Dignity is a by-word at West Ham

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Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Dignity is a by-word at Upton Park, co-chairman David Sullivan is a one man quote machine while Karen Brady is on a mission to undo all the good work for equality that would have Emmeline Pankhurst spinning in her grave. Only this morning in, joy of joys, the first lady of football’s ™, Sun Football Diary she made comments that were more harmful than good. This time continuing her verbal assault of Richard Keys for just stating the obvious. Keys has been ostracised for comments made during the Sian Massey affair by everybody from Edwina Curry to anyone looking for a cheap sound bite to enhance their own popularity. Lest we forget that he apologised for what he said and indeed acknowledged the privilege of his position, doing a job he loves. That took, excuse the pun, balls.

Karren Brady, however, seems reluctant to let it go. She said in today’s Football Diary, “I see that the relic, Richard Keys, let out for the day from the Natural History Museum, believes I shouldn’t be writing this column.” Err Karren, you shouldn’t! You are quite clearly incapable of showing any kind of objectivity, a pretty big requirement for anyone who has the responsibility of writing a column. It certainly doesn’t exist to quantify the mistakes you and your colleagues have made. Yes appointing Avram Grant was a big mistake. You also seem to not understand how much damage you are doing to your day job. Running West Ham United Football Club from a business point of view should be your priority, nothing else! Trying to further enhance your image as some sort of tough female Lord Sugar is not. He is not retiring yet!

The next big decision that Karren Brady and David’s Sullivan and Gold should be concentrating on is who they appoint next to make it a speedy return to the Premier League for the Hammers.

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