Dexy’s end of season ding dong part 2

by Dexy Longshot

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Wotcha gang, back once again with the Rengade Dexy. Giving you a quick once-over of the past season. Here’s part 2, the middle ground.

Everton. 7th
Prediction (9). Dexys Diamond. Cahill.
Yet again, Moyes has worked his usual miracle. I stuck my neck out for a Moyes toffeenosed struggle this season but 7th is still very respectable given his budget. A big plus for the has been the form of Baines & the tasty Jelavic who has been awesome over the past few months. Another RVP type scenario, Jelavic’s goals and the power of the more forward based Fellaini has really paid dividends and got the Blues 4 points in front of their neighbours which will please the Everton faithful but they still need more firepower. Cahill has for me been pony and Moyes will again have to work some more sweet transfer magic in time for August if he wants to break into the big 6, that’s if someone doesn’t come in and eat up the Scotsman first.

Liverpool. 8th
Prediction (4). Dexys Diamond. Suerez.
Last week when I started making some notes on the past season, I wrote this down:
“King Kenny’s  record at the moment isn’t much better than Roys, in fact, it may be worse, there are rumours that he may be heading upstairs again. Watch this space.” Say no more, Dalgleish did a Keegan, went back because the fans wanted him after some time out in the game and he became a cropper. Part of me feels sorry for him, the board at Anfield are turning into Chelsea clones avec curly hair and shell suits, not giving managers enough time to bed down. Look where it’s getting them…8th. For a club as big & famous as Liverpool, it’s not on. On the pitch, Suarez started well and scored some of the best goals of the season but didn’t help King Kenny & co with his remarks about Evra and subsequent ban which probably cost them bragging rights with the Toffees above. Andy Carroll took a lot of time to bed in for most of the season along with big money comrades Henderson and Downing but over the last month, he has become a powerhouse once more. He turned JT inside out for the comeback goal in the FA cup and was a big brute of a handful in the last couple of games. He’s also played his way into the England squad, something I agree with. I can’t see Roy winning anything trying to emulate tiki taka so I think it may well be defend like mad and catch teams on the break with a big man to hold it up Drogba style. So, comparisons with Chelsea on the pitch as well as in the boardroom but with only 1 rubbish cup instead of 2 good ones.

Fulham. 9th
Prediction (8). Dexys Diamond. Dempsey.
Clint Dempsey has been a trundling bohemith of a midfielder chipping in with a US XXXXXL sized 18 goals from midfield was it 18, I forget but it was Awesome dude, go Clint!! USA!! USA!!.
That along with Russian Ivan Drago merchant Pavel Pogs late goals helped secure a top half finish for Martin Jol which considering it’s his first season is quite acceptable down by the Thames and the naff MJ statue. The problem i see with big Martin is keeping hold of his best players. Fulham ain’t exactly rolling in the nelsons these days compared to the new billionaires and I fear Clint’s head will be turned any which way if some of the champions league placed outfits come in for the yank. Man U and Arsenal have both been linked and I can see him playing for either of them to be honest in an attacking midfielder /floating striker berth. Mind Jol, he will command a fistful of dollars and Martin could use that to strengthen up in other areas. Murphy and Duff are no spring chickens these days but at least they are bodyguarded by the ever improving Dembele.

West Brom. 10th
Prediction (10). Dexys Diamond. Odemwengie.
Bang on in the predictions with is one. Hodgeson cut the mustard no end and his efforts ensured that England have a half decent chance at the Euros. Stonewall defending, easy on the eye playing-making and some big Odemwengie inspired wins catapulted the Hawthorns to mid table and everyone body gave good old Roy a nice slap on the back, he even got one over on his old pal Kenny in Scouseland. James Morrison was majestic at times and whoever takes over must ensure he is not swiped form the Hawthorns nest. Another player I like to see more of is Keith Andrews, he didn’t have a bad season and I see him as the fulcrum from which to build for Ireland team who take on the might of Spain and Italy in a few weeks. Another Paddy i’ve got a lot of time for is Northern Ireland Chris Brunt who I fancy to be in Psychos Olympic Squad, there isn’t many better left foots in the league. As for Roy, he will be fondly remembered in these parts who turned West Brom from relegation robins to mid table mallards. (Sorry only bird i could think of with M which wasn’t Magpie).

Swansea. 11th
Prediction (19). Dexys Diamond. Sinclair.
Brenden oh Brenden. We will be seeing a lot of him in the future. I’ll happily admit I hadn’t watched much of Swansea before the start of the season and had them down as premiership cannon fodder. How wrong could I have been, Swansalona have lit up the league with a style of tiki taka that only Barca can emulate. In fact, Swanseas midfield had a better pass completion rate than the mighty Xavi & co on a few occasions which is mind-blowing, this doesn’t happen in newly promoted teams. How can teams beat Swansea if they can’t get the ball of of them? the possession statistics say it all and with a keeper of Vorms class backing it all up, they had one of the stingiest defences in the table.  Brenden, i doth my cap, this is a man who will go onto great things. He is actually going to the Euros with the Spanish set-up to gain more insider knowledge from the masters. I see a top 10 finish next year and possibly Europe if they can squeeze a few more goals out of all that dominant possession, SInclair and Graham will be up for it i reckon, both have had excellent seasons and will only get better.

Norwich. 12th
Prediction (15). Dexys Diamond. Holt.
Paul Lambert has worked a small miracle in getting little fancied Norwich to the top dozen. I knew his Norwich outfield could play some good forty and had them as high as 14th in my initial pre season picks. Jock Lambert has excelled in getting his Canaries chirping at the bit and i can see the only way is up if he stays. I think he will as well. He has a well organised hungry group of players who nobody gave a chance at the start of last season after being in league 1 not long ago. The likes of big guns like the superb Ruddy and Holt have had the press calling for an England call-up. Maybe not this summer for Holt but if he can carry on the good form and goals, he is definitely a striker to keep in mind and will join compatriot Ruddy in the England set-up. My only concern for Norwich is the lack of cash the club have to spend, a good spirit can only last for so long in this league. Maybe Delia can cook the books in the boardroom……………..sorry that was terrible.

Sunderland. 13th
Prediction (7). Dexys Diamond. Seb Larsson.
Steve Bruce, the most over-rated manager in Premier League history, i didn’t even rate him much as player compared to the Man U diehards. I think if i was playing alongside the might of Pallister, Irwin and big Pete in goal, i would have keep a few good clean sheets without kicking a ball. Anyway, back to the Stadium of Light. Brucy balls-up fails again to motivate his team even though they had bought in some quality players in the side and I had them as Euro contenders. A dismal run of results and it was time to get boot-face the boot. Enter O’Neill, Northern Irelands best gift to football since dear old Belfast Boy Georgie. It didn’t take him long to give the black cats a overhaul. In came paddy fringe player McLean and suddenly Sunderland were well on there way up the table. Granted it didn’t last the entire season but O’neill is a brilliant manager and he will do a good bit of moulding this summer. Sessegnon was a revelation floating around the front but will need another decent target man to play off if Bendtner goes back to the Gooners. (not that Bendtner is that decent a target man, whatever he says).

Stoke. 14th
Prediction (8). Dexys Diamond. Pennant. 
A bit of a mixed season for Tony Pulis and Stoke, they had a decent run in both cups to make up for the not so decent league form. Big old Crouchy has done the biz for Pulis with a good crop of goals & another big player for me has been Ryan Shawcross’s presence in the back four. I know he isn’t everyones cup of tea and fellow podcaster Jim Bear Baker thinks he is just a aggro but some players are built lie that. Look at Juve’s Chiellieni, he’s a proper old skoll ruffhouse but he also keeps plenty of goals out of the onion bag. Shawcross who was on Man U’s books years ago could well be back there if he carries on this fine form. Stoke will need him if they are to improve, I really thought they would be top 10 material this year. There is some changes to be made, there is a lot of fringe players i think should be outed for straight up first teamers in all areas of the pitch. Pennant is good on his day but if he could speed as well on the pitch as on the roads, he’d be a superstar.

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  • Mystical Mike

    Odemwengie? he couldn’t even get into the team! When he played played Shane Long was a much better player

  • MM

    Cahill? He had a poor season, 1 goal in 22 games.

    Nikica Jelavic was a class act, great signing, 15 goals. He was mint since Jan

  • dexylongshot

    The dexys diamond is what i predicted at the start of the season , not who thought was the diamond at the end along with the predicted league position in brackets.

  • dexylongshot

    shane long only scored 1 more goal than Odemwingie and played 300 more minutes. I’m talking more about Odemwingie in the latter part of the season when he got in had his little goal spree elevating them up to 10th. There is no doubt Long is good little player and if anyone got a whole season out of him, i’d expect a double fgures quite easily. I’d fancy him to get on the pitch for a few of the Ireland Games, i’m a bit concerned about the fitness of Keane and think Shane could be become a big part as the tournament progress’s.

  • dexylongshot

    actually i take that back , i’m looking at his record up to last xmas, me bad. doh!

  • dexylongshot

    11 goals over the season for Odemwingie.
    8 for Long.

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