Diary of a Croatian fan at Euro 2008, part 6

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Sunday 15th June

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest, however when the BACF boys are in town rest is the last thing on the agenda. The other journalists might be taking things easy, however for us it’s another day of blogging, report writing, analysing and sniffing out the next big story. Or that’s what we SHOULD be doing; the reality however is stranger and much less professional.

I’m cruelly woken from a very pleasant dream about you know who readers (what is this woman doing to me???) by the sound of shouting and screaming from potting shed number 1. What the hell is the matter with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee now? I walk in to find them having an argument about Atterby’s snoring, which he has continually failed to acknowledge.

Tweedle Dum

Apparently Zitko has taken it upon himself to leave the video camera running during the night to capture the evidence, which to be honest is damming. It sounds like the Norse Gods of Thunder – there is no way I could sleep through that. The funniest part is listening to Zitko poke a slumbering Atterby in the nose with a flip flop to make him shut up. Atterby refuses to believe it’s him and starts whipping Zitko with a towel. I doubt the Reuters team covering Croatia suffer from such problems.

With the two stooges barely speaking too each other we set off for the media centre which is strangely quiet. It does seem as though the majority of the other journalists are taking it easy before travelling across to Klagenfurt for the final training session and press conference. We on the other hand will be driving across tomorrow.

There are a few journalists milling around including the camera team from NOVA TV, and it would seem that the female presenter has taken a shine to Zitko. Given the fact that he’s spent the last week telling us how horny he is and trying to pull anything that moves, we’re surprised that he doesn’t make a move, although his reasoning is that as she’s interviewed him it wouldn’t be professional. Right, that’s what’s going to make us look unprofessional, not the lack of decent equipment or the fact that we never get to the media centre before 12pm and even when we do we’re normally hung over.

The other journalists slowly drift away until it’s just us left. For once we actually make decent headway, motoring through our to-do list like there is no tomorrow so that by the time the Czech vs Turkey game kicks off we’re actually up to date.

We have a definite interest in this game as Croatia will be playing the winners on Friday in Vienna in the quarter finals. We’d prefer the Czech as there shouldn’t be as many of them about, which would make getting tickets easier, plus none of us has any worries about getting tickets in the Czech end, we’re not so confident about being in with the Turks.

For a while it looks like we’ll get out wish, however 2 quick goals in the last 15 minutes or so leave us all wondering where we can buy stab vests in Vienna

Andrija Tadic reports for UK Football Finder from the leading Croatian football website become a croatia fan.

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  • http://aloadofcobblers.blogspot.com Danny Brothers

    Good luck in the Turkey end if that’s what you have to do…I hear they’re nice and friendly to oppositiion fans…!

  • http://www.becomeacroatiafan.com Andrija Tadic

    full body armour is on order….

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    my advice would be wear giant Turkey suit with your Croatia top underneath, that way, they won’t know who you are supporting!!

    I’m going for a 1-1 here.

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