Defeat leaves Arsenal without a trophy and puts Fabregas’ future in doubt

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Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Leading up to the Carling Cup final between Arsenal and Birmingham City Gunners boss Arsene Wenger suggested the London club were capable of securing a quadruple of titles in 2011.

Now, after the disastrous attempt by Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny and Wojciech Szczesny to deal with a Nikola Zigic knock down handed Blues a 2-1 win and the League Cup crown, question marks hang over the direction and future of Wenger’s squad.

On the insistence of the Frenchman, Arsenal have allowed this current crop to mature and develop together. Wenger has repeatedly refused to bring in experienced talent or pander to advice from the press to acquire a new centre-back and goalkeeper – recommendations which would appear well founded after Koscielny and Szczesny’s costly calamity at Wembley.

In fairness, the duo have performed well in recent weeks – much like the rest of the Arsenal squad, whose victory over Barcelona in the Champions League earlier this month was seen as a confirmation of their development.

Yet they have again failed to end their wait for a major trophy, despite their clash with Birmingham being considered their best opportunity for silverware since Patrick Vieira raised the FA Cup in 2005.

The dejection of the Arsenal players at the final whistle was clearly visible and one wonders what impact this unexpected defeat will have on their FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League campaigns.

Surely the feeling among Arsenal fans must be one of frustration as another trophy has slipped through their grasp. More concerning to Wenger, though, is the impact this defeat will have on his captain Cesc Fabregas.

The injured skipper was desperately disappointed to miss the final, such is his passion to bring success to the Emirates, with victory at Wembley on Sunday seen by many as a potential springboard to a successful era for this generation of Arsenal players.

However, if the defeat does impact on the rest of Arsenal’s season and leads to another trophy-less campaign, it is hard to see the Spaniard hanging around in North London if his admirers Barcelona come calling in the summer after wrapping up yet more trophies in his homeland.

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  • Goonerjon

    What utter drivel…I’m a long time Gooner and I’m bitterly disappointed but reading this utter twaddle makes me wonder what planet you are living on. Cesc leaves because of the Carling Cup? Get real and learn some football knowledge pleeeeaassse

  • Mike

    Yes of course, one of the best players in the world will make a decision on whether to move clubs based on the outcome of the Carling Cup………..idiot

  • Peter Smith

    If you two had actually read the piece you would have discovered my point was that if the Carling Cup defeat has a detrimental impact on Arsenal’s season and they win nothing (again) Cesc could be on his way.

  • Kofi

    I dont seem to understand british. what has carling cup loss got to do with leaving.

  • mikey

    Mike and Goonerjon you are the idiots, the auther wrote that if Arsenal ended the season trophyless then he would be tempted to leave. Try reading it again.

  • boss

    fab will leave if arsenal win nothing this season already is likely with barca in champo league probably man utd in fa cup at old trafford and prem league with man utd again

  • Mystical Mike

    to be fair Szczesny has been superb in recent games, he will learn. All keepers make mistakes, unfortunately for us it’s always in big games.

    We need some English steal and grit. Gary Cahill would have been perfect, or even a Scott Parker. But Wenger refuses to address these issues.

    Vermarlen will be back soon but it could be to late.

    If Man U win at Chelsea on Tuesday then I think the Premier League is once again beyond us.

  • Kofi

    What is English steel. Newcastle beat bolton with Gray cahill. Scott has always been at West Ham.Arsenal has Wilshere. So what is english steel.

  • Josh

    I really don’t understand the nations obsession with having English players, or that English players have more steel. De Rossi anyone? Lucio? Lucas even? It’s not a case of we need English players to sure up our team, English players can’t even sure up the England team. It’s a question of the right player, regardless of nationality. Fact is we don’t have a the right players yet. As good as Song is, he loses his defensive discipline. As good as Djourou and Koscielny have been in recent weeks, they’re a new partnership, both basically still learning the Premier League game in their first full seasons (Djourou’s first without injury) and the keeper, well he’s young. He was always going to make a blunder eventually, they all do, it’s just a shame it happened yesterday.

    For me, the biggest issue yesterday was our choice of substitutions. Ok, RvP gets injured and Bendtner comes on – fine. He works hard and has made an impact on occasion. But for me, the replacing of Arshavin with Chamakh was outrageously bad. Unless Arshavin was injured, which I’ve heard no mutterings of, that is probably the worst substitution I’ve ever seen Wenger make. Take off your player capable of moments of magic in BIG games (Man Utd, Liverpool, Barcelona) and replace him with a striker who admitted to not feeling fit until around March and happy to sit on the bench until then!? No. For me, that was unforgivable.

  • dexylongshot

    Firstly well done birmingham, i can’t believe the press and blogs and media in this country. Hardly any reports saying well done Alex and Birmingham for upsetting the odds, playing well, being organised. It’s all about Arsenal, i feel sorry for the brum supporters, let’s give them some credit, they played a blinda. Now too Arsenal becasue this is an arsenal based blog: I wont say much, Blame Wenger and his refuasal to invest in some quality defenders and goalkeeper. Exibit A was on show in the last minute. Same old story.

  • Goonerjon

    The headline says it Peter,your infantile copy says it….

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