De Gea’s fears heightened by Lindegaard’s woe

by Jonathan Daniels

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

After having been reducing to a flapping and floundering wreck in the Anfield penalty area, David De Gea is likely to have spent much of Sunday in a darkened room shaking at the prospect of being confronted with any of the further tall, muscle bound players the Premier League has to offer. But a twisted ankle suffered by Anders Lindegaard means that Sir Alex Ferguson is likely to be left with no option but to force the young Spaniard to confront his demons in his sides clash with Stoke the evening.

The Times state that “The Danish Goalkeeper picked up the injury in the final session before tonight’s meeting at Old Trafford and is highly unlikely to play.”

This injury to the most experienced of United’s goalkeepers will come as a huge blow to the United Manager who would have wished to remove De Gea from the limelight after his Anfield Anxiety, and look to rebuild the confidence of £18 million man away from the spotlight.

Speaking to The Times Sir Alex concluded of De Gea, “He’s only 21 so it’s a long-term project. We always knew that. Anders has been providing the experience which we’ve needed recently.” However with the likely absence of the more experienced Dane David De Gea will tonight be confronted by the biggest the Premiership has to offer in the form of Crouch and co with an aerial bombardment a certainty.

It the first time since the inception of the Premiership that Sir Alex’s men have made such premature exits from both the FA cup and the Champions League. If United are to continue their quest for a twentieth league title De Gea is going to have to demonstrate the kind of assured performance in the penalty area that has so far being lacking when faced with the infamous long throws of Rory Delap tonight.

Sir Alex will be praying that the experience of the returning Rio Ferdinand will instill enough confidence into United’s back line to prevent a repeat of the events of Saturday lunchtime. One thing is certain, that if De Gea enters the home dressing at half-time tonight having suffered another blunder he’ll be enduring the full wrath of the hairdryer.

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