Dexy’s Group C Preview

by Dexy Longshot

Sunday, June 6th, 2010


the Algerians knocked out Egypt literally in a bad tempered play-off. I doubt they’ll being knocking anyone out next summer though. We should run up a cricket score against this lot. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fabio puts out a few fringe players if we go 2 up before half time. The group c cannon fodder.

Dexys Diamond
Karim Ziana is pretty handy on the wing but shouldn’t cause too many problems.

Now we’ve got Don Fabio in charge and as long as we can take a fit squad with us, it’s a no brainer, 66 all over again. Dancing in fountains, mini-skirts, Mods on scooters, Beatlemania, bring on the free love; we’ve never had it so good.
Rio will be a miss but I still think if we can get it right psychologically and Fab continues his half time tinkerings, we have as good a chance as any. Bring it!

Dexys Diamond
Rooney would be the automatic answer here but we all know he will be on fire. It’s Gareth Barry who we need, he was a Fabio favourite in all the qualifiers and gives us the natural balance in the middle. The sooner he is back in the starting line-up, the better our chances. Simples.

Slovenia Slovakia, I’m always getting them mixed up. I don’t actually know much about Slovenia except that the crumpet over there is different gravy so I’ve been told. I beat the Russkies in the play-off so they do pose a bit of threat and could sneak through to the knockouts.

Dexys Diamond

Keeper Samir Handanovic (a handy name for a a goalie) is among one of the best in the game and the strong point in The Slovs defence 6 clean sheets en route to the final says everything.

USA! USA! Not the greatest song ever but being at the USA V ITALIA fan fest was one of the highlights of my time in Germany in 2006. The yanks bring a bit of noise and banter despite having 1 song and never really hitting the heights. As for gold? not this time Uncle Sam. They shocked Spain in South Africa a year ago and ain’t far behind the big boys with there aggressive prem-like style. I do see them in the last 16 mind and I think we may be looking at goal difference with us and them for 1st & 2nd in the group. Very organised and very fit, The game next Saturday will be important in how our route to glory pans out, i just hope i’m sober enough to watch it properly.

Dexys Diamond
Landon Donavan. He was absolutely hot doggin’ mustard for the 3 months when he run the right flank over at Goodison. A danger at set-pieces too, we must be on our guard against the yank flier.

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  • Johno

    wow, how exciting! only a few days to go.

    I actually believe we can win it. The States will be hard to beat but i’m sure we can get past them.

    We could get the Germans in the last 16. Now that really is exciting

    Come on England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I’ve got an American mate who feels USA have got a great chance to top the group. USA are a handful, plus they beat Spain. I’m feeling a reality check and upset on the first game in on the cards…

  • dexylongshot

    Me too, it wouldn’t surprise me if we draw 1-1 against the Yanks, i’m sure it will be enough against the Slovs and Desert Foxes though. I think all our opponents in group d pose a challenge so 1st or 2nd doesn’t really bother me as much as 4 years back.

  • The Daddy

    I got stuck on the Slovakian honeys- Im there 😉 but up to that point it made sense-

  • Matt Quinn

    9 points from the group- scoring 10 goals in the process.

    Easy. Bring on the Germans in the next round!

  • Johno

    never ever write the Germans off! they will make the semi’s

  • dexylongshot

    6 and a bit to go,
    gwan England, see you at the Hammersmith Apollo on Britains fatest screen!!!!

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