Dexy’s end of season round up. Part 3, the rubbish teams

by Dexy Longshot

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Wigan. 15th
Prediction (18). Dexys Diamond. 
I had Wigan to go down for about the 4th year running but the fairest of fair play to Martinez, he’s pulled the cat out of the bag once again and Wigan have extended their premier league stay for another season at the JD. I’ll tell you something though, if the latest reports are true and Martinez says Adios to Whelan and co, I really think that stay will come to an end. The man is a class act and if he leaves (I believe he will, i even said so at the start of the season he’ll be off), I’d be straight on the blower to Blackpools Ian Holloway.

Aston Villa. 16th
Prediction (8). Dexys Diamond. Bent.
Out of all the prem teams I would have to chosen to support this year, Aston Villa would come out right down by the bottom. Poor poor poor. I thought big Eck would turn them into a decent Premiership force but it has been a shambles. Matters weren’t helped with Bent getting injured, his goals are as important for Villa as RVPs were were for Arsenal. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to score many and the midland clarets were lucky that the grim reaper of relegation wasn’t swinging about a little longer. I know a few Villa fans and they have told me the atmosphere stinks and a lot of fans are giving up on their season tickets. To think of the players they had a few years ago, Milner, Ashly, Downing, Ireland …It reminds me of the Hammers 10 years ago. Half the England squad and an Irishman.

QPR. 17th
Prediction (17). Dexys Diamond. Taarabat.
Another spot on prediction in the bag from me but for Sparky Hughes, he has a big headache in the form of serial nutbeg Barton. Now, I for one must admit he does light up the league and my sister loves his twitters and philsopherising or whatever you call that sort of stuff, not my cup of cha, but he’s got to make a big 11million nicker decision on the bad-boy. That’s one for the future. Lets track back. Fernandes takeover has been a breathe of much needed fresh air down in West London, everybody loved it when he flew in & took control, that is everyone apart from Warnock who I strangely feel a bit sorry for……………..with a face like that wouldn’t you? In came Hughes and the season was a topsy turvy affair. Cisse would have been a good buy if he had actually spent more time on the pitch rather than suspended in the stands but the frog could be a brilliant signing. Hughes survived the chop on the last day but won’t have to worry too much next season. Hughes is a decent manager and will continue the good work at QPR, with or without Barton.

Bolton. 18th
Prediction (8). Dexys Diamond. Davies
Another club who I had high hopes for but became a cropper. Heads down, spirits down, no motivation from a disinterested Coyle, I see bad times ahead for Bolton. Maybe with their best player Holden kicking about, they could have scraped through but his long injury was a big miss & they just didn’t hit the heights and will pay for it. Bolton has many of it’s best players coming to the end of their contract, I see a massive shake up and few years struggling in the Championship. Maybe they will ask Big Sam back!

Blackburn. 19th
Prediction (20). Dexys Diamond. The Yak
So glad they are down, I might face a backlash but I’ve never been a big fan of Blackburn and this may be a blessing in disguise. Blackburn were my favourites for the chicken chop pre season and they did not let me down. Steve Kean has come in for a skinful of chicken s*it but he didn’t have much back-up from the Indians. His players didn’t perform well enough over the course of the season and the Venkys owners spent most of the time hiding back home afraid to face the British media. And to think, they had a 4 year plan to get Blackburn into the Champions League. It may have helped if they had a basic knowledge of the English football league and the small matter of your side can get relegated if they are rubbish. WIth a bit of luck, they may bail out at a loss and someone can come in and rebuild. Maybe they will ask Big Sam back! (Deja Vu??!)

Wolves. 20th
Prediction (16). Dexys Diamond. Fletcher
What can one say, it’s Wolves Chairman who I blame. If they let Mick take care of things, I still think they would have survived. Instead they interfered & outed him. Words fail me, you have just taken your club back 10 years. Good luck with that. I can’t see Fletcher hanging around, or Doyle for that matter. If they do stay with Jarvis, they have a fighting chance for the top 6 next year …. but I doubt it.

So that is the final perm wrap up. Still plenty to look forward too. The remaining play-offs, the England warm up games and The Euros in a fortnight, can’t wait for that, my posters already up on the wall and filled in with predictions which I’ll be sharing with you in the days running up to finals. Lets hope some of them hit the mark a bit better than some of the pre season predictions above like Stoke coming 8th! Have a good jubilee gang!!!
By the way, The hose pipe ban in the south of England has been lifted after a flood of tears from Man U & Spurs fans last fortnight!!!

PS: The podcast is now alive and kicking again ready for the summer. Check out the dexysden/my11 podcast on itunes. Just type in my left foot.


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