Dexy meets true legends!

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

HMV football extravaganza

One of the perks of working with the UKFF team is I get to meet and greet all the lovely UKFF girls, just don’t tell Peggy (pictured), but as well as that, I occasionally end up with a right result, last night I literally thought I’d won the world cup!

I was lucky enough to attend the 13th HMV Football Extravaganza, in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. Held at the amazing Park Lane Hilton, last time I was there I was working as a Bell Boy!

A Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to one of footballs true legends, Denis Law. Denis spent 11 years at Manchester United where he scored 236 goals in 409 appearances, and he is the only Scottish player in history to have won the European Footballer of the Year Award.

It was a great night and the UKFF team had the time of their life. It was wall-to-wall stars and I’ve got to say, I was in awe of some of the greatest players ever to kick a ball. Denis Law was guest of honour to pick up his lifetime achievement award presented by Sir Alex Ferguson. Other big names I had the pleasure of meeting were World Cup winners Gordon Banks and England’s greatest ever left back Ray Wilson who happily signed a picture of him in action against the 2nd greatest Brazilian old wonky foot Garincha (Ray had him in his pocket all game!).

We love Denis

Plenty of managers were sinking the bolly, Big Eck McCleish, Curbs, Woy Hodgson, Harry Bassett, Sanchez, George Graham, Big Sam, Tony Adams, Teddy, Frank Clark, Big Quinny, Frank McClintok, “Escape to Victory’s” Mike Summerbee. Even carrot top McClaren was there and his introduction got the biggest boo of the night.

Other Highlights included a top Geordie pop star getting blown out by one of the UKFF girls in front of us and me reminiscing about the old days of Mooro, Harry, Bestie and Greavsie with none of than my new bestest old mucka King Kenny, Kenny Lynch!

The team and me were there not only for the free booze and nossh, oh no this was a big night in the football calendar and well over £600,000 was raised for charity.

Skys Richard Keys, and Geoff Shreeves were presenting awards and we asked Shreevsy about the current plight of Arsenals all out beautiful footy and he to wasn’t happy.

When we asked 007 wannabee Laurie Sanchez what needs to done for Arsenal to win the title, he simply replied, “Play it Long” with a smirk Roger Moore would be proud of!

We love Denis

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  • Darren

    Oi Dexy, you owe me £45 for the taxi, we aint made of money!!

    Seriously though, what a great night, to be in the room with such legends was a total honour. I’ll never forget the fact that Denis Law refused to sign my England shirt!

    I bored Shreevys to death about Arsenal and UKFF.

    Next year we’ll have one of teams actually win the 5 a side tournament! Now that would be honour!

    Telfon, are your lot any good?

  • Tef1on

    That sounds like a truly awesome night!

  • rob pullinger

    darren you owe me £20, after the scousers won against your mob the gooners….please pay up or interest is gonna up it…….

  • Darren

    cool your boots man, I gave it to Terry the day you asked for it, he says he hasn’t seen you so how can he give it to you?

    you can always take me to court. anyway we didn’t shale on it!

    So you need to ask Terry for it.

    Big nice one

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