David Bentley vs David Beckham

by Martin

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

The future is Bentley

In the wake of the England game last Wednesday, where it was proved that Capello has his work cut out to shape that squad into world-beaters, I remain perplexed by the uproar about the omission of Sir David Beckham.

This friendly existed initially I suppose as an early warm up for Euro 2008, but as a result of nearly 2 years of management by a man totally unqualified for the job, it took on a new meaning. This was Capello’s first chance to put together and watch a side made up of players who will form the future of the national side.

Therefore it was a vital game, the first step towards moulding the new squad and side in the Italian’s image. So why were the media so keen to turn it into a testimonial?

David Beckham chose to give up competitive football at the highest level when Skeletor decided she wanted to live in LA. He chose to play in the equivalent of a pub league. He had not kicked a ball since the Croatia game, and in no way was an in form player.

On the other hand, David Bentley has for a long time looked like the natural successor to Beckham, yet struggled to get a place in the England line up. Yes he was a cock over the under 21 issue, but his meagre punishment was given and he was available to play again. Yet McClaren always appeared to favour Chelsea’s midget wonder on the wing, a goal scorer yes, but a boy who could not put a decent cross in if Willis’s life depended on it.

Bentley has the potential to be everything Beckham is. He can cross a football, he can beat his man, he can take a decent free kick, he has had a succession of appalling haircuts and he appears to want to deliver for his country. All he needs is to marry some overrated wannabe and he’ll have the lot.

Becks v Bentley

So tell me, which was more important. Giving Becks his 100th cap against the Swiss or allowing Bentley 90 minutes to prove his worth and give a man of the match performance along the way (yes he was robbed). I know what McClaren would have done. Thank God we have Capello in charge now.

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  • Jake

    I totally agree, give Becks his 100th cap and lets move on. Bentley is class, he was the best player on the pitch against the Swiss. He plays with passion unlike most of our twits, he wants it badly too, hence even setting himself up for all that abuse he unnecessary received.

    Unlike Becks he can beat a man, use both feet and actually has genuine pace. As Martin rightly points out, he hasn’t got a stick insect following him around with a permanent pout on.

    My England team would be

    GK James
    LB Cole (needs to sort his head out)
    CB Ferdinand
    CB Lescott
    RB Richards

    LM Young
    CM Gerrard
    CM Barry
    RM Bentley

    CF Rooney
    CF Dafoe

    A simple 4-4-2, luxury players like Joe Cole are good to bring on, as is Peter. Owen is finished in my book

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