Jar Binks” Ferdinand and George McCartney were for the benefit of the club, the Hammers board would have us believe. Not sure I agree with that. Although, not a glamorous name, McCartney really is becoming a very accomplished left back and Sunderland have got a fantastic deal there.

So The Irons look to the future. Old boy super Slav Bilic is hot favourite and the West Ham faithful would love him back.

The man is pure mustard and has done wonders with the Croatia national side. He kicked us out of the Euros and plotted the downfall of McClaren (Honoury knighthood in the post) and he’s still in nappies. He took an average Croatia side and transformed them into a world force with his excellent tactical nous and infectious enthusiasm. He also plays guitar and sings the Croatia teams song.

What a man, what a geezer, what an asset he would be to the Premiership. I will be praying to the East tonight that he grasps the claret and blue mantel and takes West Ham back into Europe where we belong. With Super Slav at the helm, it can happen.

“Slaven Bilic’s Claret & Blue Army”
“Slaven Bilic’s Claret & Blue Army”
“Slaven Bilic’s Claret & Blue Army”

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  • Tef1on

    Disgraceful…. I now officially hate the Premier league. What a load of bull shit this season has turned out to be.

  • Darren

    as someone posted yesterday

    Rah rah rah!!!!!

  • Stevie

    surely it saves him being sacked anyway doesn’t it?

    My mate goes to West Ham and reckons he is the most unpopular manager since the Glenn ratty Roeder!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Whilst I wouldn’t want Curbishley and his dull unambitious football at my club, this once again highlights the way football is going wrong. Another club bought by a big money man, decides the answer is to undermine the manager and take responsibility for transfers away from him. The sad fact is that the role of the manager is dying before our eyes. We will soon have all premier clubs and beyond with a first team coach and some suit in the stand making all the decisions, and this will remove the real talent and characters from the dug outs. Do you think Ferguson, or Wenger or O’ Neil, or Moyes would stand for it? Keegan won’t, Curbishley wouldn’t, Mourinho wouldn’t. The list goes on. Soon we will have automatons in the dressing room, trying to motivate players they didn’t choose, whilst taking the blame for the club’s failure – wait a minute, we already do!

    The big question however is how on earth did a cretin like Wise qualify for the the role at Newcastle – on hang on, they have an owner who downs pints in one in the stand – figures…

  • Darren

    good point, that’s why you have to respect Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, he may be a tight ars but he cares about the club, and his decision is the final one. It’s also a great example of how a football club should be run. If these so called billionaire football fans who own our clubs get bored, which they will eventually, you will see very big clubs going down the leagues, I look forward to that day!

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