Hands up if you’re a real football fan

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I’m doing a detox. No fatty foods, white bread, sweet things, chocolate, especially no chocolate. I’ve got headaches, sweaty palms and I’m drenched in copious amounts of masking perfumes. A detox is meant to be good for you, it’s meant to be.

But I’m not finished yet, I’m taking out the unhealthy, unvirtuous things in life and adding one more. I’m ridding myself of the belief my team can win the league. I’m detoxing the dream.

Mid-table this season, wasn’t that the plan? Consolidation, back into the league we’d hankered over and back to the style of football we wanted, back in the home town. How 12th seemed so alluring.

But no, we’re a good chunk of the season in and we’ve only gone and believed our own hype, we could actually do it all over again couldn’t we?. I feel like I’m with Joe Kinnear in the Newcastle dressing room being told it’s ok to start believing,

We’re great fantasists in this country, we act more than any other nation in the world and we love to dream. This fair land believed England would win every world cup final since 1966, including the ones we’ve not even qualified for (Jack Charlton, he’s an Englishman he’ll win it with Ireland). This fair land believed Scooch/Screech/Pooch would win the Eurovision song contest, and every weekend this England turns normal doom and gloom merchants into believers.

Of course some do make dreams a reality. Take Leiston beating Lewes in the FA Cup this week. But, others need reining in, and there’s the rub. You can fantasise in the Cup as you know it will all end in tears eventually but, with the league there’s always that sneaky suspicion that fortunes could be turned.

Now it’s not that I don’t want to make it to the Blue Square Premier, but is it wrong to long for that season many, many turnstiles ago when we were doing nothing, going nowhere, and quite rightly bored? Is it wrong to want to be a Middlesbrough fan?

All this too could be a waste of time. By the time you read this my dream may well be splattered on the walls of the AFC Wimbledon dressing room (they’ve got the Cup, can’t they give us the league?) and I’ll be back on my detox, no fatty foods, no white bread, no chocolate, especially no chocolate, and definitely no unnecessary expectations or illusions of grandeur.

Or then again, football has this uncanny knack of waylaying any best laid plans, and we could be on the old de-lusions of grandeur train. All hail the harbinger of doom say I and give me mediocrity. I can say it, even if sneakily I still believe.

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  • Rob

    we go through the same feelisngs year in year out, its tough being an Ipswich fan, every year we are tipped to go up, every year we struggle. even when we are in the bottom 6 we still dream of of winning the league and live in hope that we can put together an unbeaten run of 20 games. it never happens apart from our one off time in the Prem, even then we got thumped 8-0 and came straight back down 2 seasons later!

    it’s nice to live in hope, just like all those goons who audition for the Xfactor!

  • Quinton

    there are 3800 holes in a Boro goal net. a mid table finish means lets get the party duck out, quack wack!

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