Deliberately break a leg, get a 3 match ban

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

The FA got it wrong, again.

With the panto season in full swing it was typical of Newcastle United to add their own fatuous side show to the farcical goings on in the North East.

Anyone who saw Match of the Day would have be appalled to see 21 year old year Newcastle midfielder Danny Guthrie chopping down Hull City’s Craig Fagan with so much intent he broke his leg.

It was a horrendous tackle, and one which should have received severe punishment from the FA. It doesn’t matter what is going on behind the scenes, to deliberately do that to another player is seriously wrong.

So what did the FA do? They bottled it of course.

Guthrie will serve a three-match ban for his actions at St James’ Park.

A spokesman said: “Every sending-off carries an automatic sanction under the current regulations.

“The FA doesn’t have the power to extend automatic suspensions.
“The only circumstances in which we could take any further action would be to issue an additional charge against a player.

“This occurs only in exceptional cases, such as Ben Thatcher’s challenge on Pedro Mendes in 2006.”

You only have to go back to last year when Martin Taylor’s mistimed tackle on Eduardo made all the headlines; Taylor received death threats for that tackle yet Guthrie is getting off with just a three match ban for deliberate violence.

Which brings me to my final point, does the FA need to look at the way players are punished? If a player deliberately injures a fellow professional then surely it’s only fair that he is banned for as long as it takes the injured player to recover.

Danny Guthrie is a very lucky boy and has a lot to thank Kevin Keegan, Mike Ashley and the Newcastle fans for. More would have been made of his tackle if Ashely wasn’t hogging all the headlines.

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  • tef1on

    The “tackle” was nothing less than assault… Ray Parlour is right… If you injure someone you should be ban until they play again.

  • Stevie

    it was quite possibly the worst tackle I’ve seen in years, a 3 match ban for that? Thats a disgrace, the FA want sacking, the lot of ’em!!

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