Dexys Longshot

by Dexy Longshot

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007


A quick shout about the Xmas No1 single. I detest x-factor with a passion. Leon best new talent? COBBLERS!, Rhydian was a country mile better than him.

He was a sure fire success shoe-in what with his likeness to 80’s c64 stutter sensation Max H H Headroom. His intended rendition of n n n nineteen was always gonna do the business but apparently Gareth Gates has already beat him to it with Stutter Rap on the B-side. Lame Leon has got the xmas no1 prize wrapped up due to excellent crying technique not seen since Ricky Shroder sent kleenex sales up tenfold in The Champ.
Do the right thing and get on the Best of the Rest bet with the Pogues & Kirsty McColl with Fairytale of New York. There is a facebook campaign to get the classic to the No1 spot and it’s growing fast.

Dexy’s Longshot.
The Pogue toothless frontman Shane Macgowen is a legend and his song is still 18’s to be the No2 behind Leon. I’ll drink to that Shane.


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  • Darren

    I’ll be totally honest and say who gives a toss! I’m fed up with hearing the same 10 Xmas songs every year anyway, so I say lets ban them all!

    As for the crappy so called talent from Xfactor, I say lets leave them in a room with Shane Macgowen, he’ll put some sense into their heads!

  • wrongun2002

    I got hold of Max Headroom once, he tasted of battery acid.
    The Pogues Rock!

  • Famer Juice

    Shane is a legend, where as that twat from Xfactor is no and never will be

  • Pongo

    i wish the spice guys would f**k off and die! Thats what I say!

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