Dixon: Arsenal might not make top eight

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Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon – who is often giving out Sporting tips –  has claimed that the Gunners might struggle to make the top eight in the Premier League this season if their defensive woes continue.

Arsene Wenger’s men lost 2-1 to arch rivals Spurs at the weekend, their fourth loss of the Premier League season. They now sit 15th in the league and have conceded 14 goals in four away games.

Dixon – who has expressed his concerns for a while now – said:  “I think top four is out of their reach now, I really do, so you are looking at top six. The way they are playing, can they reach the top eight?”

“It is difficult for them because they are not showing any consistency in performances.

There are a lot of pluses and it’s not all doom and gloom but ultimately it all falls back to the same thing. They are frail and they can concede goals from schoolboy errors. Until they stop that they will carry on being frail and that’s the worrying sign.”

Dixon is right (as he often is) about Arsenal’s woes. They simply cannot continue down the current path, not after the standards they have set themselves over the last 10 years or so. This is not Arsenal as many people know it and perhaps a lot of this is down to the lack of fear factor.

It wasn’t a surprise that Spurs defeated Arsenal. That is perhaps a sign of the times. It wasn’t even that shocking when Blackburn beat Wenger’s men. This has to change and it has to change soon otherwise people will stop putting any betting money on them.

Dixon continued with an assessment of the performance against Tottenham, saying: “It is getting embarrassing. Arsenal get themselves into positions where they are the better team in midfield for big chunks of the game but defend like schoolboys by giving two goals away and numerous other chances that can be avoided.”

“The second goal was a great strike by Walker, and the keeper was beaten by the swerve of the ball, but it came from a throw-in where there was no danger whatsoever and they just let Sandro run into the box without anybody getting within five yards of him.”

“You can pick the positives out of the midfield which was a lot more coherent than Spurs at times, and Francis Coquelin played well, but it’s all wasted.”

“They can complain about the handball for Van der Vaart’s goal but it could have been avoided 30 seconds before with basic defending.”

What does everyone think about Arsenal’s situation? What can they aim for during the rest of the season?

Thoughts welcome. Personally, if I was a Gunners fan, I’d be more than worried.

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  • paul

    every right to be concerned.

    the same old errors are happening every game. It’s not just 1 error, its 2 or 3. Their defending is an insult to school boys.

    We all feared if Wenger left then so would all the players. They’ve all gone so maybe now it’s time for him to go too

  • Tommy Stoten

    My pre-season predition had Arsenal in 5th, and I still think thats the most likely solution. They’ll spend some money in January, steady the ship, and miss out on 4th by a couple of points. Ya heard it here first folks!

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