Dexy’s Bunce Burner

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Paul Robinson to start in goal for Englands next game.

Question: Do Robbo’s performances over the last year for England & Spurs make him 1st choice for onion bag duty for the next England game?

Answer: A big fat no.

The way Spurs have been shipping goals, he couldn’t catch a cold in Siberia. Why, oh why, is he so short at 6/4 joint favourite with Corals to start? He’s joint fave with David James, who would be a more logical answer with his experience in the squad but he too would only be keeping the seat warm for one of two in my opinion. Green & Foster.

Whoever the new manager will be (looks like The Special One or Capello) they won’t have much sympathy for past glories and big egos. Look at the way Jose dropped Ballack & Sheva. Capello or (Sergente Di Franco, aka The Iron Sergeant as he is affectionally known in hot places in Europe) kicked Becks into touch at Madrid after the world cup and rightly so. The former England captain wasn’t performing well at the time and didn’t warrant a spot in the starting 11. So goldenballs got the hump (no, not with the cocktail stick), got his head down, trained alone and eventually came back into the first team hungrier than ever to prove a point, which he did when Madrid pipped Barca on the last day. If only McClaren had the same bottle to relieve Robinson (no laughing at the back Jenkins!).

get me in
Greeno is the pick for me at the moment. He’s been outstanding since early spring when he finally got a decent run in Curbs revitalised Irons. Plenty of Man of the Match performances have already caught the eye of Arsene Wenger and it is expected he will make a bid in January and who would blame Green for going. Arsenal are p*ssing it with the youngsters and have many cup-laden years ahead. Green would then be at a high profile club and won’t be ignored this time. You’d want him in goal for the pens, 3 out of 3 this season. That is world class.

I don’t think Carson is ready yet for this level. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good keeper but I would put him behind the forgotten man, James and Green.

The forgotten man is Ben Foster. He too is young but he was Watford’s player of the year last season (ok so that ain’t best accolade in the world I grant ya) and made his debut for England against Spain at Old Trafford. Once he returns for the Mancs in spring, he will eventually make the No1 shirt his own for both club and eventually country. The next international will be too early for him though.

Get on Dexy’s Longshot. Greeno at 5/1 to start the next England game.

Bunce burner. Don’t bother getting your wallet out for Robbo at 6/4, none of his fans no what a wallet is.

David James 6/4
Scott Carson 6/1
Ben Foster 16/1

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  • Darren

    Greeno will be in an England shirt before you can say Pro Ev 8. I put him last week. Yes, I don’t get out much!


    He’s been outsanding and if he ain’t starting the next England game, my name is marigold.

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