Dexy’s end of a bloody great season round up

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Well well well, what can one say after all that eh? That was one hell of a season, the best I can remember in quite a while and I’m getting on a bit. Easily the best Premiership since 1995, well actually, the best ever since 1989, well actually the best in my lifetime, especially after the events last Saturday night….. Yep, West Ham back where they belong!!!

Here are my awards for all the usual awards stuff but without a trophy, just the honour of The Den.

Robin Van Persie was my everybody elses player of the season although Kompany was a close 2nd for me.

Goal of the Season was Cisse’s swiping it from Crouchy at the death.
2011-12 saw a wonderful array of goals that would have won plenty of awards in other seasons.
Suerez, Ben Arfa and the RVP volley, it was also the highest premiership season ever for goals per game. Knowledge is Power.

My Team of the Season.



Manager of the season. Pardew although my totally unbiased* opinion had DiCanio in with a shout.

Back in August i did my usual predictions for what the season was gonna bring us, I got plenty spot on & some desperately off target… a bit like cheque busters Carroll and Torres. Anyway here’s look at those predictions and how you can take mick out of me for getting it so wrong. I’ll start with the top 6.

Manchester City. 1st
Prediction (2). Dexys Diamond. Vincent Kompany
What a spine, what a team and what a performance in the final throes of the season, I can honestly say that for a neutral, I don’t think i’ve ever been so animated after the Survival Sunday Supershow. This was pure theatre and was even better than the brilliant 89 Anfield finale. Hart, Kompany, Yaya, Silva & Aguero. That is a spine any team in the world would be jealous of and Kompany, Silva and Aguero have been outstanding. I said on the dexysden podcast last summer that this rivalry would go right down to the last day and could be settled on goals, bang on. What I didn’t forsee was the Tevez saga, how many more points and goals could Man City have picked up if he didn’t have a hissy fit. It looks good for next season, more dosh will be spent and I can’t see the Manchester Blue Machine being bettered. Next stop, Europe.

Manchester Utd. 2nd
Prediction (1). Dexys Diamond. Ashley Young.
Opps, well I did think i had it right until the 92 minute although it’s their own fault, they should never have let Everton back in the game for the 4-4. Fergie was gutted but I won’t discount him getting the right hump and going hell for leather in the summer for new blood. Giggs, Scholes, Evra, Rio, Berba & Owen are getting on and need to be shipped on over the next season or two, if Hazard joins, I can see Nani parting with The Devils too. A massive loss was Vidic, surely if he had played even half a season, that would have been a couple more points in bag. Anyroad, as for my diamond, Ashley started of like a rocket but faded with the niggling injuries in the middle. He’s looking back to best just in time for The Euros, let’s just hope he don’t trip up like Fergie did by not splashing out on Snieder last August.

Arsenal.  3rd
Prediction (5). Dexys Diamond. Ramsey.
Another terrible start and questions were being asked of Wengers handling of the departure of Cesc and Nasri. The reinforments of Mertesacker and Yossi were hardly inspired although the last minute Arteta deal made up for it who improved with every game and the emergence of the OX. The thing is, if it wasn’t for RVP, I really feel Arsenal would have missed out on the top 4, even if Wilshire had played for half the season, RVP had his best season ever and dragged them back to Champs League places with a lack of his usual injuries but will he stay? I think he’s off. Wenger and the tight arced hierarchy must take the money early doors and get the wants list out. Verma can’t hold it all-together at the back for much longer despite finally having a decent keeper between the Emirates sticks.

Tottenham. 4th
Prediction (6). Dexys Diamond. Van Der Vart.
Fair play to Harry and his magnificent chops. His Spurs side have been a joy to behold this season and if it wasn’t for some of the field interests, I think they could have got one over their North London rivals. Harry’s mutt like jowls were clearly turned by all the England job fiasco and it came as no surprise that his pup parade went to the dogs in the later stages of the campaign. Onwards and upwards though, if they can keep VDV, Luka & Bale from the big boys and get over the harrowing experience of losing out to Champions League fame after last Saturdays spectacle, a trophy may be on the horizon at White Hart Lane, they need to sort out the defence though and Harry needs to have a plan b rather than just put Defoe on when VDV gets tired.

Newcastle. 5th
Prediction (13). Dexys Diamond. Demba Ba.
My barcode scanner again was on the blink when I wrote off Newcastle’s ambition at the start of the campaign. Nolan had left with Enrique, Barton was going and the fans were already scraping on Pardew’s and Ashleigh’s back. What a difference a few months on the Tyne make. Alan is fast becoming the new Silver Foxed Geordie Messiah with his brilliantly organised outfit and in my opinion, one of the best scouting systems in the league. The quality of players they have bought in with Andy Carrol’s money is priceless. Cabeye, Tiote, and Demba who i had down for as a 15 goal a season force at the start have all been sensational. Then midway through the season, they upped the Ba (hoho) and got hold of 13 in 14 Cisse who is quite frankly unhuman, that goal against Tottenham is the best i have seen in years. Good times on the horizon for the high flying Magpies.

Chelsea. 6th
Prediction (3). Dexys Diamond. Luiz.
AVB was lorded as the new Portuguese Special one in autumn but ended up on Romans hitlist as his loss of the dressing room helped Chelsea to their lowest league position in 10 years. It was too much to early and Andre Villas-Boas was well out of depth with big names at the club causing distractions & uprising in the Bridge corridors, (I wonder who that could be). With the task of replicating Barca and shipping out some of the older names, it was mission impossible but as we all know, Head Don Roman and his Roubles do the talking. In came Chelsea old boy Di Matteo to clean up the mess and all has seemed to do is put his arms around everyone Godfather style & peck them on the cheeks. Bellisimo!! The Blues won the FA cup and did the longshot of the season bringing home the Champions League bacon after overcoming Barca and Munich. Di Matteo his now the new King of the Kings Road with his new rejuvenated hitman Torres and Spanish partner in crime in Mata although finding a replacement for Far-East bound Drog will be a mission in itself. I see Robbie in charge for the forsseable….. 1 month at least, The Russian Godfather has more power than the Italian one down in West London.

More to come tomorrow when i look at the Premiership middle ground placings.

*Unbiased means biased in this instance.

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  • Mystical Mike

    Arron Ramsey? Is he having a laugh? He’s had a terrible season. Arteta was our creative engine this season. Ramsey was a total liability at times and even got bored by his own fans, I feel sorry for the lad but he was woeful last few games

  • chef

    fa cup final was canny anarl mind……..felt a bit like the old days when folks gave a toss about the compo……….lost me shirt on the euro….but i wasnt alone……….as far as goal of the season…….has to be crouchies and thats not based on my beliefs lol………i always thought cissys was a a bit of hit and hope….and lets see him pull it off in training… i hear crouchie does it all the time…………………what im sayin is……..i really think crouchie was goin fer that result……..dembas….im not so sure…………….

  • dexylongshot

    Yeah Ramsey was poor but I did pick him before Arteta was transferred in, otherwise it would have been the little Spainiard all day long. He has kept the gunner ticking over nicely. I truly believe that Ramsey was affected by the loss of his good friend and Wales Manager Gary Speed in.

    Ah good to hear from Chef! Granted Cisse probably will never score a goal like that again but that’s why i love it, you rarely rarely see a goal like that going in at that angle while curling away from the posts & and it was with the outside of his foot. Crouchy’s was sublime and would have won it but i have seen that kind of goal before. It was still mustard. RVps and Ben Arfas were excellent as well.

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