Dexy’s World Cup Group H Preview

by Mystical Mike

Friday, June 11th, 2010

La Roja qualified automatically in the South American group with a team sheet straight out of a Sergio Leone flick. Bravo, Ponce, Estarda, Fernandez, Sanchez, Gonzalaz. They shot down the Argies en route so will be getting cheered on by me. They should spice it up a bit in the Chilly South African winter climate.  (sorry….pony pun). Pretty quick and spicy going forward, but could they be a hot outsider to get to the final??…no way pedro! Their style of play will look very pretty in the build-ups with some quick neat passing; it’s at the back end of the team where they may suffer playing with a limited defence. Expect goals at both ends, especially if Suazo recovers from injury in time.

Dexys Diamond
Humberto Suazo is an excellent forward but may not get much of a chance if his injury plays up. He scored 10 in the qualifiers but may not get on the pitch until the final game against the Spaniards, how’s your luck Humberto?

Plucky Honduras haven’t reached the WC since Espana 82 but come to the party after seeing of El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago & Costa Rica last autumn. They also drubbed Sven’s Mexico 3-1 (A game that got the Swede swordsman his Adios orders from the Gringos). Another team that may fail to reach the knockouts but they do have some menace so you never say never………..actually you do in this case.

Dexys Diamond
Spur midfield bulldozer Wilson Palacios is the big name in the Honduran set-up but will have his work cutout when he comes face to face with the tournaments best midfield. Adios my Honduran chums.

Hot on the heels of Brazil, Spain are the other joint faves and one look at their teamsheet is enough to give numerous defences the two bob bits over the next month. They are not invincible though, the hard work of the Yanks beat them last summer & a real look at the game against England with the volume down will show they created few chances and were lucky with a goal line clearance from big Carlton at last knockings. Iniesta is struggling too and considering he was probably the 2nd best player on the planet last year, there is a hope for us. They have the best squad on paper and a midfield to die for but they can’t all play at once. I expect Torres and Villa up top with Fabregas just behind, Xavi and Silva/Iniesta either side of a diamond and Alonso holding. The back line is formidable too with Puyol and Pique in the middle of Ramos and probably Capdevilla (I hope so, i picked him in my dreamteam!) The thing is, they only narrowly beat the little Saudi sandmen 3-2 a fortnight ago so will they have the nerve for the big occasion?……….probably.  My favorites, just a tad in front of Brazil and us.

Dexys Diamond
Xavi, in a team brimming with talent, the ickle midfield maestro is truly the worlds best in his position. A pass master of the highest caliber, he has the nearest thing to 360-degree vision in the world game and I would have his children. A good e/w bet for player of the tournament too boot.

The Euro 2008 hosts are in a big tournament once again, this time on merit after beating the Greeks to top group 2. Old Bayern Munich mastermind Ottmar Hitzfeld is in charge of La Nati and they have got some good players. Magnin, Barnetta & The inspirational Frei, not forgetting Mekon bonced Senderos of course!  It will be a fight out between them and the Chile chaps for a runner up hotspot and potential mullering against Brazil in the knock-outs, I’ll doubt the Swiss will be rolling over that easily though.

Dexys Diamond
As I mentioned, the inspiration Frei has some unfinished business. He was looking good in the opening game of the last Euros before being taken out of the game and tournament with a nasty injury. He will be chomping at the bit to make amends but will have to wait a bit longer after being ruled out of the Spain opener after picking up a twisty ankle on Wednesday. I had him in my dream team as well, sods law eh?

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  • Oli

    i fancy Chilefor a big upset, Suazo they have a geniune world class forward. My bet for a final spot

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