Dexy’s World Cup group E preview

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

One of my favourite WC memories is that of 38 year old (and the rest!) Roger Milla coming on the pitch and mugging Columbia’s Scorpion Kicking Keeper Higueta & poking one away before doing the Milla shake by the corner flag. Snake hips might have to get his boots on if the Indomitable Lions are to progress past the last 16, even if the Songs are on-song. There has been some friction in the camp and the preparation going into the tournament has not been the best for Africa’s greatest World Cup ambassadors.

Dexys Diamond
Samuel Eto’o is the Goal-King Of The Jungle for me and should have been snapped up from of our big boys years ago. Brilliant when he’s on the ball but the Captain will struggle to get the service from his fellow Lions and could be looking at an early exit.

Surprised everyone by knocking Portugal into a playoff and ridding the tournament of Sweden, shame it couldn’t have been the other way round. I could have been winking at Swedish totty for the next month, now I’ll be looked down by posters of a winking tosser on every billboard. Nay bother; those Danish sorts should cheer me up, especially as i reckon they may get through to the last 16 despite an aging squad that lacks some depth.

Dexys Diamond
Midfielder Poulsen will be mixing it up and inspiring the younger members of the team to get stuck in and give old timers like Tomasson and Rommedahl a breather. The tough midfielder is a big leader for the Danes and could inspire a route to the last 16.

Surprised a few peeps when they leapfrogged the Frogs into the top seeds.  Right ‘an all!  I had a few bob on the Dutch at a generous 14-1 e/w last autumn, now they are 9-1! The Dutch possess a team that can be unplayable when they all click and are in my top 4 picks after Brazil, Spain and England. Unfortunately, the injury to Arjen Robben is a blowback to the team & my wallet! Without him, I can’t see the pot-smokers getting beyond the Henry the Eighths although I did have them down as potential winners judging by recent from. Dark crazhee horses if he recovers in time.

Dexys Diamond
Van Persie, with Robben likely to miss the early round of the tournament, I look to the Gooner front-man. Another Dutch Master partial to a good injury, when he is on top form, he is up there with best strikers in World football and I will be having a few guilders on him as an e/w goalscorer poke for shure!

August 7th, 2002, Sapporo Stadium, Japan. That day is etched in my brain when Becks said “Up your Senors!” to the Argies. If I ever go to Japan, that will be my 1st port of call, 2nd will be Won Hung Lows tug emporium! Football wise, Japan will never be as good with 1 ball as they are with microchips and will struggle to get past the first 3 games with their lack of decent goalscorers. Sianaora!

Dexys Diamond
Free-kick specialist Nakamura has been doing it for years at Celtic & Keisure Honda ain’t bad either when he’s standing over the ball. With the new ball being tipped to cause trouble for keepers, I doubt their potential 45 yarders will be enough for Japan.

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  • dexylongshot

    Sll looking as predicted for my picks, Denmark and The Dutchees.

  • dexylongshot

    Onward roll the orange army, brilliant game against the samba boys. My Dark Crashee horses are looking good and Wesley is well on the road to Player of The Tourno!!!!

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